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The Suvaren Field, (Often referred to as the Land of Myths) is a large aberration of gas, dust, and stars orbiting Aylothn. Existing in the Local Universe and being the core of the Intergalactic Gateway Network, the Suvaren Field is clearly famed all across the Universe. However, the Suvaren Field is unique in the fact that it is fully controlled by the oldest known nation alive, Sedrua.

Sedrua has influenced the Suvaren Field greatly, being their home region and primary area of defense. A high concentration of Sedruan artifacts are seen close to the Suvaren Field, abandoned since their regression into isolationism. Many of these have been preserved for historical purposes, or taken down for their nonfunctionality. Nevertheless, they are still marvelous for their value and age.

Inside the Suvaren Field lies a jungle of modified worlds and megastructures, which litter it in a very high density. After many millennia of occupation by Sedrua, it is understandable for such density to exist. These megastructures are also very high quality and enigmatic, with top engineers and scientists barely able to comprehend their function. The most functional and important of these devices are the previously mentioned Intergalactic Gateways. These colonists easily access the Local Universe, and they all appear to lead to the Suvaren Field at some point.

Suvaren Exclusion Zone

One of many stations which patrol the outside of the the Suvaren Field.

The Suvaren Exclusion Zone is a set of defenses and checkpoints which were set up outside the Suvaren Field by Sedrua. Originally, the Suvaren Exclusion Zone served the purpose of protecting Sedrua of any foreigners which trespassed the the Suvaren Field. People inside the the Suvaren Field were also blocked from leaving the Suvaren Exclusion Zone. Before its partial opening, insiders judged this as a non-issue, since a vast majority of citizens resided in Bakeyatalla or similar megastructures.

It is known that the Suvaren Exclusion Zone opened after Aylothn's Totality, a string of conflicts which started after automated Sedruan forces detected Commonwealth vessels in the zone. After a session of heavy fighting and attempts of diplomacy, Sedrua signed a peace treaty. Years of further diplomatic relations encouraged Sedrua to open the Suvaren Exclusion Zone, making immigration and travel available.

A more complex region of the Suvaren Exclusion Zone.

The Suvaren Exclusion Zone is also the home of an array of Intergalactic Gateways, with some of the highest concentrations of such gateways in the Local Universe. These gateways have been re-activated since their long dormancy, allowing efficient travel from the the Suvaren Field to Aylothn and beyond.


The Suvaren Exclusion Zone has numerous areas and stations, which have served their purpose for the defense of Sedrua. Most of them hold advanced weaponry, unmatched by Sedrua's peers in the Commonwealth. While Sedrua has given away some forms of technology from the defense stations, they are regularly placed behind closed doors. Attempts to trade for or buy these technologies have been met with relative denial, something which has somewhat hampered local CUEN-Sedrua relations.


The Suvaren Exclusion Zone was originally implementing during Sedrua's regression into an isolationist state. After many millennia of intergalactic control, numerous things would fall apart. This included a major rebellion and the shift of national attitude to expansion. As claims were lost and people tended back towards the the Suvaren Field, Sedrua decided to construct the Suvaren Exclusion Zone. Not only would it protect the people form any sort of exterior threat, but it would allow Sedrua to bide time until an eventual re-introduction to the universe.

In the years of dormancy, Sedrua also used the Suvaren Exclusion Zone to send numerous probes and automated scouting systems outside of the the Suvaren Field, to Intergalactic Gateways. This allowed Sedrua to see the development of nations in Aylothn. With time, they noticed the rise of the Commonwealth, and strengthened defense around the exclusion zone. Further after, the Commonwealth managed to travel to the the Suvaren Field. With breach of the Suvaren Exclusion Zone, automated Sedruan forces soon attacked any Commonwealth vessels in a series of short conflicts.

Until the war was over, the Suvaren Exclusion Zone was regarded as one of the most advanced network of military units in the Local Universe. After sessions of diplomacy however, it was largely disarmed. Even so, the Suvaren Exclusion Zone is still regarded as a highly defended and technologically advanced sector of defense around the the Suvaren Field. It most notably existed in a highly defended state during the War of the Ancients and for long after it.