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"Water is our element, Ishai is our homeworld and the Union is our Lord that we serve in pride and death beyond anything else." - Oath of the Tarkonau Order in Ishai.

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The Tarkonau Order is an order of the Union, born in the world of Ishai, the order's homeworld and where its headquarters are located. They are an elite water warriors, trained as fighting priests in the ways of the Parasite (called the Gift) while interacting inside water and watery ambiance.

They have trained to be perfect swimmers and to hold breath for as much as one or two hours under the water. They are thus used in the Union Marine's military forces, and are deployed in a planet's seas, lakes or oceans to attack the enemy. They are very hard to train but very effective in their ways. The Empire even, as well as the Federation have made use of this warriors as mercenaries or bodyguards. In the Case of the Empire, all High Noble Families have at least a dozen of them in their private armies.

They collaborate actively with the Irekian Technocrats in their homeworld to try new creative designs and also with the National Marine Military. They have a second base on Kataria and many other worlds.

In the early 100 000 CE, the order has flourished lately in the world of Thetis, where the Hayalons have financed a small base of the Order on the Island of Iku, where only a handful of Unionist are allowed to live. Here they have become loyal bodyguards of the Hayalons.


The Order was founded in 42 780 CE by the early settlers of Ishai, who had a tendency to explore the waters of their planet and thus try how the parasite in their bodies adapted and interacted with such an environment. This led to discoveries that would later be used to create a series of acknowledge behaviors and ways, that would serve as the basis for a training. This led to the foundation of the Order, recruiting young cadets of Ishai to train in the waters and become fully competent in such an element.