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Sylvians, also known as "Elves," "Drow," or "Mer," are an intelligent bipedal mammalian race found all throughout planet Haven. They are a member species of the Edian Races, a group of seven individual races all descendent from the Inomeni race, the Edia, who once held dominion over the whole of the world. Sylvians are amongst one of the most populace races on the planet, only third to that of the other Edian Races ofMythra, and Gnarvesh and as such, they can be found nearly all over the entire globe. For much of world history, Sylvians have held a great amount of influence over the course of world governance, politics, and society, serving as one of the most influential races of them all throughout the millennia, as members of their race have often held lofty positions of power.

The name "Sylvian" is derived from the Edian word "Forestborne," so named due to their race's native environment of temperate forests. While they are more accustomed to a temperate forested environment, Sylvians have been able to conquer nearly any type of land, leading to a great amount of genetic diversity, quite possibly the most of all races in the entire world. This ability to be found all over the world comes from an inherent drive found within all Sylvians, though not as strong as their contemporary Edian-race, the Mythra, Sylvians still almost as a whole collective desire to make their people live the best and most lucrative life they possibly can, making the Sylvians and the higher numbered Mythra to compete with one another for land, resources and power throughout much of the millennia.

Unlike their Mythra counterparts, however, the rate in which a Sylvian will have children is one of the lowest across all of the Edian races, less than half of that Mythra do, making both male and female Sylvians only have around three children in their lifetimes, any more being fairly rare and anomalous. However despite that, due to Edian supremacy over much of the world throughout history, Sylvians have managed to create a large swath of themselves thanks to interbreeding with the other Edian Races.



Sylvians and Mythra are perhaps the most alike races in the entire world, sharing many similarities in appearance, however, there are a few stark differences that one can use to tell the two apart. They are a bipedal, mammalian species, standing at an average height of five feet eight inches (1.7 meters) and an average weight of only a hundred pounds, (45 kilograms) making the individual Sylvian quite slender and mobile. The most notable physical feature of the Sylvians would have to be their elongated and slanted ears, as it stands as perhaps their most defining feature. As well, Sylvians may sometimes possess elongated eyebrows, though this isn't wholly universal amongst them.

Like most races of the world, individual Sylvians can vary wildly from one another in appearance, due to the great levels of adaptability they possess, a Sylvian's appearance and build will depend on the environment they originate from. As they originate from within temperate forests, Sylvians are inherently best suited to thrive within that environment, however over the millennia, Sylvians have managed to find themselves across the entire globe, able to survive and thrive in hot and hostile deserts, to cold and frigid tundras, even the toxic wastes of volcanic ash lands.

However, unlike some of its contemporary Edian Races, Sylvians are much more uniform in the varieties of physical builds they can adopt, almost always having a tall, slender form, lacking much bulk in the form of muscle or fat. As a result, for the individual Sylvian to be able to survive in more hostile environments, they require the use of protective clothing and other created accruements , as well as their skin's ability to adapt to the hostility of the respective environment.

Sylvians are by far the most vibrant Edian Race when it comes to the color of their skin, as depending on the ethnicity, they are able to adopt extreme shades such as reds, blues, yellows, greens, even colors such as oranges and violets can be on their skin, however more placid skin tones such as slight pales, whites, blacks and browns a Sylvian can also possess. Alongside the vibrancy in skin tone, the color in which their eyes and hair can take are equally as vibrant, able to adopt nearly any color the mind can conjure.


Sylvians have a number of abilities inherent to their physiology which set them apart from the rest of the Edian Races. They are an extremely quick and agile race, able to traverse tree lines in mere moments, and scale hills and cliffs with ease. An individual Sylvian is also always acutely aware of the immediate area that surrounds them, as their large ears are able to detect faint sounds up to a kilometer away, as well, they are able to see double the length of most Edian Races, alongside being able to perceive things in the dark fairly easy. These abilities of detection aids the Slyvian in many ways, allowing elves a high degree of perceptiveness.

Unlike the majority of the world's races, Sylvians do not actually sleep to gain restitution at the end of the day, instead of finding their rest in a meditative state, which is as restful as true sleep but leaves them aware of their surroundings, which is rather imperative to the Sylvian's chances of survival, as they are amongst the least inherently durable races in the whole of the world, as their slim and frail bodies were developed for mobility and agility, rather than protection against would be predators of attackers.

Sylvians most famed aspect of their race's physiology would have to be their inherent connection to the magical forces that surround them. Out of all the Edian Races, Sylvians have the highest birth rate of magically sensitive children, with as much as one in four Sylvians born able to magically manipulate the Fragments of Creation, and as such, much of the world's early magic population is made up of Sylvians, as most discover their connection to magic at a younger age when compared to other races, who typically discover it once they reach their mid teenaged years. This inherent connection to magical forces makes an experienced Sylvian mage amongst the most powerful in all the world, causing much of the Sylvian population to focus on magical professions and trades, while Sylvians who never achieve magical sensitivity usually fall behind those that are.