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"When the Two Suns rise, and the lush green forests shine, you know you have spotted it in all its magnificence. Our home, and the place where it all began. A new future now stands in front of us, among the stars but we should never forget this is where we we came from." - Meleke, High Minister of History & Philosophy of the Korka Nation.

Tekorka is a planet located in the Zeka System, in the Iskadi Galaxy, located inside Herschel Space. It is the homeworld of the Korkas species and capital of the Korka Nation. It has been voluntarily integrated within the larger nation known as the United Alliance.

The Planet is humid and tropical, with lush plains and forests. Several large creatures live in Tekorka and the world is considered to be a sanctuary. Somehow crowded, the Planet has seen a recent increased emigration for the last centuries due to the fact most Korkas are now travelling and settling all over the United Alliance worlds in Herschel Space, but more specifically, all the United Alliance Worlds in the Iskadi Galaxy.


The Planet has 5 rocky moons. It has as well 4 continents and no poles. The Continents are known as Kirak, Leseka, Sakana and Tokesek

  • Kirak: Its the most populated of them all and has the largest cities. The Continent is the largest and has a huge landmass. Several forests and plains covered the planet.
  • Sakana: Its the most developed of all, and holds the highest standards of living in the whole planet. It is a large island continent in the middle of the ocean, not far from Kirak. Its a wealthy comercial continent, and the Korkas here are known as traders and efficient high-tech builders. Tiny small U.A comercial hubs have developed here, with Humans, Aldorians, Kriziks and other species in them.
  • Leseka: Its a small trading continent, known as an Island in the ocean and united to Sakana through an isthmus. It holds the capital city of the planet with a high diversity of peoples.
  • Tokesek: Its a very large continent. It is covered with large jungles and forest, receiving many precipitations, it also holds some of the wildest and most iconic fauna of tekorka.


The Species arose in the trees of this World and ever since, evolved on its own. They escaped Jeket invasion and slavement (as well as later mass extinction) due to being located on the other side of the Galaxy. For this reason the Vemex also did not appeared in the planet. However, there is one account of some lost Vemexian explorers coming into the planet, no much more is known after they left. Apparently the extinction event of the Vemexians appeared some time after this visit.

According to Korka accounts, this vemexians did just come for exploration purposes, finding a new route of entry and to know about the unexplored areas of the Galaxy. Although violent at first, they become more welcoming and learn a bit of the Korkas, and shared with them some small bits of technology. However, this is more an anecdote than a significant exchange of technologies. Interestingly enough, a mention of the Korkas in Tekorka was written in Vemexian records of exploration, although very few lines have survived. Apparently they saw the potential of the planet but were not keen on invading it and slaving its population as its inhabitants were too primitive for Vemexian culture so the planet was seen rather as a scientific research outpost. Although future plans never materialized as they died out soon after the records were written.

The Korkas achieved unification after the Wars of Union, which left the planet in chaos. To prevent this for ever happening again, they become a peace militants, and all warlike attitude (other than defense, and even such is debatable) is of complete rejection.

By the year 80 889 CE, the space exploration of nearby worlds happened, and the Korkas soon started to explore many systems around them as well as many worlds. They stablished several outposts until in 81 133 CE they encountered the first habitable world. They settled it soon after, and kept exploring the hyperspace routes. They came across several other habitable planets and by the arrival of humans, they had already stablished 4 colonies and more than a 100 outposts.

By the 83 486 CE, the Korkas encountered the United Alliance and signed a treaty of commerce and cooperation. Between 83 486 and 83 810, the Korkas had expanded and settled about 3 more worlds and another hundred outposts, claiming several systems. In 83 512 CE, the Nation borders within the United Alliance were stablished, leaving several habitable worlds for expansion within its borders. By 83 800 CE all habitable planets had been colonized and relations within the U.A greatly improved. By 83 810 CE The Korkas formally integrated inside the United Alliance.