Suvaren, (Often referred to as the Keeper of Secrets) is a small elliptical dwarf galaxy orbiting Aylothn Galaxy. Existing in the Aylothn-Sagittaria Group and being the core of the Intergalactic Gateway Network, Suvaren is clearly famed all across the Universe. However, Suvaren is unique in the fact that it is fully controlled by the oldest known nation alive, Sedrua.

Sedrua has influenced Suvaren greatly, being their home galaxy and primary area of defense. A high concentration of Sedruan artifacts are seen close to Suvaren, abandoned since their regression into isolationism. Many of these have been preserved for historical purposes, or taken down for their nonfunctionality. Nevertheless, they are still marvelous for their value and age.

Inside Suvaren lies a jungle of modified worlds and massive megastructures, which litter the galaxy in a very high density. After many millennia of occupation by Sedrua, it is understandable for such density to exist. These megastructures are also very high quality and enigmatic, with top engineers and scientists barely able to comprehend their function. The most functional and important of these devices are the previously mentioned Intergalactic Gateways. These colonists easily access the Aylothn-Sagittaria Group, and they all appear to lead to Suvaren at some point.

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