Telyra is the temperate E-class homeworld of the Krin and is an important world in the Cooperative Triple Alliance, being the place it was founded as well as the most populated planet.


Located in the NGC 4725 galaxy, Telyra is the third planet orbiting its orange dwarf sun and has no moons. Expansive deserts cover most of the planet which is where the cities are located whereas the forests are mostly left untouched.

Large purple forests can be found in some regions, consisting of tall purple tree-like plants and some wildlife roaming throughout them. As stated before, the forests are typically left alone by the Krin however some like to visit them and admire the nature.

Mountains can be found across the deserts as well, some being surrounded by cities to act as huge tourist sites for each three species.

It serves as the most populated world of the CTA, with a staggering population of 15 billion! The cities are shared by the Krin and the Oneru although the Krins' population greatly supersedes the amount of Oneru on Telyra. The Chukulakans reside in small communities around the seas. Despite being where the CTA was founded, Ubeleth remains as its capital planet.


The weather on Telyra is mostly calm and predicatable with rain only really falling in the forested regions, less so in the cities. Temperatures stay at -13.33 °C.


Telyra's culture is a mix due to all three species living there. You have the technologically enthusiastic Krin who strive for peace. You also have the Oneru who, while having a tendency to be quite stubborn, are nevertheless open to technological advancement. And then you have the peaceful Chukulakans who mostly keep to themselves most of the time.


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