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Stellar Fleet is the acting navy, armed forces, and exploration fleet of the Commune Federation Faction within Verpletter.

It is made up of the various military forces and fleets of all it's member worlds and species, all working towards shared goals, such as defense and diplomatic relations. While it has immense combat capabilities, the fleet was not designed to be an active fighting force, but has had it's hand forced due to the constant Faction wars within Verpletter.


Stellar Fleet has several purposes throughout the Federation. Originally, it's primary mission was that of exploration and diplomacy, as the Faction sought to gain new allies and members. It would also engage in scientific research operations, seeking to expand the knowledge that the Federation had, and could utilize in it's many projects and avenues of research throughout its many worlds.

As it began to run into other Factions, and as those Factions were revealed to be hostile towards the Federation however, Stellar Fleet found itself acting more and more in line with a defensive organization. While not a strict military organization, it does find itself in constant conflict with other Factions that seek to take territory from the Federation, and on the front lines for invasions of other Factions when necessary.

The Fleet still performs exploration and scientific research roles, as these are still of great important to the Federation. As they find themselves in more and more conflict though, it has become harder and harder to separate them from their role as warriors.


Stellar Fleet is a fairly decentralized organization, with multiple operating sectors across the entire Commune Federation which can act independently of one another should the need arise, and act in the ways that are the most appropriate to that sector.

Star-ships that travel from one sector to another are expected to follow the various protocols of the sector they find themselves in. In order to avoid culture clash, each ship is usually filled with a mixture of people from various sectors, and each ship is given a designation based on where it was constructed. This informs the differing sectors to be aware that any breach of protocol may be due to ignorance, rather than malice, and to approach the situation with tact.

It's primary headquarters is located at the capital world of the Federation, at Qarshiqar. In times of crisis, the headquarters is capable of taking total command over the entirety of Stellar Fleet by utilizing the Qarshiqar Protocol. This protocol requires authorization by a majority of the Federation council before it can be put into effect.


Stellar Fleet was first founded in 2447VC, after the founding of the Commune Federation. The various fleets of the Humans, Oswaihr, Elmaren and Asren-Asheir were joined into one singular force, and given the blanket title of Stellar Fleet. It has since incorporated a great number of fleets and armies into it's ranks, drastically increasing it's size and influence.

It has been responsible for a large number of first contacts with other alien species and outsiders.

Stellar Fleet has been engaged in conflicts with other Factions for many centuries at this point, constantly fighting back against invasion and various Forces of Nature throughout Verpletter.

Rank and Command Structure

Rank Role
Admiral Admirals are considered the highest form of authority within Stellar Fleet, and have authority over Captains and their command choices should the need arise. They are responsible for overseeing entire fleets of ships.
Captain Captains are those who have the highest level of authority on a star-ship. They are responsible for the actions of their ship, and have a duty to act in the best interests of the Federation and of the Crew, and are entrusted to protect them both at whatever costs they deem necessary.

Captains are usually considered representatives of the Federation when dealing with outsiders, as they are normally the highest ranking official around. For the role, many Captains tend to be highly educated.

While the highest level of authority, they do not have dictatorial power.

First Officer The First Officer is a rank that is unique to each individual star-ship, and act as a Second in Command of that star-ship. They are often considered to be the partner of the Captain, though the Captain does have the final say in any disagreements that may arise. Part of the First Officers role is to ensure that the Captain does not overstep their bounds.

When not on board their assigned star-ship, they are often treated with the equivalent rank of Commander.

Commander Commanders are often responsible for being in charge of various operations, such as Strategic Command, or Medical Wards. They will be in charge of a number of Lieutenants and Ensigns below them, who must report to them. They can then assign tasks at their discretion based on what needs to be done.

Commanders have the capacity to take control of a star-ship from the Captain should the situation arise, though usually the chain of command will defer the First Officer take command before a Commander if they are available.

Lieutenant Lieutenants are usually considered a mid point between being an Ensign and a Commander, being given charge of small teams or squads underneath a Commander.
Ensign The most common rank in the fleet, and also the lowest rank - Ensigns act as crew-people, often assigned to small tasks throughout the ship, depending on which branch they serve.