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The Svartálfar (exonym meaning "dark elf") were an ancient species and civilization existing from roughly 700,000 BCE to about 250,000 BCE. Their civilization is usually referred to as Ohko's Civilization due to its name being lost to time. Towards the end of their civilization, the majority of the Svartálfar were ruled by an Aeternaborne named Mother Ohko. Their failed invasion and botched diplomacy with a similar being, The Administrator, lead to their destruction. They have numerous descendant species, the first of which being the extinct Myrkálfar. Extant species are the Ekrosians and Vlanoans. All three of these species used the same genetic code and each codon coded for the same genes, implying that they had a common ancestor with this common ancestor linked to the Svartálfar Civilization.

Numerous artifacts from the Svartálfar suggest that they were masters of Thaumaturgy and possessed most, if not all, modern technology. Mostly alone in the universe, the Svartálfar expanded across most of Via Aylathiya, some of Herschel Space, and later, all of Inflorescence.


The name "Svartálfar" comes from a legend in Vanir mythology about an ancient civilization that was slain by the primordial gods after a failed rebellion against them. The name was chosen due to at least superficial similarities between the real Svartálfar and those in the myth. Once knowledge of the civilization left the Yggdrasil Nebula after 23,091 CE, the name was adopted by those living in the United Federation of Star Systems and soon became the official name for the civilization across Via Aylathiya.


Archeological records give little indication of the finer details of government, such as local governance or planetary-level governance. However, it is known that Ohko ruled the civilization with absolute authority. The civilization likely operated similarly to that of Sedrua under Mother Sydiah with a strong prevalence of Magocracy, rule by Magi. The number of artifacts remaining in the civilization are heavily from earlier phases of the civilization, with far fewer artifacts from the late civilization, leading many to speculate that it was thoroughly destroyed by some heavily armed force.


With access to advanced FTL, including early forms of SICTIRIAD, the Svartálfar were