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TheTarnos Dynasty is one of the Oldest, Richest and definitely one of the most important and Influential Families in the Universe, and specially among Humanity.

They are the ruling dynasty of the Empire of Mankind, and they have been doing so since the Birth of the Empire, in 28,648 CE up to the present day into the 100th Milennium, spanning for over 72,352 years and taking up to almost 157 generations.

Traditionally, the Home seat of the Dynasty is the World of Elpida, the Executive Capital of the Empire. The Emperors of the Tarnos Dynasty rule from and reside in the Imperial Palace, at the heart of the Imperial City.

History and Origins

Still the dynasty is way older, commonly starting with its founder (although not emperor), Horis Tarnos, a Heroe in the Minds of its people even to this day. Horis can trace his lineage back to the Anarian refugee fleets that settled in Elpida, and even back into the early settlers that populated Anar. Horis belonged to a family of Enriched Merchants, that after migrating from Anar and settled in Elpida, had gain wealth and power, putting their children into good education centers and key jobs of the back then Republic of Anthropos.

Horis Tarnos was the first member of the Tarnos Family to be famous and renowned. He was very talented and soon gained merits in the Military. Once the First Civil War broke out, he was chosen by his peers to lead the Army. He then successfully achieved peace, during the First Civil War of the Empire, defeating the two parties at war. Later, his grandson Hannakon, and future Hannakon I Tarnos, won the Second Civil War, and, by popular support and distaste of the Republic, he was crown first emperor, giving birth officially to the Tarnos Dynasty.

Marriage and Continuity

The continuity of the Dynastic Family is in charge and ensured by the Bioengineer Research Centers on planet Alma, where the Genetic Code of the Emperor/Empress and all the Dynasty members is stored and guarded and where all exact scrutinium is made so that the Wife and/or Empress can get easily pregnant, the fetus can grow, the baby is healthy and in case of disease, can be cure back in Alma. The security of procreating the new generation is almost 100%. Most of the Tarnos have their capabilities and skills enhanced by genetic enhancement, so that they are beautiful and attractive, smart, tall and strong, impeccable genetically speaking and skilled in many fields. Their IQ is also really enhanced being at least about 70% smarter than the average person.

It was frequent for the Tarnos Family Members to intermarry within the Empire's Nobility. One of the most relevant and currently the closest related Nobles to the Tarnos Dynasty are the members of The Hayalon Family. It wasn't uncommon as well for them to marry Foreign Ruling Dynasties or High Nobility from foreign nations, like the Verres Dynasty from Greater Martial Consilium. It was common as well to marry with powerful rich families, like The Takanashi Family. This has been done as a way of forming alliances, get financial and commercial support among many other common interests.

One of the Planets where the Tarnos Dynasty likes to retired and where their Summer Palace is located is Tarnis, named after them in their honor. This lush planet only purpose is to serve the needs of the Emperor and its nobles when they come hunt or retire from the stress of ruling. There is another Summer Palace in Elpida, where the Emperors also like to go from time to time.

Emperors and Empresses

The Rule of the Twelve Emperors

The First emperors are a succession of twelve good emperors that lived through a time of peace and prosperity, in which the Empire expanded well beyond is previous borders, its economy boomed and its civilization and culture started to rise. 12 Generations

  • Hannakon I Tarnos
  • Horis I Tarnos
  • Hannakon II Tarnos
  • Erion I Tarnos
  • Horis II Tarnos
  • Thardos I Tarnos
  • Horis III Tarnos
  • Hannakon III Tarnos
  • Kador I Tarnos
  • Arnor I Tarnos
  • Kador II Tarnos
  • Erion II Tarnos

In-War Emperors and Empresses

Then the Following line of Emperors are consider the In-War Emperors because most lived either in a period of War or in a period between wars. 55 Generations

  • Thardos II Tarnos (leader in the Nobility War)
  • Netis I Tarnos
  • Erion III Tarnos
  • Horis IV Tarnos
  • Bregan I Tarnos
  • Kador III Tarnos
  • Hannakon IV Tarnos
  • Arnor II Tarnos
  • Hernis I Tarnos
  • Thardos III Tarnos
  • Ilon I Tarnos
  • Ilon II Tarnos
  • Horis V Tarnos
  • Aranis I Tarnos (First Empress)
  • Thardos IV Tarnos
  • Hernis II Tarnos
  • Kador IV Tarnos
  • Hannakon V Tarnos
  • Bregan II Tarnos (Start of the Great Slave's Revolts)
  • Teragan I Tarnos (End of the Great Slave's Revolts)
  • Arnor III Tarnos
  • Netis II Tarnos
  • Ildorin I Tarnos
  • Kador V Tarnos// Larissa I Tarnos // Roldar I Tarnos (War of the Two Emperors)
  • Teragan II Tarnos
  • Kador VI Tarnos
  • Erion IV Tarnos
  • Horis VI Tarnos
  • Teragan III Tarnos
  • Hannakon VI Tarnos
  • Erion V Tarnos
  • Aranis II Tarnos (First Relative's War)
  • Hernis III Tarnos
  • Roldar II Tarnos
  • Horis VII Tarnos
  • Bregan III Tarnos
  • Ashalon I Tarnos
  • Kador VII Tarnos
  • Larissa II Tarnos (Second Relative's War)
  • Ilon III Tarnos
  • Netis III Tarnos
  • Hannakon VII Tarnos
  • Horis VIII Tarnos
  • Iranda I Tarnos (Third Relative's War)
  • Horis IX Tarnos
  • Erion VI Tarnos
  • Hernis IV Tarnos
  • Ilon IV Tarnos
  • NetisIV Tarnos
  • Ildorin II Tarnos
  • Bregan IV Tarnos
  • Hernis V Tarnos
  • Horis X Tarnos (Union's War Starts)
  • Arnor IV Tarnos (Union's War)
  • Bregan V Tarnos (Union's War Ends)

The Millenium Emperors or The Emperors of the First Millennium

This is the name use to describe all the Emperor that reigned or lived during most of the First millennium and right after the devastating war with the Union that gave birth to The Intergalactic Federation. 89 Generations

  • Roldar III Tarnos
  • Erion VII Tarnos
  • Hernis VI Tarnos
  • Horis XI Tarnos
  • Netis V Tarnos
  • Hannakon VIII Tarnos
  • Kador VIII Tarnos
  • Roldar IV Tarnos
  • Iranda II Tarnos (The Great Empress)
  • Netis VI Tarnos
  • Kador IX Tarnos
  • Ilon V Tarnos
  • Bregan VI Tarnos
  • Netis VII Tarnos (War)
  • Hernis VI Tarnos (War)
  • Kador X Tarnos (War)
  • Horis XII Tarnos
  • Kador XI Tarnos
  • Hannakon IX Tarnos
  • Aranis III Tarnos
  • Erion VIII Tarnos
  • Horis XIII Tarnos
  • Arnor V Tarnos ( The Great Emperor)
  • Hernis VII Tarnos
  • Kador XII Tarnos
  • Hannakon X Tarnos
  • Bregan VII Tarnos
  • Ilon VI Tarnos
  • Arnor VI Tarnos
  • Teragan V Tarnos (War with the Intergalactic Federation)
  • Larissa III Tarnos
  • Ildorin III Tarnos
  • Hernis VIII Tarnos
  • Roldar V Tarnos (The Long Ruler)
  • Bregan VIII Tarnos
  • Teragan VI Tarnos
  • Horis XIV Tarnos
  • Hannakon XI Tarnos
  • Arnor VII Tarnos (The Aldorian Wars)
  • Ildorin IV Tarnos
  • Hernis IX Tarnos
  • Ilon VII Tarnos
  • Teragan VII Tarnos
  • Arnor VIII Tarnos
  • Horis XV Tarnos
  • Hernis X Tarnos
  • Aranis IV Tarnos
  • Netis VIII Tarnos (The Bad Emperor)
  • Ildorin V Tarnos
  • Bregan IX Tarnos
  • Arnor IX Tarnos
  • Teragan VIII Tarnos
  • Hannakon XII Tarnos (War)
  • Ilon VIII Tarnos
  • Hernis XI Tarnos
  • Arnor X Tarnos
  • Hannakon XIII Tarnos
  • Ildorin VI Tarnos
  • Iranda III Tarnos
  • Bregan X Tarnos
  • Arnor XI Tarnos
  • Ildorin VII Tarnos
  • Teragan IX Tarnos
  • Horis XVI Tarnos
  • Roldar IV Tarnos (War)
  • Hernis XII Tarnos
  • Hannakon XIV Tarnos
  • Ildorin VIII Tarnos
  • Arnor XII Tarnos
  • Iranda IV Tarnos
  • Horis XVII Tarnos
  • Kador XIII Tarnos (The Eternal)
  • Bregan XI Tarnos
  • Larissa IV Tarnos
  • Hernis XIII Tarnos
  • Hannakon XV Tarnos
  • Ildorin IX Tarnos
  • Bregan XII Tarnos
  • Roldar VII Tarnos
  • Teragan X Tarnos
  • Arnor XIII Tarnos
  • Thardos V Tarnos (War of the Ancients)
  • Erion IX Tarnos
  • Bregan XIII Tarnos
  • Teragan XI Tarnos
  • Horis XVIII Tarnos
  • Ildorin X Tarnos
  • Thardos VI Tarnos
  • Aranis V Tarnos
  • Hannakon XVI Tarnos
  • Bregan XIV Tarnos
  • Thardos VII Tarnos
  • Teragan XII Tarnos

The Second Millennium Emperors or The Emperors of the Second Millennium

Those are emperors that have either ruled or being born in the Second Millennium CE.

Horis Tarnos

Ashalon II Tarnos

Hannakon I Tarnos