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Sydiah's Architects (Often referred to as The Architects) are a species of artificially constructed beings, originating from the birch planet of Bakeyatalla in the year 353,000 BCE. Originally created by Mother Sydiah as a way to start the empire of Sedrua, they have since expanded and created vast areas of influence. The Architects were created with a high level of magical prowess, with an innate potential to begin civilization on any worlds. More so, The Architects were naturally bestowed with a heavy level of leadership, co-operation, and skills which would also help them begin the empire of Sedrua.

Currently, The Architects have drastically dwindled in numbers, going from about 2.2 million to only 4 left in existence. The strain from Thaumaturgy, as well as the Wane of Reality has caused a vast majority of The Architects to succumb to neurodegenerative disease, general psychotic behavior, and deep suicidal tendencies. All but one of the Architects which remain today exist as disassociated individuals who are slowly succumbing to the strain of their power.

In their origin, The Architects were initially made to worship Mother Sydiah, treating her like a deity. Eventually, these ideas became fanatic on their own, and all Architects held an undying devotion towards the idea of Aeternalism. It is known that this original worship still continues today, in the remaining members of The Architects. With the re-emergence of Mother Sydiah however, this faith has come to bother her, as she views the religion as a mistake and believes it should be forgotten.

Many of the Architects in existence were also devoted to the Chosen of Sydiah, also known as the Creed of Sydiah in its height. Since they were created to worship Sydiah, they naturally followed the way of the Creed, and obeyed its orders from Sydiah and other powerful members. It is the Creed which allowed The Architects to create the first iterations of Sedrua's government, and allow the nation to propagate and spread efficiently.


Wishing to make her species viable for the long-term, Mother Sydiah and numerous other Architects created them with a high amount of durability and Thaumic predisposition. She also gave them a mindset of co-operation and heavy mental fortitude, to extend their sanity. This was to ensure that Sedrua would be created before any Architect succumbed to the illnesses of Thaumaturgy. Additionally, The Architects were given a very strong connection to the Aeterna Caligne, allowing them to freely travel in it. However, many would fall to its adverse effects, with many Architects unable to resist the incomprehensible and hostile nature of the realm.

Shortly after the creation of the first Architects, Mother Sydiah allowed them to change their bodies to an efficient form that they saw fit. As such, many members changed their biology and form. These changes could be seen as being the base of how The Architects look today, with those who remain holding a drastic shift in appearance. Most notably, Vurilia Jutopati has relinquished his base form, opting in for a synthetic form of durable nanomachines. Itrian Yutira also changed his form to best suit his operations for observation. Only one Architect exists with a base form today, them being Drizuna Jutopati.

While they were not permitted to have children, the Wane of Reality caused numerous Architects to separate from the Chosen of Sydiah, living their own lifestyles as they slowly fell to illness. In the relatively short time that usual Architects had, they would create offspring by utilizing by combining their unique genetic code, or by creating synthetic forms. These would hold a very limited set of power in comparison to average Architects. All children of The Architects are known to be deceased from reasons affiliated to Thaumaturgy. They held a degraded level of mental strength and prowess, which meant that they were very much unstable and unpredictable in their lifespan.