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"The Retirement Planet, Tarnis is, or at least was, the most peaceful place in this busy Universe for the Emperors of our nation and where they came to relax from the heavy lode of driving the destiny of so many. I guess that's why this planet was for them a lover, a blessing, a place of good memories and thus the place where they wanted to be for eternity. What a better place to spend the afterlife than the one that made you happy? The Hunting fame and the Prestige have brought with them luxury and fashion, and Tarnis is a second fancy capital surrounded in a see of beautiful wilderness". - Senator Maes Prim

Tarnis is a *Terran World a terrestrial terra. It is located in the Ildaron System, in the Lewis Galaxy and deep into Herschel Space and forms part to the Empire of Mankind. This world is mostly known for being the retirement place of the Emperors, and where the Imperial Mausoleum is located.

Other than that, the Planet is a famous touristic spot for the rich and the wealthy as well as the Nobility. High Fashion and Luxury production are also some of the main markets produced in the cities here. It is regarded as a prestigious planet. There is a growing textile minor industry that serves the locals. Also some low key farming and basic manufactures are produced here by the locals. Hunting and Wood products are of special interest and also make an important share of Tarnis Economy.


The Planet was settled in its early days by colonist from Astrion, but soon, colonist from Alma and Lipna also joined. Later on, some Elpidans also settled in the Planet. It was a very rural world with many farms and settlers scattered all over is wilderness. Few cities really existed here and the planet was a peaceful place with large beautiful animals and incredible flora and landscapes. Wood products, Fur and hunting activities became popular.

During the Nobility Wars, the Ruling Family,The Urayas Family, was in control of the Planet but soon revolted against the measures implemented by the Emperor, becoming an active member of the War and one of the most known rebellious families. When they were defeated, the whole family had to flee and get into exile, becoming one of the founding families (and most powerful and rich) of the Plutocracy of Gish.

Since then, ownership of the Planet was taken by the Emperors as a personal property. Since it had no apparent crucial interest, the Emperors started to use the Planet's peaceful atmosphere and setting as a place for retirement from busy Elpidan Court live from time to time.

The Tarnos built a New retirement palace here and soon, the Mausoleum from the Imperial Palace was taken to the Planet where it has remained for the last millennia. Emperors enjoyed hunting, fishing and natural life in Tarnis and everytime they could, they would come here and even sometimes bring the entire court to the planet. Sometimes even, some future Emperors have been born in Tarnis and not in Elpida.


The Citizens of Tarnis can be traced back to three waves of settlement. One, who gave rise to the vast majority of locals or natives to the planet, a second waves of Elpidans and migrants from other worlds who came when the Emperor took the planet at the end of the Nobility Wars and the third is made by the wealthy, the nobles and their servants that settled here when the Emperor put his summer palace in the Planet. To this third wave, migrants that came to serve the growing touristic and luxury industries that developped thereafter the nobles and wealthy arrived, are also counted. This Rich and Nobles came to build their retirement homes and palaces, as well as enjoying the touristic activities and luxury this planet had to offer.

Native Tarnisians are those that descent from the original colonist from Astrion, Alma and Lipna and that live for the most part in rural areas and small towns and cities, are free spirit individuals that dispise most of the people that came after them, with the exclusion of maybe the Elpidans descendants that came in the aftermanths of the Nobility War, whom they have come to accept and the Emperor himself and its imperial family. Both of whom are greatly loved by the native people. However, they dislike all the fancy nobility and the wealthy people as well as all the third wave of settlers from all across the Imperial territory. They are seen as if they come to destroy their beautiful planet. However they have come to accept this fate, although not with great plesure and tend to mantain their distance with the third wave of migrants and it's progeny.

Elpidans are mostly big city dwellers and some also live by the coast or next to the Imperial Summer palace or the imperial Mausoleum. Some also live in rural areas to a smaller extend. Elpidan descendants are known for being manufactures, service providers, merchants, artisans, etc... and thus concentrate themselves in cities, having built a comercial internal planetary network among cities. Outside the cities, live the natives who descend from the Astrion, Lipna and Alma colonies that settle the planet and focus themselves in fur trade, agriculture, cattle raising, plantations, wood industry, small scale manufacturing and fishing.

The third wave of citizens live mostly by the touristic centers, the luxury districts of cities and in the extravagant palaces and wealthy houses, serving the needs of the Elite class. With them, slavery was brought to the Planet, an institution that was pretty much absent in Tarnis outside the cities of Elpidan origin, and even there it was a rare comodity to see. When elite clases came alongside the Emperor, they brought with them millions of servant slaves. Also touristic and manufacurring companies took slaves to serve in Tarnis. All the slaves are considered third wave and are despised by the natives as well.