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The Teremir Aldorians are an etnicity within the Aldorian Species, native to their homeworld of Birnis. They have expanded to become one of the most powerful and large Aldorian ethnicities. They are native to the continent of Temer, bordered by sea to the north, the Losian peninsulas to the east and Mirgalan to the West. The south is bordered by a small bit of ocean and the frozen crust of the Pole of the planet.

Substantial Teremir populations exist in all the Aldorian nations, except for the Aldorian League and the Aldorian Assembly of Clans. The rest, all have some important Teremir populations in them.


ts an group based on the Temer continent, born out of two Kingdoms that unified. The different ethnic groups became a homogeneous people, with Teremir as a language and a single Teremir culture.

The main nation to form the Teremir ethnicity in Birnis was the Temerian Kingdom who takes the entire continental land of Temer from where it takes its name. Due to a civil war, the Space colonies of Temer, settled by Teremir Aldorians, became independent and arose as the Aldorian High Kingdom, the second most powerful nation of the Aldorian Species.

The origins and founding of the nation goes back to the early space exploration days of the Aldorians. The Temerian or Aldorians from Temer, started their own space program, alongside other nations of Birnis. Thus many worlds were colonized and subsequently ruled by The Temerian Kingdom of Birnis, their homeland.


Temer has always been ruled by a King, and the urge for power encourage the King to start the space run against other nations. Temerians then colonized planet Selen and Kasna. This two worlds were temerian colonies ruled by the King of Temer. But with time, the planet wanted to gain independence and be ruled by themselves and not by a distant king. This situation worsen when King Ungador died, having two twin sons from the same litter. Neither the mother not the any assisting the delivery was alived, so it was impossible to determine which one was born first.

This led to the War of the Twin Brothers or the War of the Twins: Alkaris & Maron.

Alkaris lost the wars on Temer and took refuge in Selen and Kasna, consolidating its power in the space colonies, while Maron had control over Temer and crowned himself King in Temer's Capital. Alkaris, who was very popular in the colonies, crowned himself king in the Great Hall of the Throne in Selen, which back then, was a small summer palace. Conflict stagnate, and soon it became clear that the two would split. Alkaris became the king in the colonies, sovereign of a new nation named the Aldorian High Kingdom, while Maron would remain King of Temer and the Temerian Kingdom in Birnis.


the Aldorian High Kingdom is one of the biggest nations of the Aldorians. Its a feudal nation, that serves a monarch and an elite of nobles. Although it works as an empire, is its known as a kingdom. "Aldoris Eros Merkas" is the official name of the country in Teremir language. This nation is led by a wealthy nobility, all descent from noble temerian families that trace back to Temer, a powerful caste of Priests and a Monarch or King, that has absolutive power, subjected to a Parliament that represents the interest of the Common people. Apart from that, Priest and Nobles have their own respective councils that rule their affairs. Slavery is and has always been permited and encourage in this nation. Specially Alien slavery.


The Aldorian Temerians are generally very ritualistic. They society is highly stratified into nobles, merchants, artisans, peasants etc... each being more or less important in their society.

The Teremir are also deeply religious and have special faith in the Gods Religion of the Aldorians.

Language and Alphabet

They speak the language known as the Temerian Language. It is writen a very complex alphabet based on ideas rather than phonetics. There are two forms of this writen language. The stylish eriting and the tradicional writing.

The first one is learnt by the highly educated and its used in many temples and other buildings as stethics. The nobility learns the stylish form and uses that writing for names, oficial documenrs, or internal communications with those in their own social class.

However the traditional writing form is also based on ideas and complex for non-temerians and is used as a simple version of the stylish one for day to day activities. It is learnt by all the aldorians from lower classes to high classes and is used in informal documents and ocasions.

The stylish version it's also used by the Losian high classes and nobility who have large influence from the Teremir..