100th Millennium Wiki

"The Terran Nationale is what you get when you combine complete rewrites of history with a dose of fantastical delusion - You end up with a society that paradoxically thinks it's constantly under attack, but that its enemies are weak and easy to crush. They're like the Kreigsleute, but at least the Kreigsleute don't delude themselves."

The Terran Nationale is a Faction located within the Verpletter Dwarf Galaxy, and is one of the major Factions within it.

Coming from a habitable world whom the inhabitants refer to as Terra, the inhabitants of the Internationale are mostly the Human desendents of refugees from the Confederacy of Borealis. Many grew up on hearing wonderous and magnificent tales about the fabled homeworld of Aegyn. The desire to return to Aegyn was ingrained into the culture of the Internationale far more than it was in most other Factions and cultures within Verpletter, to the point that Aegyn is seen as a sort of idealized past that the members of the Internationale all strive to recreate in Verpletter until such a time arrived that they could return.

After several generations, these stories became larger than life, and mythologized throughout the Internationale. Stories of cities athat touched the surface of the sun, where the waves twisted at the mere call of mans voice, a worriless utopia and the absolute power of the universe. Many of these stories turned into delusion, with some starting to beleive in a Geocentric model, with Aegyn at the center of all of the universe. Those who spoke against this, even the few survivors from the original refugees, were harrassed, and sometimes even murdered.

Eventually, this opportunity to return to Aegyn presented itself in 10,000VC, when the Seal-Off of Verpletter ended, and people could leave the galaxy if they so desired, and explore the wider Universe once again. Many however, quickly became intensely disillusioned with the state of Aegyn, considering it to have devolved in a great number of ways from the fantastical and almost god-like worship of stories from their pasts. Enraged, many returned to Verpletter, considering Terra the re-embodiment of Aegyn, and seek to obliterate everything about the Confederacy of Borealis once they have taken the Verpletter Dwarf Galaxy, hoping to restore Aegyn to a glorious past it never held.