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"Taukan, the last heavy populated and Important World of the Empire, before we hit the Colonies and the Frontier lands. This world is my homeworld, and as such i can only say it is the most beautiful of them all to my eyes. The skies are one of the most beautiful things a human being can ever experienced. Its people are hardworking, kind and stubborn. The planet has prospered as a trade center, being the hub for the region with not only a portal in its door but several hyperspace lanes confronting here. Rapid growth, growing influence and relevance are occurring here. A world known for its literary tradition and its high end technology" - Senator Maes Prim

Taukan is a Terran World a terrestrial terra, located in the Willa System, in the Avana Galaxy, in Herschel Space. It orbits a White Sun, Willa A, and it's the most important worlds of the Empire of Mankind in the Avana Galaxy. It is located in the Empire frontier of colonized worlds, being Taukan the last Heavily populated world of the nation after the frontier of Imperial smaller settlements. The Planet is a Key world for the Galaxy and is located on its outside area, being the main "Port of Entry" to it, having a Portal build in the System. It is also the start of several hyperdrive routes that go into the core of the Galaxy.

It has been under possession of the Prim House and has become one of its main worlds. The Prims are in charge of controlling the Frontiers of the Empire and Herschel Space.

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Taukan is a special world, due to its beautiful and amazing fauna, as well as really nice landscape and views. It is consider a wonder by Human standards and a very comfortable place to live.

Taukan's biggest attraction is its views at night, where the sky is covered by the entire Avana Galaxy close by. A spectacle that is considered a wonder by many.

Taukan has a small Unionist population, due to the high amount of Unionist settlers in the Avana Galaxy. In Fact, it has one of the biggest temples of the Union in the Empire. It's one of the only places in the Empire where Unionist and Imperial citizens live in relative Harmony and active cooperation.



Imperial Scientists explored the galaxy from afar in the 110 336 CE, and it wasn't until 122 899 CE that the first probes were sent to the Galaxy. In 124 122 CE, the First tripulated mission was sent to explore the Galaxy and by 124 246 CE Taukan was colonised as the entrance for settlers into Avana Galaxy.

The Potential of Taukan was discovered instantly by Imperial forces. Due to being in a strategic location that gave them access to the Galaxy. Still, the Galaxy has its own Alien life and other Human nations and Alien nations colonized it as well.

Settlers from the Iberia Galaxy and Hellas Galaxy as well as the Poseidon Galaxy flocked here in great numbers.


Taukan has 7 moons but only one is large and a proper one, while the rest are all small rocky moons. The moon is known as Shakan. There are 4 continents on the planet: Irkain, Talmund, Rogendar and the Eusen Archipelago. Some people consider Tondril Island to be a continent or subcontinent on its own, but is usually counted inside Rogendar.

This planet has two large oceans, the Idrin Ocean and the Avaral Ocean (in between Talmund, Irkain and Rogendar (and Tondril Island)). The latter is the busiest ocean since its located in between the most economically strong areas of the planet. The Idrin Ocean is larger but way more peaceful.

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  • Irkain: Its the biggest and largest continent, sometimes consider a subcontinent alongside Talmund of a bigger one, the Irkamund (or Kaintal) continent as it is popularly known. Most of the population lives in this continent and is by far the most populated one with almost 16 billion people. It has a diversify economy, with technology, trading services, manufacturing, tourism, textile and computing as the most important activities.
  • Talmund: It's the second most populated continent. It is largely based on agricultural production, feeding and manufacturing of basic goods. It has a buoyant economy although based on the Primary and secondary sectors. 12 Billion inhabitants.
  • Rogendar: Its the third most populated continent. It is based mostly on Financial and Banking sectors, being one of the wealthiest continents. It has some mining, energy and water extraction activities of relevance. It has 6 billion inhabitants.
  • Eusen Archipelago: 4 Billion people live in this continent. It is the least populated one. Its activity is mostly based on ship building, fishing and aerospace.


  • Tondril Island: Technically part of Rogendar, it is controlled by the Imperial Army forces, a huge military base is located here and is the base for the main military operations in the Sector. It is entirely made of Military personnel and its families as well as people working in Military base activities and services.

Tourist Attraction

Taukan is famous for its beautiful view at night. The Avana Galaxy is perfectly visible in the sky at night, due to the proximity of the Planet. It is easy to see at naked eye, giving a spectacular view. Most locals usually are used to it and don't put too much attention, but tourist flock here by millions just to contemplate this wonder.

Other important attractions in the planet, are the Telusian artifacts and ruins found in the planet. The Telusians considered Taukan to be sacred and only Priests, slaves and people serving them seemed to have inhabited the planet. Although population was low, it was considered as a very important world in Telusian society, as the many Hyperspace lanes that lead to the planet show.

Huge temple ruins have been found all over the Planet, being the biggest temple dedicated to Ta'kar the God of Destiny, Time and Space, Father of all the Gods and from which the planet took its name. This god was worship for interstellar travel. The Axons knew the planet as Taukar and from them it reached humans and became known as Taukan, its modern name. The first human explorers found this name (and the story of it) in Axon ruins and thus adopted this name for their records. However, many other deities were worshipped in this planet, with big complexes. It seems to have been the seat of some important religious factions during the Middle and Late Telusian imperial eras.

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The Planet seems to have accommodated many pilgrims of the Telusian race, flocking to this world for religious purposes. Almost all deities of the Telusians have a temple in the planet being the mayor gods having the biggest temples. But the biggest complex is that of Ta'kar, and the second biggest that of Ato'kira, the Creator. The Pilgrimage to Taukan was something all members of the Telusian raced had to do once in their lifetime, all except the Warrior Caste, who had its own Pilgrimage to the Planet of the Four War Gods. The Axons seemed to have respected this world and barely settled it, just a handful of Research, Scientific and Military centers being built, with a small Shipbuilding and trading facility being as well, due to its very attractive strategic position. The Inhabitants seemed to have been extremely wealthy due to the limited permission of settlement (Low Population) by Axon authorities in the Planet, but being the planet a magnet for trade activity passing through this world. So wealth concentrated on a small amount of people. This ruins can also be visited by many tourists.