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"The Terran Nationale is what you get when you combine complete rewrites of history with a dose of fantastical delusion - You end up with a society that paradoxically thinks it's constantly under attack, but that its enemies are weak and easy to crush. They're like the Kreigsleute, but at least the Kreigsleute don't delude themselves."

The Terran Nationale is a dictatorship located within the Verpletter region of the Via Aylathiya galaxy. Within the region, it is quite a major player with an area of 150,000 stars. The nation is a totalitarian society where the state controls all aspects of one's life, made especially effective by the technology the Terran Nationale possesses. Centered on a habitable world whom the inhabitants refer to as Terra, the Terran Nationale maintains its control over its systems through its impressive military and nationalist propaganda.

The Terran Nationale is vehemently speciesist, believing that Humans are the only truly sapient beings in the universe. As of late, they have been slowly introducing the idea that their specific ethnicity of Humanity are the only true Humans. The leader of the Terran Nationale is referred to as "Imperator," a title derived from the name for the leader of Drusidia, from which the people of the Nationale descend.


The inhabitants of the Internationale are mostly the Human dependents of refugees from Drusidia. The children of these refugees grew hearing wondrous tales about the civilization the refugees were cut off from and Humanity's homeworld of Aegyn as well as the Drusidian capital of Scipio. Within a generation, the tales had become greatly exaggerated, creating an expansive mythos filled with explanations of history. Within a further three generations, a near-religious desire emerged as the desire to return to Aegyn was ingrained into the culture. A new leader emerged, calling themselves "Imperator Adeodatus" who used the tales to convince the people he was a descendant of the Drusidian Emperor and the rightful ruler.

After this, many of these stories became delusion. Many began to believe in a Geocentric model, with Aegyn at the center of all of the universe. Those who spoke against this, even the few survivors from the original refugees, were harrassed, murdered, and shunned. In 89,501 CE, Adeodatus created a new authoritarian government with him at its helm.

The Terran Nationale, already with a presence in space, began aggressive expansion. Almost as soon as they had begun expanding outside of their home system, they declared war on Fortune's Confederation. Fortune's Confederation was the attempt by the original government of Verpletter to maintain order. However, within 3 years of the founding of the Terran Nationale, its capital world, Eris, fell to Terran forces. After the conquest, Adeodatus declared that it was a "New Scipio" and would be revered as such.

Eventually, in 99,943 CE, this opportunity to return to Aegyn presented itself once. With the Seal-Off of Verpletter ended, Terran citizens could leave the region if they so choose. Calls for an exploration to Aegyn and Scipio became increasingly loud until Imperator Petrus ordered spies to leave the nation to explore the wider Universe. The spies sent to Scipio reported an advanced world filled with military power and influence as the Terrans had expected. The spies sent to Aegyn, however, reported a ruined world with less than one billion living on it. Aegyn was not even close to the center of the galaxy let alone the universe.

Try as the government might, this information leaked and many became intensely disillusioned with the government. The majority of people, however, easily accepted the idea despite being told the opposite for years. The level of brainwashing the population had undergone made even this excusable by the population. The new government story is that the only true Humans, the Terran Nationale, would have been able to maintain Aegyn while the sub-humans that had the job of protecting it could not. The people grew to be enraged, considering Terra the re-embodiment of Aegyn, and seek to obliterate everything related to the Confederacy of Borealis.