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The Succession of Tarmalyula was a supra-galactic war that spanned the entirety of the Lance, Tarmalyula and Zalanthium Galaxies.


The war started with rising tensions between the-then Tarmalyulan Military Entities and the Commonwealth of Golr're over a disputed claim to a specific star system. The Democratic Commonwealth of Aurora allied itself with the Commonwealth (herby referred to as the CoG), and tensions rose rapidly.

This was compounded after the discovery of the remains of an ancient Iyulo sub-light ark ship that had strayed into the Tarmalyula Military Federation's (herby referred to as the TMF) space. It had been warped and twisted, and all the million Iyulo colonists onboard had been dissected. The CoG was outraged, and demanded a formal apology from the TMF. The TMF refused on the basis that this was an act their ancestors had committed, and so not their fault. The CoG then sanctioned themselves off from the TMF and the rest of the Tarmalyulan Military Entites. Meanwhile, the DCA had had a few skirmishes with the Naxiilos Republic, mostly involving the Aurora Sphere and the sovereignty of the DCA. The DCA then sanctioned themselves off from the Tarmalyulan Military Entities as well.

The People's Republic of F'omol at this point had loosely allied itself with the DCA, and therefore the CoG. At this point, the Allied States of Tarmalyula was declared as a semi-independent entity from the DCA, CoG and PRF. They pooled recourses for defence and industry, all the while relations with the TME spiralling downwards.

In the Zalanthium Galaxy, the People's Republic of New Aegyn had openly declared their allegiance to the TME, and the Zalanthium Coalition declared their support for the AST.

War was officially declared on the 5th of April 93 824 with the surprise invasion of Golr're by the TME.

The Lance Assistance Party was founded and entered the war on the 19th of November 93 904, in response to foreign pressures from the Tarmalyula and Zalanthium Galaxies.

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