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Teer is an unique planet within the Pyralia System of the Anthrovian Cosmos region within the Palioxis Starfield. Teer's peculiarity stems from its distinct shattered look, which was shaped by an ancient astronomical body colliding with Teer in the distant past. While the planet would otherwise have disintegrated, the plane's gravitational anomalies appear to preserve it perfectly intact.

Owing to it's eccentric appearance, Teer's primary source of income is tourism, generating a stable source of of twenty quadrillion Azinos per single year. Most of this income is used to further explore and establish presence on this planet, while another large portion of it goes directly to sustaining the Dimensional Wormhole Network.

Moon System



Biology & Ecology

While the shattering effect of Teer would deem it uninhabitable to organic lifeforms, the lush ecosystems that cover the entirety of the planet prove otherwise. A mixture of clantine and carbon-based lifeforms inhabit the vibrant terrain and awe-inspiring skies of Teer.

The Vaaxen Aerwhale, a species of fauna that resembles aquatic whales, while being fully aerial in terms of lifestyle.

Life starts to get more mutated the closer it resides to the shattered locations of Teer, with fauna that otherwise is considered 'truly peculiar' strictly residing in the space between the floating continents and islands near the most shattered locations. Small pockets of truly alienated environments tend to reside on these massive floating landmasses, inhabited by many wonderous species such as the Skeedans.

As Teer has had no bodies of water to speak of, most of it's aquatic ecosystems have vanished. A few research studies conducted a few decades ago have revealed that most of Teer's aquatic ecosystem would be dominated by many distinct species of corals and common fish.

The Crabspiders, a rare species of fauna resembling a mixture of a crab and an arachnid.

The terrestrial ecosystem of Teer is fairly monotonous and most of it's regions possess the same species of flora and fauna. Most of Teer is covered by a singular savanna biome that stretches across the entire planet. Many species of grass, shrubs and trees make up most of this shared ecosystem. While rare, many species of flowers and fungi take a fair amount of dominance on the planet.