The Tenshin Ministry is a conglomeration of noble houses, organizations, and individuals currently governing the State of Tenshi. Headquartered on Yakusoku, the Tenshin Ministry is the most influential organization of its kind. Under its control is the power of an entire nation, some of the largest corporations in Via Sagittaria, and significant amounts of soft power given Tenshi's membership within the Confederacy of Borealis.

The Tenshin Ministry was originally formed in 20304 CE by Senku Takanashi I to unify the then divided Kanadett Star-Cluster while also gaining great power for himself. At the time, it was only compose of the Takanashi, Serebryakov, Sakagami, and Claes houses, with the rest of the noble houses in the area joining within the century. The Tenshin Ministry lead the State in it's conquest of not only the area immediately around Kanadett, but also the establishment of the first international currency used in Via Sagittaria. Later, the Ministry would oversee the conquest and integration of the Ventemir and Youjo Galaxies and the integration of the nobility therein.

As time went on, the Ministry would shift focus from just governance to a number of pursuits. By the 30,000's it had diversified to the ownership of companies as a means to raise money, the leasing of military units, as well as joining the free trade agreement of the Confederacy of Borealis. giving their companies easy access to this new market. Other investments included the research of artifacts in the Ventemir galaxy as well as lobbying campaigns in smaller nations to gain favorable trade deals.

The head of the Ministry became a household name across the galaxy, just as widely known as the president of the CoB or the chancellor of Sagittarium. As a noble family, it was able to use marriages as a means to gain favor in other monarchies, most notably Drusidia and, later, Empire of Mankind.

The Ministry would go on to be the most powerful group of Yohjan Nobles with the deposition of the Kaisers of Cassiopeia Consortium

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