Taigi is the eighth and final planet orbiting Nebram. It is a small ringed gas giant with a whopping 81 moons, which is a crapton of moons for such a small object.


Taigi was the third planet to form in the Nebram system, after Epaphea (Which got ejected) and Vastel. As it formed quickly, it quickly accreted a massive ring and began to form its major moons. Alverca (Moon 4) formed first, and got a small head start against the other forming moons. The rest formed at the same time.

The remaining matter slowly clumped into some of the minor moons we see orbiting Taigi. The rest of the moons were simply captured during Taigi's slingshotting in the great ejection of Epaphea. Around this time, Taigi also captured its largest moon, Xigarra, then a freefloating dwarf planet.


From afar, Taigi may seem reasonably calm, but don't be fooled by its bland and benign appearance. In fact, it has the strongest winds of any planet in the Nebram system, surpassing 2500 km/hr, an extreme speed. It also has ferocious storms. A prominent one, simply called Taigi's bright beige spot, rotates in just 3 minutes, which is extremely fast. All of this gives it the nickname 'The beige neptune'.

Taigi is home to one of the most productive wind farms in the vicinity of Sonoran, and thus has a large population relative to other similar gas giants, most of which are non-permament tourists staying at large domed cities floating in the clouds of the planet.


Taigi has some thin rings, similar to Neptune's rings. They are stupidly hard to see, but align them with Nebram, and they are just visible.


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