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One of the many nebulous expanses in the Suvaren Field, which shows leakage form The Aeterna.

Sydiah's Hinterlands (Often called "The Hinterlands") is an extant region across the Suvaren Field, characterized by thousands of tiny rifts to the Lux Aeterna. Surrounding the Suvaren Field in a thick cloud of material, the Hinterlands have been known for eons, being referenced in many ancient texts, renowned as a unique feature of the Field. The Hinterlands was first catalogued and named by Vurilia Jiutopati, after the disappearance of Mother Sydiah. They are named after Mother Sydiah - who tried to utilize The Aeterna to produce more members of Sydiah's Architects. Her risky attempt backfired, and produced The Hinterlands as a result.

With its closeness to The Aeterna, the Hinterlands has had a profound effect in Thaumaturgy. Reports of heightened abilities, increase in learning, and other boons have been observed and confirmed. These effects may sporadically become negative however, and as such most people stay clear from it.

Sydiah's Hinterlands, while mostly present in the Suvaren Field, is not exclusive to it. Instances of identical phenomena have been observed in other areas of Aylothn, like Peleunsk, the Via Aurum, and the Nisrine Cloud. Effects from The Aeterna are usually toned down in instances not from the Suvaren Field. Authorities from many nations have typically deemed Sydiah's Hinterlands to be non-eventful, with many regions even being colonized or deeply explored. Any dangerous areas which reside or appear are immediately zoned off, though there is nothing currently known which can stop it.

Notable Sites

There exist several notable sites of Sydiah's Hinterlands, which may hold intricate development or unique traits. Many sites of this type happen to be dangerous, or may shift in accordance to The Aeterna's nature. Others may be entirely docile and safe to inhabit or research, and contain population centers and scientists, as well as many psychokinetic users.

HinterlandsSite.jpeg Bakeyatalla.png
Veizesig Subcontinent
Description The Veizesig Subcontinent is a very populated region, which is located in a very active part of Sydiah's Hinterlands. In this region, areas of leakage from The Aeterna have been recorded to be docile yet large. It has encompassed the region of the Veizesig Subcontinent ever since colonization. The continent itself is a series of 'islands' which surround a central urbanized mass. There exists native life to the Veizesig Subcontinent, which has been integrated in the urban structure of it. It is also used as a method of attraction to tourists and passerbys. Bakeyatalla, mostly known for being the most densely known populated area in the Local Universe, also contains several areas which area near Sydiah's Hinterlands. These areas, showing normal levels of safety, are one of the hottest tourist sites in the vicinity of Bakeyatalla. These sites include ancient and abandoned structures, which have been preserved and used as a marketing tool and attraction for areas near it. Other than its blatant use for local economy, the section of Sydiah's Hinterlands near Bakeyatalla have recently been known for flaring up upon the return of Mother Sydiah. Anomalies have heightened, though safety is still at acceptable levels.
HinterlandsDanger.jpg Desolatewhitesuvarenclouds.png
The Architect's Cloud
Description Irchec is a notably dangerous area of Sydiah's Hinterlands, which has been zoned off for the safety of the Suvaren Field. Irchec is primarily known for being the area in which Mother Sydiah disappeared, in turn creating The Hinterlands itself. Existing in a purely chaotic state, Irchec has been known to release numerous forces from The Aeterna, which have spread through numerous quarantine zones. Irchec has also threatened populated areas on many occasions, though containment has appeared to be going opulently. No methods of stopping Irchec's leakage has been found as of the modern day. The Architect's Cloud is a rather docile area of Sydiah's Hinterlands, though it is known for its violent and anomalous history. Before containment and neutralization, The Architect's Cloud was one of the most dangerous areas of Sydiah's Hinterlands. It has always taken the appearance of wispy white clouds, which exponentially populated the Suvaren Field. It was only under the full attention of the Sedruan government, as well as action by the Chosen of Sydiah did The Architect's Cloud become inactive. As of the modern day, The Architect's Cloud exists near the core of the Suvaren Field, orbiting the black hole as if it is another assemblage of gas and dust.
ViaAurum.png Heracles.png
Via Aurum
Description Via Aurum is a large, golden emission nebula which is located in the Holara Hinterlands of Aylothn. While it has become much more stable since its creation, it is still classified as a component of Sydiah's hinterlands. Currently, Via Aurum houses two major civilizations, them being the Thulcandran Federation and the Sovereign Provinces of Aylathia. These nations have existed in Via Aurum exclusively after its creation, being able to exploit its high amount of natural resources. Heracles is a unique planetary object, located in the Anthrov Arm of the Via Lacrimosa Galaxy. It is well known for its affiliation in the Hinterlands, being infamous for its former anomalous properties. However, Heracles has since been sterilized of any negative anomalous traits, leaving barren and solitary. In its time as a harmful anomalous object, Heracles was observed to be a large opening in The Aeterna, which managed to eject a large amount of matter. What resulted was a glowing object, which gained its own set of objects. Upon decay and sterilization of Heracles, its anomalous properties were mitigated extremely, and its objects soon crumbled as the opening closed. As of the modern day, Heracles is only able to sustain its large ring system with its muted abilities.


The history of Sydiah's Hinterlands is violent, as it formed through many complications and misjudgments. Mother Sydiah, the one which formed the Hinterlands, sought to rapidly create more members of Sydiah's Architects, as well as expand the reach of Sedrua. However, her usage of psychokinesis backfired, and caused a large disturbance in the Lux Aeterna. Known as the Wane of Reality, this event is commonly understood to be the beginning of decline for the nation of Sedrua. Eventually, Mother Sydiah became trapped in The Aeterna, with her power being redistributed as openings in the realm of falsespace. For Sydiah, she went on to experience eons of time, as the outside universe reeled from her absence. With the creation of The Hinterlands, Drizuna Cluytho, a well-known member of the Sedruan Government and the Chosen of Sydiah, went rogue and left Vurilia Jiutopati to be the leader of The Creed.

As soon as they formed, The Chosen of Sydiah, as well as the nation of Sedrua, noticed countless openings across national space. The disappearance of Mother Sydiah caused a sense of isolationism in Sedrua, and so everything began to crumble. Vurilia pulled numerous assets from distant galaxies, which quelled the cascading threat of The Hinterlands. Over the course of many millennia, Sedrua entered a guttural decline, enforced by new isolationist ideologies and homeland issues. With time, The Hinterlands became more of a background threat, though Sedrua was never be the same.

As the ages progressed, so did Sedrua's management with the Hinterlands. Isolationism left many of its assets in the Suvaren Field, where the Hinterlands were the most present. It was only through years of long extermination efforts did any of the threats disappear. By the 7000s BCE, The Hinterlands were mostly mitigated, through a large number of collective effort. The effects of them remain to the modern day however, with small sites in the Suvaren Field, as well as Aylothn.