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Starfighters, often shortened to just fighters, are small, agile ships built for combat in both outer space and within a planet’s atmosphere. They are some of the most numerous ships seen in the universe. Starfighters are most often used by interstellar militaries, although mercenary groups and criminals also field their own models of fighters.


Starfighters are perhaps the most varied type of ship in the entire universe, with only shuttles coming close in sheer variety. No two types of starfighter are exactly the same, despite the similarites between them.

As starfighters are very small when compared to other types of ships, most of them do not come equipped with FTL capabilities. However, larger fighters are known to mount their own, miniaturized FTL units in order to keep up with the larger ships in a fleet.

The most common type of weapon used on starfighters are laser cannons, although they have also been known to mount weapons like autocannons and missile launchers. While these weapons are primarily used to take out enemy fighters or to perform strafing runs, when used in great numbers, they can prove to be a huge threat to larger vessels.



Bombers are large, heavily-armed fighters designed to destroy armored targets. They often fly in large squadrons in order to maximize their destructive potential. This also provides them with a measure of protection against enemy fighter squadrons.


Interceptors are designed to chase down and destroy other fighters using their superior speed and agility. However, they are often lightly armored and can't really take much of a beating. Their armament is also usually suited to destroying fighters, greatly limiting their effectiveness against larger warships.

Notable Examples