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The State of Lowiras, also called the Lowiran Empire, is the only nation in the Lowiras Bulge in the Blossom Galaxy. The State of Lowiras is presently in transition from the vicious autocratic rule that it endured under the Lowiras Overlords to the democratic rule by all its citizens under the auspices under the Griyosht. They are presently trying out a unique system of direct democracy, where every single citizen votes, rather than voting for representatives.

Rising from the core of the region from the planet of Lowiras, the powerful Lowiras Overlords expanded through the Bulge until they were toppled by a species they couldn't control with their powerful "hypnotism" (the closest word that can be found to their bizarre powers), the Griyosht. The Griyosht destroyed the projector which projected the power of the Overlords across the territory of the State, freeing the citizens of the SoL, and sent the Overlords into exile deep in the endless dust clouds of Lowiras.

The nation is now attempting to transition from the autocratic rule of the Overlords, and in an attempt to try something new, is using a unique form of direct democracy, with no representatives, and everyone is informed of and votes on all laws passed. The State of Lowiras is now attempting to enter the United Nations of the Flower Galaxy, and debates are ongoing.

Founding Species

The State of Lowiras was originally founded by an enigmatic group of individuals known as the Lowiras Overlords. Not much is known about them, but they had a bizarre hypnotic power that influenced the citizens of the SoL to be calmer and not think about deposing them. They seem to have been pretty much immortal, but they could not control everything. Eventually, far across the region, the Griyosht species from the world of Vyli were conquered, but a detatchment of Griyosht set off from the little-known planet Kenedir, near Lowiras, to depose the Lowiras Overlords. They did not have much of a guard as they did not believe anyone would be capable of even thinking of attacking them, so it was easy. After what was basically a fistfight, all fourteen of the Overlords were sent into exile. It is unknown where they currently reside, be it peacefully living in retirement, or trying to stir up rebellion in the outer sectors.


Telach, with its large rings.

The capital of the State of Lowiras is the planet Telach, recently relocated from Lowiras, which was preserved as a monument to the atrocities of the overlords. Telach is home to many government institutions and trillions of individuals, and is very important to the history of the Flower Subcluster.

Telach itself is an ordinary habitable planet, covered mostly in shallow oceans. The government institutions are all on specially designed "chandelier cities", to avoid disturbing the fragile ocean ecosystem below. Telach is also the home of many important figures in Lowiras galactic history.




Initial Expansion

Defeat of the Lowiras Overlords

Entering the Modern Era