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Tarmalyula is the largest galaxy in Amoeni Space, containing 393 Billion Stars. It has a two satellite galaxies, the Eulciar and the Lance Galaxy.


A image taken of the core of Tarmalyula


The core is the most contested area, and the most violent place in the entire galaxy. Containing the most dense concentration of stars, it contains the largest amount if civilizations and therefore the most wracked with conflict.

At the very centre of the galaxy, there is the immensely large black hole named Heart of Destruction, around which the binary white hole Heart of Creation orbits, the only known white hole in the Local Cosmos. Both of these correspond to a black hole orbiting a white hole in Palioxis, but both have yet to be discovered. Around the Heart of Destruction, the birch world Brebosair is located. Surrounding it, there is a large cloud of stars that is the most contested and destructive place in the entire galaxy, and quite possibly the entire Cosmos.

Zazaria Arm

The Zazaria Arm, also known as the North Arm, Long Arm, or just Zazaria, is the longest arm of Tarmalyula. It contains the largest number of nebulae, as well as the most amount of stars annually forming.

Mina Arm

The Mina Arm, also known as the Peaceful Arm, Short Arm, South Arm, or just Mina, is the comparitevely peaceful and shorter brother of the Zazaria Arm. It contains only two civilizations, and they are allied reducing the need for war.


The Halo is the scattered sphere of ejected stars that orbits the core of the galaxy. Drifting silently in the Halo are the ruins of thousands of civilizations, yet to be discovered, because of the lack of civilizations here and the absence of metals. Also, many globular clusters orbit in this region to, forming numerous sub-regions that extend only to the boundaries of their respective clusters.



In the beginning, the Cosmic Primordia occurred. In the newly formed Tarmalyula, life was just beginning to find its feet. Life sprung up on a thousand worlds, and the galaxy was awash with life.

Ancient Era

We don't know much about the Ancient Era, except that things happened. And they happened fast. Thousands of civilizations are said to have existed in the Ancient Era, but all were wiped out of existence by the Aeternum Event.

Mors Omnium Event

At this time, it is hypothesised that an ancient civilization tested out a superweapon that, on its first test, malfunctioned and ended all life in Amoeni Space. Nothing stirred, for the first time since the universe formed. However, only a mere 1.1 billion years after life was decimated, it rebound. The Utopia was born.

Utopic Ages

During these ages, only one nations resided in Tarmalyula. Only one nation resided in Amoeni. The Utopia. It lasted for only a couple of million years, before it dissolved and all the thousands of worlds they had terraformed and colonised were free to develop normal sentient life.

First Warring Ages

During the first warring ages, the new civilizations that arose after The Utopia fought for the relics and worlds of those who fell before them. These relics often granted them significant technological progress, so the ones who controlled the most relics were the ones who usually won the wars.

First Peace Ages

When there were only a few civilizations left in the galaxy, they realised the amount of death they had caused. They called a cease-fire, and founded the First Galactic Federation of Tarmalyula. The following years heralded peace and prosperity, and the galaxy known as Tarmalyula was a beacon of prosperity.

However, the FGFT fell into stagnation and decline after a couple of hundred million years of existence. When it finally fell, it heralded the beginning of the Million Year War, the first war of the Second Warring Ages.

Second Warring Ages

The Second Warring Ages lasted a lot longer than the first. This is partially because the wars were a lot less bloody and low-key, as well as that the age went on for so long that new civilizations arose to take on the flame of those who started the wars in the first place.

Finally, the Second Warring Ages ended with the signing of the Treaty of Eulciar, which was partially influence by those in the Eulciar.

Second Peace Ages

The Second Peace Ages lasted a short time, as the nations of the Eulciar stopped enforcing the peace of Tarmalyula and started to protect their own worlds. With this, Tarmalyula was reduced to warring states once more.

Third Warring Ages/Current

The Third Warring Ages are only just finishing up now, with the Eulciar Union of Nations stepping in to enforce peace in the galaxy. Still, Tarmalyula is a violent a bloody place with the blood of quintillions scattered across the stars.


Scattered through out Tarmalyula, but centred on the Marbeni Cluster, there are roaming spacefaring creatures that can reach the size of a planet. They are known as the Te'loola, a name derived from a ancient text that spoke about these behemoths. The Te'loola are routinely hunted for materials, and sometimes just for the potential living space these creatures provide.

Another anomaly is the large amount of operating and ruined megastructures throughout the galaxy. Scattered, fairly evenly, throughout the galaxy are the megastructures, which vary from Dyson Spheres to Caplan Thrusters. These structures have been harnessed and repaired by the current civilizations of the galaxy and are now providing great boons to their nation.

Satellite Galaxies

Orbiting Tarmalyula are two galaxies, the Lance Galaxy and the Eulciar.


Lance New.jpg

The Lance Galaxy is a ageing elliptical galaxy that is scheduled to plunge through the disk of Tarmalyula and then be ripped apart in approximately 200 million years. It currently houses the last generation of life that it will hold, a hardy band of civilizations that are looking forward to their galaxies destruction and subsequent rejuvenation as part of a larger, more fertile place.


Namegi Galaxy.jpg

Eulciar is a larger than average irregular galaxy orbiting in a stable orbit around Tarmalyula. It is the epitome of peace and prosperity across Amoeni Space, with the Eulciar Union of Nations enforcing peace throughout the azure clouds of this beautiful galaxy. There are two possible futures for Eulciar, one, it is catapulted out of Amoeni Space and subsequently all life dies by the Lance Galaxy, or two, it remains in orbit around Tarmalyula until the pair drift out of Amoeni Space, and all life dies.


Union of Prosperity

Coalition of Fernal States

Consortium of Panela

Imperium of Daran

Velin Hegemony

United Defensive Nations of Tarmalyula

Kalom Union of Worlds

Defensive Coalition of Kira

Federation of Free Sentients

Arlonen Hive-Swarm

Madrihal Confederacy of Planets

Geralo Union of Minds