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"One of the Thirteen Founding Planets of the Intergalactic Federation, Tartessos is a world of wonder, where most of the education and research is proceed. Its inhabitants are among the most cultivated and sophisticated, living wealthy lives in an also splendorous and beautiful world. But the most important aspect of this planet is its free spirit, its drive for Liberty, Democracy, Equality and Freedom, that influenced us all and back in the day, set the basis for our current nation". - Miriam Ulrich, Parlamentarian.

Tartessos is a terran world located in the Gerion System. It lies in the Akai Nebulae, in the Lewis Galaxy and deep into the Herschel Space. It is one of the Thirteen founders of the Intergalactic Federation, being one of the most important planets of this nation, symbolically, economically and technologically.

The Planet was settled by many refugees from the Empire of Mankind, after the wars between the Empire and the Union. It was mostly settled by pro-democratic factions inside the empire, that pushed for the refugees to reorganized themselves in the Akai Nebulae. Since all refugees were not from either the nobility or the imperial family, the drive for a democratic republic among the survivors of the conflict were high.

Its one of the main economic and trading centers of the Federation. It is the main research center, and holds the most prestigious education centers. It is also one of the most populated worlds, it is a center for Fashion and Luxury production, as well as services industries and insurance companies. Banking and Trade are main key sectors of the Planet as well as entertainment and service industries, with some chemical production. Agriculture also plays an important role, as well as fishing and Farming. The beauty of the planet has made it a popular tourist destination.