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The Tarr'vahash are non-sentient genetically engineered sub-species of the Barnel-Manwe, which are often compared to slaves and servants of other species. However, due to their genetic engineering, they are completely compliant and do not have the capacity for free thought and complex emotions.


The Tarr'vahash were first devised on a long buried laboratory of a extinct nation on Erhm, as part of the nations genetic engineering experiments. They were first bred to be super soldiers, fighting on the front lines. However, the scientists forgot to eradicate the genes that made intelligence possible, so the Tarr'vahash retained their sentience and individuality. This led to the First Terr'vahash Revolution. After the war was over, a large group of intelligent Tarr'vahash escaped to colonise another world orbiting Falar. Tarr. They quickly overran the planet, building up a military to rival the homeworld. Erhm, in its stupidity, declared a war on the newly established Independent States of Tarr, leading to the Invasion of Tarr.


First Tarr'vahash Revolution

Invasion of Tarr

Second Tarr'vahash Revolution


Current State