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Takanashi Antimatter (formerly Standard Antimatter), trading as TkAnti, is a partially state-owned corporation based on the planet Hikari in the Kanadett Star Cluster. Takanashi Antimatter specializes in the production of antimatter and exotic matter; however, it also has several subsidiaries dealing with security as well as subsidiaries dealing in shipment. It was founded in 20,210 CE by Itsuki Takanashi and a large team of scientists with the goal of securing power for The State of Tenshi, the nation which owns it to this day. The company has developed hundreds of antimatter creation devices, storage devices, engines that utilize the substance, antimatter batteries, and several lines of personal craft that use antimatter as a fuel source.

As of the current year, the company has 1.2 trillion major distribution centers in seven galaxies. It is the tenth-largest company by revenue with 4.5 sextillion C-Units. By market capitalization it is at 12th place at 131 sextillion C-Units. The company is a publicly-traded but mostly state-owned. 66% of stock are and forever will be owned by members of the Tenshin Ministry while the rest are owned by millions of other individuals. The company is the largest antimatter producer in the Confederacy of Borealis, and over 51% of its revenue comes from the Confederacy.

Currently, Takanashi Antimatter is working to gain a larger influence throughout various nearby nations, especially the Lewis Nations. The Tenshin Ministry, a coalition of noble hosues, had a marital alliance of Megumi Takanashi and Ashalon II Tarnos made for this goal.


Operating Divisions

Takanashi Distribution Center

Takanashi Distribution Centers (often branded as TenFuel Depots) are large shipyards capable of housing ships anywhere from several meters to several kilometers in length. While offering basic repair services, their major function is to resupply antimatter fuel to these ships. Usually as fuel for smaller ships, but as weapons for military or para-military craft. These Centers usually sell food as well and have a limited number of lodges.

They mostly exist orbiting near important planets, but many exist in Oort clouds or other more remote locations to service ships entering and exiting systems.

These centers are usually around a kilometer long and several hundred meters wide. Larger ships can't dock inside of it, so they usually dock perpendicular to the Center. Several other companies have partnered with Takanashi Antimatter to sell their own products in the centers.

As of this year, there were 1.3 trillion of these centers total. 575 Billion of which lie in the CoB, while the rest are spread out over many nations such as the CUEN, NTIH, and several of the Lewis Nations.

Takanashi Contractors

Takanashi Contractors is the name of the division responsible for selling antimatter to governments. This division usually has little to do with the general populace, as buying antimatter is strictly illegal for civilians. Governments mostly use it for weapons, but it is also commonly used for compact power generators in government craft.

The division is one of the more profitable divisions of the corporation, making up over 56% of their total revenue. Para-military organizations are allowed to have limited quantities of antimatter, so they make up a large portion of the customers of this division.

Takanashi Personal Craft

Takanashi Personal Craft is one of the smallest divisions. This division sells antimatter-powered personal craft branded simply as "Antis." These vehicles are usually less than three meters long and used by wealthy individuals that don't care to use more public transportation. They are capable of interstellar travel, although interplanetary travel is far more common.


This is the second largest and second most profitable division. These batteries, explained above as well, are commonly sold to power devices such as implants or androids that need to go long periods of time without recharging. In the event of a catastrophic failure, something very rare, the amount of energy released is often not enough to harm the device or person it is in, as the case of the battery is designed to absorb most of the blast.

These batteries have proven to be about as dangerous as any other battery, but with a higher cost as well as a higher chance of failure. Regardless, they have a longer lifespan per unit on average as well as more power output per gram of weight.

Security Division

Former Divisions



Corporate Affairs

The Boards


Much like most multi-sextillion-unit corporations, governments have to tie them down with hundreds of regulations, mandates, and laws to prevent them from gaining too much power. Most of these laws are anti-monopoly laws as well as anti-bribery laws. In Takanashi Antimatter's case, there are also hundreds of antimatter related regulations that need to be followed.

Anti-monopoly Laws

While Takanashi has a full monopoly over antimatter in many places in the CoB, it does not have a monopoly on weapons or energy. As such, anti-monopoly laws do not necessarily apply. The Tenshin Ministry knows that their services, while vital during times of war, are not so vital as to be used as a bargaining chip during times of peace. This forces them to keep their prices down to compete with Fusion power in the energy sector and Rail Guns and Particle Weapons in the weapons sector.

Antimatter Laws

There are many regulations for the handling and distribution of antimatter. Most citizens are not allowed to own it in it's pure form outside of batteries.

Criticisms and Controversies