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The Termula Region, is an area located in the Lewis Galaxy, in Herschel Space. in one of the Galaxy's outer arms. It is connected with the rest of the Galaxy only through two points: the Nisapa Strait on it's right and the Umaki Scattered Systems on it's left. To it's south, it is isolated from the rest of the Lewis Galaxy through the Mikos void and to it's north it faces the great emptyness of the local Universe, the limit of Herschel Space and facing towards the very distant Florathel Galaxy.

Howerver, the Termula Region is famous mostly for being the territory where the Plutocracy of Gish stands into. Due to the location the Plutocracy has been unavailable to leave the Termula region and expand outside. This has led to the region having a high density and most systems are populated or had their worlds terraformed to suit the needs of the nation.

The Termula Region is crossed by several Hyperspace lanes connecting well the area and travel through it is easy. It becomes much more complicated to leave the Region or enter it. Only four hyperspace lanes lead out of the Region, two cross the Umaki Scattered Systems, but travelling through it is dangerous. One of the lanes is impossible to use due to it leading to systems under the control of pirates and mercenaries and the other is always under threat. The other two hyperspace lanes crossed the Nisapa Strait leading out of the Termula Region into the Empire of Mankind and are today the main commercial routes of the nation.


The Termula Region was home to diverse quantities of primitive intelligent life. None of which however were advanced enough to discover FTL travel methods outside of their home systems. This made the Humans have a great advantage over the local xenos. The Termula region is home to around 20 species of Xeno life

. Most of them have either been confined to reserves within the Plutocracy, or have migrated to other Lewis Nations, most notably the United Alliance or the Intergalactic Federation. Some species however joined the Plutocracy after the Rebellion.

Humans arrived in the region in 31 288 CE, when two lost exploration vessels arrived unexpectingly to the Termula Region, after getting themselves lost through the void. They somehow managed to return back into the empire and report of an existing region passed the Mikos Void, which had marked the limit of the Galaxy into the vacuum of space. Some say they had crossed there through the Umaki Scattered Systems or the jumping through the Frellen-Axula System route. But that is unknown.

The explorer Tusel Kaffar was the first official explorer to reach the region and discover it for the Lewis Nations. He followed the notes this two lost vessels had wrote to guide himself into the area. He travelled extensively throught it with its tripulation (about 2 million people) for over 20 years before getting out of it through the Strait of Nisapa back into the Empire. He was able to map hyperspace lanes within the region and several planets he had visited to refurbish himself. Once fiding the Nisapa Hyperspace lane out of the region and back into the empire, his findings made him famous and well respected. He even presented his findings to the Emperor and was granted means permisions to hold territory over the region. However, colonization efforts did not prosperate due to the far distance and geographical barrier that the Mikos void presented. However, interstellar maps now had knowledge of the area and incorporated it losely into it.

Following the steps of his predecessor, the Esselin Vakuren followed with a second exploration mission into the region. She however, centered herself into the Umaki Scattered Regions and it's said she found this way of connection between the Region and the rest of the Lewis Galaxy. She mapped this area as well as parts of the Termula region. She also iniciated contact with several local species.

However, it wasnt until the tripulated mission of Kaleb Giorni (with around 30 million), that the Termula region wasnt vastly mapped. He travelled through the middle of the void, finding the Tersuna System (which he used to rest and continue it's journey) and explored the hinterlands of the Mikos Void, noticing the vastity of it and how long it took to travel it. He also explored most of the "close to the void" area of the Termula region. He found the planet Gish (It was the first world to be said to be inhabitable), among other worlds suitable for human habitation, mapped them and explored them. He built some small colonies in some worlds and left back into the empire.

The Region however was very isolated and the Nobility War mostly left the area untouched. The colonies left in those worlds either vanished or survived creating their own very different cultures but due to isolation were constraint to limited technology. The human population was almost unexistent except for very few human colonies, who had struggle but were slowly but steadily growing.

Nevertheless, at the end of the Nobility War, massive amounts of people used the map charts of those explorers to scape the empire. It is calculated that about 150-300 Billion people left the Empire and setlted in the Termula region. They landed in the human settlements (of which Gish was the largest settlement) already there and conquered them. This original settlements were engulfed by the overwhelming amount of new settlers coming from the Empire. Other habitable worlds that had not been settled also were colonized to aliviate the sheer amount of people coming over from the main worlds the Houses had settled. This worlds were later connected and soon exploration of the Region began on the big scaled (and detailed) by the new Plutocracy of Gish.

Main Worlds

  • Gish
  • Alauron
  • Ibetun
  • Trosil
  • Naukei
  • Vikram
  • Thefus
  • Ihuna
  • Ornox
  • Telvi