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Takanashi Antimatter (formerly Standard Antimatter), trading as TkAnti, is a mostly state-owned corporation based on the planet Hikari in the Kanadett Star Cluster. Takanashi Antimatter specializes in the production of antimatter and exotic matter; however, it also has several subsidiaries dealing with security as well as subsidiaries dealing in shipment. With a near vertical monopoly on the production of this key resource, the company is a major supplier of antimatter and antimatter-related products.

This corporation was founded in 5,210 CE by Itsuki Takanashi and a large team of scientists and archeologists working to restore ancient antimatter facilities from the Triumvirate Civilization. The company can trace its roots to H. Aimer. Corporation, an ancient corporation that, though great skill in diplomacy, managed to become one of the sole proprietors of antimatter within the expansive Triumvirate. With this impressive deal came huge amounts of infrastructure, especially within Ventemir.

As this staggering infrastructure came back into service this time under Takanashi Antimatter, Tenshi would grow in power and influence. Takanashi Antimatter was a crucial player in the Tenshin conquest of the Ventemir nebula. Additionally, the company's own security services and infrastructure worked directly with the Tenshin military in numerous conflicts such as the Ventemir Wars and the War of the Ancients.

The company has developed hundreds of antimatter creation devices, storage devices, engines that utilize the substance, antimatter batteries, and several lines of personal craft that use antimatter as a fuel source. As of the current year, the company has 1.2 trillion major distribution centers in three galaxies. It is the tenth-largest company by revenue at 4.5 sextillion C-Units. By market capitalization it is at twelfth place at 131 sextillion C-Units. The company is a publicly-traded but mostly state-owned. 66% of stock are and forever will be owned by members of the Tenshin nobility while the rest are owned by millions of other individuals.

Currently, Takanashi Antimatter is working to gain a larger influence throughout various formerly closed off nations, especially the Lewis Nations. The Tenshin nobility created a marital alliance of Megumi Takanashi and Ashalon II Tarnos made for this goal. Additionally, local distribution centers and facilities are also being created in these regions. While local competition is still fierce, the company is preparing to engage in hostile takeovers if need be. This is due to the Boreal Federacy, once its largest market, banning all corporations from operating within their territory.


Operating Divisions

Takanashi Distribution Center

Takanashi Distribution Centers (often branded as TenMaterie Depots) are large shipyards capable of housing ships anywhere from several meters to several kilometers in length. While offering basic repair services, their major function is to resupply antimatter fuel to these ships. Usually as fuel for smaller ships, but as weapons for military or paramilitary craft. These Centers usually sell food as well and have a limited number of lodges. As SICTIRIAD technology becomes more prominent, an increasing number of these centers are appearing around them.

As of this year, there are 1.3 trillion of these centers. The largest market for the centers is currently the Greater Martial Consilium who possesses the lion's share of the centers at 400 billion. An equal number exist across nations such as the Commonwealth of Aggregate Aylathiya and the rest of Martial Space. Over 250 billion of these depots were seized by the Boreal Federacy's government and converted into worker cooperatives. To abate an international incident, the depots pay a stipend to Takanashi Antimatter out of their profits that will eventually pay for the cost of the facilities. The rest are located within the Lewis Nations, often partnering with local firms to cut costs.

Takanashi Contractors

Takanashi Contractors is the name of the division responsible for selling antimatter to governments. This division usually has little to do with the general populace, as buying antimatter in its pure form is strictly illegal for civilians. While civilians can buy fuel cells, governments and select private firms can buy the raw material wholesale.

The division is one of the more profitable divisions of the corporation, making up over 56% of their total revenue. This branch consistently does not disclose the customers of this branch; in fact, over half of this branch's revenue comes from unknown sources. Under-the-table deals, deals with criminal enterprises, or deals with secretive organizations are not past the owners of the company. It is very likely that whatever these deals are they are illegal or at least in a grey area.

Takanashi Personal Craft

Takanashi Personal Craft is one of the smallest divisions. This division sells antimatter-powered personal craft branded simply as "Antis." These vehicles are usually yachts employing luxury interiors whose main purpose is as a status symbol over a practical means of transportation. The smallest models carry only one person with the longest models capable of housing hundreds. Capable of extreme speeds, Antis are a popular choice for races of the medium mass class.


This is the second largest and second most profitable division. These batteries are commonly sold to power devices such as implants or androids that need to go long periods of time without recharging. In the event of a catastrophic failure, something very rare, the amount of energy released is often not enough to harm the device or person it is in, as the case of the battery is designed to absorb most of the blast.

With a high weight-to-output ratio, the batteries sold by this division are popular for small devices where weight is key. Over a fifth of individuals living in Tenshi have these batteries powering implants within them. Since the energy output is generated by only a few atoms per second, a trickle to be sure. This branch has the stiffest competition as dozens of other companies and cooperatives have their hands in the mostly civilian Anti-battery market.

Security Division

Former Divisions



Corporate Affairs

The Boards


Much like most multi-sextillion-unit corporations, governments have to tie them down with hundreds of regulations, mandates, and laws to prevent them from gaining too much power. Most of these laws are anti-monopoly laws as well as anti-bribery laws. As a state-owned corporation, not only do governments need to worry about potential corruption, but also how much power they want Tenshi to have over them.

Anti-monopoly Laws

While Takanashi has a full monopoly over antimatter in many places in the Commonwealth, for example, it does not have a monopoly on weapons or energy. As such, anti-monopoly laws do not necessarily apply. The Tenshin government knows that their services, while vital during times of war, are not so vital as to be used as a bargaining chip during times of peace. This forces them to keep their prices down to compete with fusion power in the engine sector and rail guns and particle-based weapons in the weapons sector.

Antimatter Laws

There are many regulations for the handling and distribution of antimatter. Most citizens are not allowed to own it in it's pure form outside of batteries. The shipment of the substance also proves expensive. Antimatter ships are not allowed to be fully automated, to be unarmed, or, in some parts of the galaxy, operate with escort from military vessels. While the Tenshin government handles security within Tenshi, the company has to invest large portions of its own revenue into the protection of its ships outside of Tenshi. Allowing pirates or terrorists to have access to pure antimatter would be disastrous.

Pure anti-matter, consequently, is quite rarely shipped by the company itself. Most shipments are expected to be handled by the customer by default. Exceptionally large orders come with complimentary security during shipping as well as security often being purchased at a premium for small yet important orders.

Antimatter is not allowed to be shipped via SICTIRIAD, forcing the shipments to be done via Warp Drives or, sometimes, Thaumic Drives. Most orders are placed decades in advance for this reason.

Criticisms and Controversies