100th Millennium Wiki

"Replacing flesh with Technology. We are turning biology into High-Tech" - Slogan of the Company.

TERGA Industries is a megacorporations based on the manufacturing and design of high-tech cybernetic implants and other technologies related to Cyborg Engineering. This is their best asset. However, the Megacorporation has invested in many other areas, such as robotics, Androids and Artificial Intelligence, fighting against its larger competitor, Solokron Robotics on this fields. It has also specialized in Construction and Pharmaceutics.

It was founded in the 53 960 CE, on planet Targovil, operating all over the Republic of Sion as well as in other areas of the Universe with significant interest in Cyborg industries. In spite of being founded in Targovil, its headquarters are located on planet Sion, on District 16.


The Company was first established by the Non-official government,the back then leaders of the L.A.G.G.A terrorist group, or Nandis (as it is often called), as an official civil military company, producing little enhancements for the attackers. This past as collaborators with terrorists has always been tried to be hidden, specially while trading with the former United Alliance, from which they gained independence.

Nevertheless, it is a sort of pride inside the Republic of Sion.

After independence was achieved, the company was privatised and reorganized. They started to figured on the stock market and the company was divided in shares. These led to the Oren Ling becoming the top shareholder of the company and become a member of its council of administration. The corporation became very powerful, controlling what they call "the Second Revolution" which means transitioning from weak flesh to inmortal machinery.


Chip Implants

Many Chip implants have been invented and created. They are traditionally implanted under the Skin, in the Eyes or in the Brain, but sometimes also in the nails or inside the organs. A Chip called "The Citizen's Chip Implant" is the only one that is compulsory. This chip allows everyone to vote or register their personal information (such as age, blood type, name and other official information). This chip is needed to function with the authorities within the Republic. Although mental control of anysort is highly restricted and people implant themselves other implants to avoid this.

There are also chip implants for entertainment. Such as implants with beauty purposes who care for the hair, the color of the eyes, the skin and enhancement of sexual attributions and appeal. Other Chips are used for your own security in the house, or other many smaller daily life routines. Some of this technology is exported outside the Republic of Sion to other nations, most notably inside Herschel Space.

Robotic Limbs

This are specially designed to replace limbs or to merge with the actual real limb, becoming a perfect match between flesh and machinery. This limbs allow for things that would be considered supernatural for others.

Artificial Organs

It's made to enhance biology and to prevent things such as sickness of the biological body, aging and others. Artificial Organs have prevented many from virtually dying of common sicknesses. It has also enhanced abilities like running, jumping, swimming etc. The only official organ to have not yet been completely replaced is the brain, since according to Sionese law, that would make you lose your human status to become an Android, and thus losing your citizenship, as only Humans have citizenship. However, many artificial machinery can be implanted to enhanced mental abilities.

Artificial Intelligence

This is a product TERGA Industries is famous for as well. They have improved many of the IA technologies, focusing mostly on what is called External Artificial Intelligence (as opposed to Internal Artificial Intelligence used inside robots and Androids) to the point of being the ones pretty much responsible for the construction and maintenance, alongside the government, of the security forces known as The Eye (although the robots have been manufactured by its competitor Solokrun Robotics. Many of the External Artificial Intelligences seen in Implants, Ships etc.. are built by this company.

Civil Construction

Many buildings, trains and roads have intelligence and other similar devices on them, so there has been several accords between the TERGA Industries and the Government to invest money and buy high-tech for its civilian infrastructure.

Robotics and Androids

Although less powerful than its competitor, Solokrun Robotics, they have managed to build up some robots and androids of high quality. They have built as well large robots (not intelligent) for construction and other tasks. The most famous is the Enie TERGA Android, an android used for communication with artificial intelligence and driving Spaceships.


They have produced several drugs than enhanced peoples abilities and capacities as well as for entertaining purposes. Due to the mix of machinery and flesh, drugs have been less dangerous for the body, dancing on a balance between potentially enhance drug effects and preserve the human body.