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"One of the Thirteen Founding Planets of the Intergalactic Federation, Tartessos is a world of wonder, where most of the education and research is proceed. Its inhabitants are among the most cultivated and sophisticated, living wealthy lives in an also splendorous and beautiful world. But the most important aspect of this planet is its free spirit, its drive for Liberty, Democracy, Equality and Freedom, that influenced us all and back in the day, set the basis for our current nation". - Miriam Ulrich, Parlamentarian.

Tartessos is a terran world located in the Gerion System. It lies in the Akai Nebulae, in the Lewis Galaxy and deep into the Herschel Space. It is one of the Thirteen founders of the Intergalactic Federation, being one of the most important planets of this nation, symbolically, economically and technologically.

The Planet was settled by many refugees from the Empire of Mankind, after the wars between the Empire and the Union. It was mostly settled by pro-democratic factions inside the empire, that pushed for the refugees to reorganized themselves in the Akai Nebulae. Since all refugees were not from either the nobility or the imperial family, the drive for a democratic republic among the survivors of the conflict were high.

Its one of the main economic and trading centers of the Federation. It is the main research center, and holds the most prestigious education centers. It is also one of the most populated worlds, it is a center for Fashion and Luxury production, as well as services industries and insurance companies. Banking and Trade are main key sectors of the Planet as well as entertainment and service industries, with some chemical production. Agriculture also plays an important role, as well as fishing and Farming. The beauty of the planet has made it a popular tourist destination.


The Planet has 3 continents: Norax, Gargoris and Habis and 5 oceans: Huni, Lako, Meneres, Wolva and Aporus..

  • Norax

The largest continent in the planet, Norax is massive and very broad. Most of it's central area is a massive extension of plains and forests. The northern half is covered in tundra while the southern shores, who barely touches the equator, are covered by impressive coastal jungles. The largest city is Galaka, the largest city within the Planet. It is located in the eastern side of the continent. A full metropolis with some of the most prestigious schools for Humans in the Federation. On the western side, we have Iyerges, the third largest city in the continent.

It's a center of knowledge with Phylosophical schools and some of the most beautiful architecture found in the planet. Last but not least, is the city of Tursan, located in the middle north of the continent, based mostly on agricultural production, it's the 6th metropolis in Tartessos. The total population in Norax is 30 billion people.

  • Gargoris

This continent extends from the north to the southern hemisphere, and has a set of penninsulas. It is narrow but very large continent. Most of it is covered in temperate oceanic and continental climates except for the equator fringes which are covered in thick jungles. The northern half of Gargoris is sourrunded by the northern ocean Yuke, with the northern frozen icesheet touching the Gargoris northernmost shores during winters as the ocean freezes.

The main city in the mildest temperate lattitudes is Oldien, the second largest and massive city within the planet followed by Massale, the 5th aglomeration in Tartessos, located in the southern half, as a main exporting port. The entire continent has a population of 25 billion people

  • Habis

The smallest continent located in the southern hemisphere, it is home to a varied climate, mostly temperated but tending towards arid or hotter towards the equator, with the desert of Ibron to the north split from the south from the more fertile valleys. The main cities in Habis are Herodot, which lies within the warmer northern coasts and Kermalia, the main metropolis in the southern fertile half of the continent. The extreme south is covered by the southern pole. As a whole the population of the entire continent stands around 21 billion people.

City Landscape Tropical CIty.jpg


The planet was colonized with the flock of refugees from the Imperial-Unionist War. A flock of Imperial refugees came to settled this planet.

Population and Culture

The population of Tartessos boomed with the last stages of the Imperial-Unionist War, when millions of refugees fled to the region and settled in Tartessos. Due to it's mild conditions and lovely pastures and forests, it soon became a favourite among scaping settlers and also had stable to high fertility rates which allowed the local population to increase it's numbers exponentially. Currently 78 billion people call Tartessos "home".

Out of this 78 Billion, around 75 Billion are Humans and around 3 Billion are Xenos from other parts of the Intergalactic Federation. Tartessos is located within Human Space and thus strict laws allow very few Xeno within the nation to settled in Tartessos (just as humans have strict laws to settled in many Xeno provinces).

Fauna and Flora