100th Millennium Wiki

"A marvel, a wonder to behold. A miracle of engineering, It is the first ring achieved by the Empire and hopefully would be followed by a set of even more impresive megastructures, setting a turning point in the History of the Lewis Nations. The Ring is home to millions of people and has shown to humanity that thriving in an entire man-made structure is completely possible. We are proud of that" - Senator, Maes Prim

Tarandis is the biggest and first orbital ring created by the Empire of Mankind. It is located on the Separis System, in the Lewis Galaxy, in Herschel Space. It contains scientific facilities centering around the study of biology, agriculture production and function of ecosystems, as well as medicine, physics and engineering of megastructures. It was built between around 68 000 CE and 70 000 CE, and it was inaugurated and colonized in 70 166 CE to celebrate the 50 000 year anniversary of the founding of the Empire of Mankind. It was the first megastructure ever built by any Lewis Nation.

It has been improved, enlarged, modernized and expanded along the millenia and its the largest ring, the most populated and the one used as a model for other rings of the Empire in many Galaxies. The famous Esera Ring, used for military improvement, was built following many of the techniques used for Tarandis.


The Ring was built in four big sectors, known as the Hannakon Sector, the Horis Sector, the Erion Sector and the Karis Sector, all named after famous personalities of the Empire. Each o them has a specific purpose.

The total population of the Tarandis Ring is around 33 Billion. Most of whom live on the Erion and Karis Sectors. This sectors are based around study of fauna and flora, ecosystems, agricultural production and medicine and pharmaceutical (research and potential of Plants). The Hannakon and Horis are populated as well but serve mostly as the main centers of Physics and Engineers as well as Chemical and Energetical production

  • The Erion Sector: Takes its name from the Emperor who ordered its construction. It's the most populated of the Sectors and the second most beautiful. It holds most of the middle class, with large entertainment centers, offices, administrative areas and mostly agricultural research processes and a production. It also holds most of the study of Fauna and Flora of the vast amount of planets found all over the universe (although mostly in the Lewis Galaxy). Its total population is 14 Billion.
  • The Karis Sector: Takes its name from a famous scientist of the Empire. It's the most beautiful of the Sectors, and has the second largest population. Most of those with high class or with nobility status live in this sector. Most of the work here is located on Pharmaceuticals and Medicine, as well as Biology and ecosystem study. Its total population is 10 Billion.
  • The Horis Sector: Takes its name from the famous hero of the Empire of Mankind, and the founder of the Tarnos dynasty. It holds many offices, factories and services working industries. A large area of the sector is used for energy and climate maintenance of the ring itself. The population of the sector is around 5 billion people.
  • The Hannakon Sector: Takes the name of the First Emperor of the Empire. Holds most of the factories, the chemistry and physics laboratories. Most of the forges and mineral work is process on the sector, and many travel daily from the other sectors to work on this one. The total population of this sector is the smallest, and has the cheapest and most affordable housing. However, most of the population are slaves and clone slaves, used by companies for production. Its total Population is 4 Billion.

The Famous Aranis Train Station, that connects the sectors through large high speed trains.