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"The epitome of beauty. Everything is a delight to the human senses. Its people, its architecture, its style, its wealth, its landscapes, its artist and philosophers... Thats what make this world the pearl of the Union. The Parliament of our nation is here and so are the souls of all citizens of the Union"  - High Priest Annik Marrash

Tarsus is a Terran World, located in the Aura System, in the Lewis Galaxy, in Herschel Space. The planet is rotating a Yellow Dwarf Sun known as Aura and it's the most populated world of the Union as well as the main economic center of this nation. It was the first colony of the Union, outside Isso, settled in 35,022 CE and today is the main economic center of the nation, being the center of several crucial companies and key activities.

Since the year 37 230 CE, the Parliament or Assembly was relocated to the Planet from Isso, since it was necessary to decentralized all power from one single point, in order to keep the system working and prevent corruption. So it has been consider a capital world. Ever since, the Planet has been gaining power, being one of the top planets in the Lewis Galaxy.

Tarsus is one of the most beautiful planets in the Lewis Galaxy and has prospered like any other in the Galaxy. The planet holds the seat of many multinational companies and international companies, embassies and other important organs of the Union. This is the reason why Tarsus is amongst the most sophisticated, advanced, wealthy and luxurious planets in the Lewis Galaxy.

Tarsus has one of the biggest temples of the Unionist religion in the entire universe. The Temple is known as Dar-Mikur.


The planet has 4 small moons, known as Hisa, Akalia, Tera and Irkos, who have reached special mythological status among the Tarsians.

Tarsus has two large continents: Wirka and Elissar

  • Wirka: Its a vast continent on the east side, completely surrounded by forests and with some savanna areas in its equator. Ice and tundric forests cover most of the southern tips who lie in the south pole. Alexandria is the biggest city of Wirka. It has beautiful scenery and hold some of the most impressive mountain ranges in the planet. The architecture mimics the old neoclassical styles and may buildings in rural areas are made of stone.
  • Elissar: Its the second vast continent covered in the south and the north by oceanic and continental forests, with large beautiful green plains. The North of the continent is tundric with ice covering the farthest north areas. Beuren and Ilodan are located here. Beautiful cities imitating European buildings and ancient cultures covered the entire continent. Some modern structures are only to be found in the main cities, while rural areas have an idyllic lifestyle.


The national colors of this planet are Blue, White and Black. But blue is very special and is worn by most in form of tunics with some white touches. Golden and silver jewels and other garments are very popular as well. Silver and white are predominantly used in architecture and decoration. Sculpture artists are also very famous and sculptures, fountains, parks, domes and beautiful architecture are to be found anywhere in the Planet.

Tarsian Women are set to give their sons and daughters a necklace that is to be worn by them from the day they are born to the moment of their deaths. Women are set to give theirs to their daughters while giving their sons a new personally made one. So females pass on their silver necklace from generation to generation. In turn, Tarsian fathers are set to give a golden ring to their daughters and sons. The one given to its daughter has to be new and personalized to them, and the one given to their son has to be theirs, so it gets pass from male generation to the next male generation. This is all made in a ceremony called "The Passing".

Tarsus Kids.jpg

Names are also something very characteristic of Tarsian society. Tarsians have usually two names. The first one is given to them by their Parents at birth, but the second one is chosen by them in Adulthood, when they reach voting age, which is right when the Parasite of the Gift is implanted in them, in a ceremony called "The Rebirth". Some individuals, have a Third name, given to them thanks to the achievements and honors they have bring to Tarsus or the Union. Having a Third name is a sign of high respect among Tarsians.

Tarsians are known for being hard workers, bankers, traders, merchants and excellent in artistic deeds. That has made the Planet one of the most rich and wealthy of the Union, and thus has attracted many people to the planet.

Typical Tarsian Sculture style. Sculptures of famous people from Tarsus and all the Union are set to be found everywhere, from public buildings, alleys, fountains and others.

One of the main traditions of the Tarsians is the Festival of the Tarsian Flowers, in which Tarsians make white wooden boats and Arassa Flowers are made in beautiful and exquisite decors and thrown into the rivers of Tarsian Cities and towns with candles at night. The festivity is one of the main local attractions. After the throwing of the flowers, the Tarsians have huge feasts and music festivals all over. It commemorates the arrival of the first settlers to the Planet from Isso.

The Planet is home to several large paths schools. The Wisers, the Seers and the Sentients have a large presence in Tarsus. One large temple, known as Dar-Mikur has been erected here, being one of the biggest Unionist temples in the Universe.

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