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"How can anyone live here? It's so dark!" -Tourist


Streletania, also known as Strele, is a cool temperate world located in the Coursillus Sector of the Jewel Cluster in Amoeni Space. It is the Homeworld of the Streletanian Species, an alien species known for their incredible sight and poor hearing. This world is constantly in a state of darkness thanks to a number of factors, such as its somewhat dark atmosphere and distance from the system's sun. Despite this, the planet does somehow managed to stay relatively warm thanks to the many hot springs scatted across the surface and small amounts of volcanic activity.

The planet is about 13,256 km and is the 5th planet in the system. A day lasts about 40 hours, while a year is about 400 days.

Early History

The earliest we know of Streletania was around 20,000 CE, when a Human/Havonian Probe saw small white dots on the surface, these being small villages. At this time, the Streletanians were considered sentient, and had just achieved hyperspace travel, with early stations and craft being present as early as 5,000 CE . IT was not until 20,100 CE that the planet would establish contact with the outside, notably with Coursillus, a relatively new Thobosian colony. Trade was officially open with most of the Coursillusian worlds in 20,101 CE.

Over the Years, the Streles would rapidly industrialize and by 26,000 CE, they would colonize the dark world of Barillies, a near copy of Streletania in the Outer Territories. They would colonize a further 6 worlds and be relatively peaceful and out of galactic affairs until 86,120 CE.

Battle of Barellies (86,120 CE)

In 86,120 CE, an Alliance Armada task force began a massive assault in the Coursillus Sector, taking out defenses at Lehines, Sebtillies, Lentos and Lentiles, which were systems next to Barellies. The Assault on Barellies began at the beginning of the 6th Strele Month, with orbital bombardments of Cities, Industrial Centers, Stations and Military Bases, causing large amounts of carnage, death and destruction. The assault lasted for about 2 months, until a Republic Fleet (a different republic prior to the FFJS) managed to break the blockade and push the Alliance back.

Casualties were in the millions, and this caused the Streletanian populace to have an intense hatred of the Volvorans, a hatred which is still seen to this day. Barellies was devastated and would be in a state of recession for the next 4000 years, but that's a story for another day.

Joining the Federation

The Battle of Barellies did not directly affect Streletania, but it did change the Central Government's mentality, going from isolation to close cooperation with its neighboring worlds, such as an alliance with Coursillus, trading their manufactured goods in return for the Agriworld's food products. Thanks to this change, by the time of the Federation's (Current) founding in 90,900 CE, Streletania was considering joining the new nation for extra protection, but delays and hesitancy in the Government caused Streletania to not be a Founding Member.

However, this changed in 90,945 CE, when a Streletanian from the Member world of Varudo-5 became the Chancellor of the Federation, managed to convince most of the Coursillus Sector, which included Streletania and Barellies to join the Federation. Streletania officially joined the Federation in 90,947 CE, with the Barelliesians joining 1 year later.

Modern Day

Streletania continues to be a very strong member of the Federation, the renounced Strele-Bares Construction Systems calls this planet home, and many other corporations have offices here such as MSBC, Xonuvis-Guepra Fusion Corp, and LasonMotors, Inc. Streletanian soldiers have been known to hold positions and fight with such ferocity that even the Alliance Marines are scared of them.

A Streletanian Warship of the Federation Starfleet in orbit of Salmao with a Space Station nearby.

It also has a large defense fleet comprising of Anarvian and Streletanian Designs.