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The Striker SA-4 is a model of small starfighter mass-produced by Andromia of the Palioxis Starfield. The Striker SA-4 is known for its moderate firepower and high maneuverability, making it one of the best ships of its type. Mainly employed by the United Terran Federation as a light fighter, the Striker SA-4 is one of the most produced spacecraft by the Human nations.

Due to their restricted faster-than-light capabilities, the Striker SA-4s are normally carried onboard bulkier carrier ships due to their diminutive size. Since Striker SA-4s are one of the cheapest available starships on the market, numerous larger pirate ships frequently store several in their ship docks.


The Striker SA-4 is characterized by a lengthy main body and a pair of narrow wings. Its central cockpit is cramped, featuring avionics, displays, guidance systems, tracking electronics, and space for a pilot all crammed into a small space. Despite being designed for a single occupant, the center cockpit could accommodate several additional passengers, albeit the space would be exceedingly cramped. The Striker SA-4s' armament consists of three beam laser emitters that are remarkably efficient against shielding while also being slightly damaging to hull. The Striker SA-4 is propelled by a singular powerful energy cell that provides ten megawatts of energy to the ship. This amount of electricity has the potential to keep a Striker SA-4 functioning for a week.

The Striker SA-4 utilizes a pair of advanced xentax-7 engines for sublight propulsion. These engines consume Xentax-7 for their main fuel and can operate for six days before running out of fuel. The maximum velocity which the Striker SA-4 can achieve with these engines is 50,000 km/s, though this would take six days to attain. The Striker SA-4 features vertical takeoff and landing capabilities owing to repulsor field generators in its wing struts, reducing its already small mass to negligible weight. The Striker SA-4 has no Quantum Shift Drive of its own, using a sophisticated Warp Drive for its main form of lightspeed propulsion. Antimatter serves as the fuel for the Warp Drive, which can function for a day without requiring to be recharged. The Striker SA-4 could attain an absolute speed of 0.8 AU/s using its Warp Drive at maximum power.

The Striker SA-4 possesses no shielding of its own and relies on its high maneuverability for protection against hostiles. This, along with a far superior engine design, provides outstanding maneuverability. This also makes them cheap and quick to replace. The lack of shields make the craft vulnerable to micro meteor impacts and hull breaches, but these reduced facilities allow the Striker SA-4 to be cheaply mass produced while also improving its maneuverability. Despite the lack of shielding, the Striker SA-4s's armored hull and diaminite cockpit offer protection against hand-held weaponry.