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The Telusian Group is a region of the space near to Herschel Space and the Local Universe. It is the closest galaxy group to both of these regions, making it a target of colonization for many nations. The cluster is similar in size and makeup to the Local Universe, with several large galaxies gravitationally bound to one another with dozens of dwarf galaxies accompanying them. Large galaxies in this group include the Avana Galaxy, The Occult Galaxy, and The Flower Galaxy.

The cluster has a larger number of galaxies than the Local Universe, but less total stars. The largest galaxy, The Occult Galaxy, has only 100 billion stars compared to the Via Lactea's 400 Billion.

Many nations have influence in the Telusian Group. The United Alliance, The Republic of Sion, The Neo-Terran Intergalactic Hegemony, and the Empire of Mankind are large nations that have influence in the cluster.

The Telusian Group takes its name from the Planet Telusia, homeworld of the Ancient Telusian Civilization. Most of the present day Cluster was once part of the vast territory once covered by the Telusians, hence the name.


The Telusian Group was inhabited by the Telusian Civilization 4,700,000 years ago. They lived between 4,500,000 until 3,500,000 BCE. Their territory occupied almost exactly the size of the current cluster, their influence faltering in the most fringe areas. By 3,000,000 BCE, the Axon Civilization took their place coming from the nearby cluster. They did not inhabit most of the cluster but about a third of it, Specially the Core Telusian Group. They came seeking after artifacts of the Telusian Civilization or so have the Xeno-experts believe. They directed their own expansion towards this cluster.

Since the fall of the Axon civilization, the cluster remained relatively empty of large civilizations. Most species that did inhabit the area rarely moved beyond early Kardeshev II status, not because they couldn't, but because they had no reason to. Without an interstellar threat, many species choose to remain home.

In 22734 CE, the Neo-Terrans first entered the cluster from intergalactic space, forming a small empire, called Drusidia in the Occult Galaxy. Drusidia ended up occupying the entirety of the Occult Galaxy and its satellites in 57732, and would have expanded were it not for their decent into civil war. Over the next twenty thousand years, the galaxy remained in pieces and the cluster remained mostly as it was. When the Neo-Terrans managed to reunite, a disastrous war on conquest, The Second Siege of Ambrosia, crippled the nation and returned it to a shattered state. Only in 99921 CE did the nation fully reunite to control a decent portion of the stars in the Cluster.

During the mid 80,000's, many of The Lewis Nations set their sights on the galaxy as a target for colonization. Ignoring turbulent areas such as the Occult and Flower galaxies, the Lewis nations gained large amounts of territory. The Avana galaxy in particular was a target for colonization, being the closest major galaxy to Herschel space made it the logical choice.


  1. Occult Galaxy
  2. Flower Galaxy
  3. Avana Galaxy
  4. Blossom Galaxy
  5. Lareas Galaxy

Minor Satelite Galaxies