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Preceded by
NeoLAC.png Yohjan Confederacy
2,304 CE - Present
Succeeded by
Entente.jpg Entente of Ventemir

The State of Tenshi is a sovereign state located in Via Aylathiya in large part in and around the Kanadett star cluster in addition to a substantial portion of the Ventemir Galaxy. Its holdings in Via Aylathiya are mostly located within Martial Space while its holdings in the Ventemir Galaxy partially encircle Ventemir's center. It borders both the Greater Martial Consilium and the Entente of Ventemir.

The State of Tenshi is a constitutional aristocracy. Rather than being ruled by a single monarch, it is ruled by a noble organization, known as the Tenshin Ministry, in which the duties traditionally given to a monarch are carried out by a vast number of individuals. The current leader of this Ministry, called the Archon of the Tenshin, is Jun Takanashi IV and he has been in this position for over five hundred years. Its capital, Yakusoku, is one of the wealthiest human worlds in the galaxy. Other major planets include Hikari and Dongarchaff.

The nation originally formed in 2,304 CE in response to the anarchy plaguing the galaxy after the Split of the Yohjan Confederacy. Before then, the area of Kanadett was controlled by a large number of rivaling fiefs each vying for supremacy. Four monarchs, Senku Takanashi I, Erich Serebryakov, Rui Sakagami, and Luka Claes IV, signed a treaty to unite their countries under one state, Tenshi. Tenshi began expansion from there, either subsuming or eliminating the rival fiefs in the star cluster. By the early 5,000's CE, they had total hegemony over the star cluster as well as the region directly around it. Ten thousand years later, the nation gained enough strength to begin an invasion of the Ventemir Galaxy, fully subjugating it within five thousand years. At one point in 59,809 CE, Tenshi had unified with Rune-Err, technically giving Tenshi joint control over almost all of Martial Space as well. This lasted for about ten thousand years before the two nations broke apart. It maintained control over most of Ventemir until after the War of the Ancients, when the Sakagami House broke away from Tenshi, taking a large portion Ventemir galaxy with them. Today, Tenshi only has control over a relatively small number of stars within the galaxy.

The State of Tenshi was a member state in the Confederacy of Borealis but had dropped out when it reformed into the Boreal Federacy. It is currently a part of the Intergalactic Council. It has strong alliances with the Empire of Mankind as well as somewhat cordial relations with the Greater Martial Consilium. The nation has a GDP of over 5.8 septillion C-Units which, while not very large compared to the GDP's of other nations, places its GDP per capita as number one in Via Aylathiya. Tenshi has one of the most powerful militaries within the galaxy despite its small size. Its use of artifacts from the Triumvirate Civilization as well as other nations such as Sedrua, allowing for the small nation to still be a galactic player.

General Information

State of Tenshi

The Unified State of Tenshin Nobility and Domains Beyond



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2,304 CE
Kardashev Type
Major Worlds
Yakusoku, Hikari, Dongarchaff



Constitutional Aristoracy
Economic Type
State Capitalism
Democracy Index
5.82 septillion C-Units
Very Unequal
Military Status
Major Power
Economic Status
Galactic Power



The region of space now controlled by Tenshi, Kanadett, was first colonized by the Triumvirate Civilization in the early 20,000's BCE due to its proximity to what was once a Sedruan military base. They commandeered the valuable craft in the region, but maintained the base as a storage facility for valuable weapons. As the Triumvirate gained power, it was begin storing more and more valuable weapons there. These weapons, most notably the ERS Moon Signal, the TRS Last Waltz, and the TRS Night Running, were some of the most powerful ships the Triumvirate ever built. The Triumvirate maintained this base until major reforms in 15,089 BCE, converting the Triumvirate into a federal republic. Many of its bases across Via Aylathiya were given to its newly-formed states; Kanadett went to the Yohjan Confederacy, the state of Humans.

Tensions between the Yohjans and its sister-states mounted until a full-scale war, known as the War of the Final Transition, broke out. The war proved to be too strenuous for the Yohjan Confederacy and it soon collapsed in on itself. Not because its military was unable to handle the conflict, but because its populous was unable to. Soon after, the Triumvirate itself collapsed and its member states were freed.

Formation & Early History

Chaos gripped the galaxy as its largest nation fell into pieces. While external nations did their best to maintain order and occupy territory, they largely failed. Across the galaxy, millions of warlords sought dominance. This included within Kanadett, the most remote of human colonies at the time. While being far from others was originally a great advantage, it thoroughly isolated its inhabitants from the rest of the galaxy. They too were divided into warring factions. Four of these factions would unite to form the modern state of Tenshi in 2,304 CE. Each of the noble houses once ruling the factions had a different role to play in the newly created nation. The Takanashis would assume the role of "Head," organizing the nation at the highest level. The Serebryakovs would manage internal affairs such as the economy. The Claes' oversaw the "Tenshin Expeditionary Force," which was the military acting outside of Tenshin territory. Lastly, the Sakagamis oversaw diplomacy and other external affairs.

After forming, the four noble families would slowly expand their borders. After first utilizing the TRS Last Waltz, Tenshi was able to subjugate their rivals before they could uncover the other artifacts. At first, Tenshi would simply execute the rival nobles; however, this would always cause the commoners (who made up seventy five percent of the population at the time since these states were very young) to grow discontent. After a while, Tenshi would begin initiated the conquered families, turning them into minor nobles. In 5,000 CE, by treaty, Tenshi would absorb the remaining extant houses, forming its modern 8 minor houses. Only eight out of the over one hundred noble houses survive to the present day, with most of them being absorbed into other houses.

Economic Transition