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"The Old World, the homeworld and capital of the ancient and proud Telusian people, it was also craved by the Axons and inhabited by them for millennia, but now it belongs to us and we will keep writing the story of this world. We are the future but we will keep disentangling the secrets of the past. It's our turn now to find out the secrets of our precursors in this empty land we call space." - Miriam Ulrich, Parlamentarian

Telusia is a *Terran World a terrestrial terra, located in the Mekon System, in Avana in Herschel Space. Its the former homeworld and Capital of the Telusian Civilization. Currently it belongs to the Intergalactic Federation.  

The Telusian Civilization did not named itself at such, it was humans who gave them the same name of their Homeplanet and Capital after its human name. They called themselves Obi'ka and their Capital and homeworld was known as Maka'bi.

Currently, it is a main hub of trade and exporting, with a Wormhole that connects the planet straight to the Lewis Galaxy, maintaining trade and contact between the nation's core center and its colonies in Avana.


Telusia is an old world, that hasn't changed much. It is located within the center of Avana. Nowadays it has a very distinct climate, with some arid areas, and some other more verdan and fertile. It has no tropical weather or jungles, but has two poles.

Telusia has two landmasses, and four continents: Silda, Aldeka, Korbasu, Lausson and Etuyu. There are also three oceans: Vodaia, Trissa and Einen.

  • Silda:

Its the second most populated region, with 14 billion inhabitants. The Silda region is based on several business and trade activities. Many areas are dedicated to agriculture as well. Large important remains have been found all over the region, sALDy most of them have been either assaulted or taken by the Axons, but some remains of cultural value have prevail. Many information about the Telusians have been taken thanks to those data. Axon remains have also been found in large numbers in the region, apparently, they used the continent for agricultural purposes on large scale.

Some Telusian artifacts have been found in Axon ruins, some of which had been taken from Telusian ruins and used by the Axons.

The most interesting is an Axon museum with large amount of Telusian cultural items, that has been preserved well and that humans excavated recently, gaining information, not only of the Telusians, but about the Axons as well. The Continent holds the ancient Axon capital city in the planet. It has been excavated to gather information about the Axons and their activities within Telusia.

  • Aldeka:

Its the most populated area, with around 17 billion people. It is where the Federal planetary capital is located. The Coast is the most comfortable area for living. The economy is based on trade and manufacturing, as well as banking and medical production. The continent holds the largest amount of both, Telusian and Axon ruins. The continental northern fringes are completely depleted from mineral resources, since it seems the Axons and Telusians already exploited to exhaustion this region, previously extremely rich in minerals. But the continent was known for its thriving economic activity.

Large complexes, temples, houses, palaces, production factories, facilities, etc.. and in general ruins of the Telusians and the Axons are found almost everywhere around the continent, especially near the large Lagoon of Meidon, where the Capital of the Telusian was located and seemed to be not only sacred, but the hub of the entire Civilization. There is a large Temple in the middle of the Lagoon, who seems to have been dedicated to an old water deity that the Telusians thought of being the god that created them, as they though they had come from the Meidon lagoon and then expand into the planet and the stars. They knew the lagoon as "Ki'baka".

  • Korbasu:

Its the southern ice cap continent. There is a small peninsula, known as Ridan, who is the only land well inhabited by people, with fertile land and beautiful scenery. There are large ruins of the Axons located here, as well as from the Telusians, but most Telusian artifacts have been sacked already. Only cultural aspects, murals, writings, tombs etc.. still prevail. There is a large temple in the South magnet pole, preserved by the cold in which the artifacts have been manipulated but not taken away by the Axons.

In the ice areas of Korbasu, energy plants and scientific outpost exists but no large cities or town can be found. Ridan, the peninsula is the only well populated area of this continent, with over 5 billion people. It is based on Shipping industries, refuel, banking, exporting, insurance and internal trade due to their strategic location with the oceans of the planet. It is a wealthy area.

  • Lausson:

Its a land of ice that stands above Silda and Aldeka. This land used to be less frozen during the Telusian era in the planet, and some artifacts have been preserved in the continent, covered by the ice. Some were taken by Axon authorities. There are some large Telusian Temples in the far north. One is located in the exact point where the north magnetic pole is located as a sort of tribute. The large complex has been well preserved by the cold, and the Axons had fear to sacked it due to their supersticiousnature. Still, some object were manipulated by them and some Axon remains have also been found in the area. Nowadays almost no one lives in the area, with just some few scientific centers and energy production facilities.

  • Etuyu:

It has a total population of 8 Billion. Most of the activity is based on agriculture, and modern research and scientific studies. Minerals are still abundant and there is some important mineral activity in the region as well. Some chemical production is also carried by the inhabitants of Etuyu. The southern continent, use to hold in previous times some important military areas of the Telusians.

The Axons settled heavily the region, seeking after military technology of the Telusians, and thus, the region has been sacked from artifacts and technology. The Axon economy in the region was based mostly on science research and large scale investigation of the Telusian civilization and military technology. Some military factories of the Axons were also build here. Some of the Telusian technology designed here was so integrated into the Axons daily routine, that it has been found in other sites. One of them was the Proton-weaponry that has been found in Silda and Aldeka as well as in other worlds of the Axons.

However, the oldest written records come from Telusians in Etuyu, and Axon records of explorers in the region. The Telusians restrain their activity in the continent to a group, known as the "Etuyu warriors", an elite corpus of fighters, native of their society that were trained here. Apart from their training facilities, a huge temple, dedicated to several gods of war was very well preserved, and it seems that the Axons respected it and even worshiped and used it for themselves. There are signs that both civilizations had religious activity in the temple, and surprisingly, the Axons did in no way modify the temple, but rather integrated for themselves the War deities of the Telusians.

Telusia Map with names.jpg
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The Obi'ka or Telusian people, where a warrior-like species who had a very hard code of honor and strict rules for society. There was a strict hierarchy and a series of protocols and rituals who each and everyone had to follow on society. They expanded through Avana on a process of Conquering other worlds and civilizations. When their entire Galaxy was under their control, they discovered some faster means of travel who allowed them to expand to other galaxies. It is unknown why this civilization fell, but many theories have been proposed.

Many millenia after the fall of the Telusian people and its civilization, the Axons arrived to the Galaxy and settled Telusia, that they named Karkaravik a name derived from the original name of Maka'bi. They took the original name from Telusian records that pointed towards this planet being the capital of the civilization. The Axons were eager to find more artifacts from this ancient civilization. The world became important in the Galaxy, due to the Hyperspace lanes that the Telusians had somehow derive towards the Planet. However, the planet was abandoned by the Axons during their own fall as a distinct civilization.

By the year 46 821 CE, the first humans arrived into the planet coming from the Pisces Clusters. In 48 566 CE, a colony was established in Telusia by the Lewisian Nation known as the Intergalactic Federation, with settlers from the nearby world of Ulfilas. Soon, several findings here and in other worlds led to the conclusion and scientific proof of the existence, not only of the Axons presence in the Galaxy, but of a former Civilization that the Axons were seeking after; the Telusians. At first, this strange civilization was named after the Human name given to their homeworld, when evidences proved that Telusia was in fact the capital of this civilization. This made the Obi'ka to be most commonly referred or known by the mainstream population as the Telusians.

Nowadays, the Human colony is a thriving world, that attracts many archeologist and Xeno-experts to help improve the knowledge about this really ancient civilization and its followers, the Axons. Apparently, Axon presence in the Galaxy was very important, being one of the most populous of their dominions away from their former native galaxy.

Still, large domes of both Civilizations can be found, although Telusian artifacts have been somehow depleted by the Axons, some of them have been in turn, found in their own archeological remains.