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The Talondra Assembly Flag, is the International Flag of the Aldorians. Each star and circle represent one of the several Aldorian Nations, while the flower the several Aldorian Religions.

The Talondra Assembly is a extra governmental body, created by the Aldorians to rule their inner affairs between themselves and between their species and the rest of the Universe. The Assembly is stated in the Gas giant known as Etalon, in the Talondra System, and is the meeting point between all the Aldorian Nations.

The System is under Aldorian Control but does not belong to any Aldorian Nation and is free from exploitation of any kind. The system is consider neutral ground and firing inside the system means a death sentence for the one guilty of such a despicable act and means war for that nation with all the other Aldorian nations.

Due to its neutrality, the system is consider extremely holy, and has several important temples built to the Aldorian deities all over the system and a big sacred monastery for psionic teachings. The priests are the ones in charge of taking care of the system. Its location is unknown to outsiders, still, it is believed to lie somewhere deep inside the Aldorian territories, most probably between the frontier borders of several Aldorian Nations.

This body, is meant to rule local affairs, administrative task, trading, ideological debates, border disputes, Wars between members, Religious divisions, Wars with other Alien Nations, Universal conflicts or internal species issues among many other topics. All Nations have signed the Talondra treaty and have also made an oath on the High Temples of Talondra, dedicated to all three branches of the Aldorian Religion.

The Members of the Assembly are:

Sometimes representatives of other nations with substantial Aldorian populations have been invited in, but the representatives to the Assembly must be Aldorians only, and must keep living as ambassadors inside Aldorian territory, and take an oath to keep the system's location in secret. The nation that is allowed to take seat from time to time is: