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The Tersuna System is a ternary one with three suns. Tersuna A a large white star orbits the group formed by Tersuna Ba and Tersuna Bb, a set of twin suns that orbit each other in close proximity. On top of orbiting each other, the group of Tersuna Ba and Bb orbit Tersuna A. The worlds in the system orbit this trio of suns all at once. The system is located in the Lewis Galaxy, in Herschel Space and belongs to the nation known as the Plutocracy of Gish.

Full view of Tersuna and it's three suns: Tersuna A and the twins, Tersuna Ba & Tersuna Bb.

The importance of this System is set on the location it has. Placed inside the so called Mikos Void, it holds significant importance. The system has a strategical significance and has been key for most routes traversing the empty void. This system allows for refurbishement of materials and stop overs to rest for those in transit to the Termula Region or out of it. This has attracted the eyes of many merchants and many saw Tersuna as a place to make big business.

The Planet has a totality of 4 habitable worlds. This is due to the theory of parspermia occuring within the system.

Others have attributed the high amount of worlds to intelligent manipulation of pass civilizations. Some even suggest the Tersuna System for some reason survived the destruction of the Mikos Void, which is said by this few scientist to have been filled with start but all got destroyed. None of this theories has been proven.

The Planets in the past were the personal feud of House Gemeldi, currently, is the center of the Inko.co, a specialized company branch of the Plutocracy based on trade and shipbuilding services. Around 74 Billion people live in the system and it's by far, the most populated system within the Mikos void, making it the "unofficial capital" de facto of the Mikos void region.

Planets and Gas Giants

Planets on the Tersuna System

  • WINU (Gas giant)

It's a gas giant, the first planet of the system. This giant has several moons, but only Venax is relevant. The gas giant and it's moon are the base for fuel, energy and chemicals that refurbished the ships in transit and stop mostyl at Deldron. The orbital stations are owned by the Kush Mining Enterprise and hold as much as 5 billion people, scattered over it's surface and the 23 moons (Excluding Venax). About 1 billion of them live in the rocky moon of Adis-winu (Numerically designated as Winu 1.5), which provides most of the items for the miners in the other moons and the orbital stations. The food has to be imported from nearby Deldron or even Thesan or Kedex depending on the food item. It's all shipped to Adis-winu or Venax and from there it is redistributed.

Venax (Moon)

The lava world of Venax, largest moon of Winu

One of the moons of Winu, it's a warm lava world used as a huge manufacturing place. In the similar way as Inferno is to the Empire, this planet is one of the Penal worlds of the Plutocracy. This world-prison however, has floating cities over the magma of the planet and some military bases over on it's orbit to assure that the prisoners keep doing the work and in case there is a rebellion to actually act. Employers and prisoners rarely come in contact. It's population is said to be around 2-4 Billion depending on the inmates in it. Usually it's population it's mostly around 3 billion people in all. This also includes scientists who live in special orbital stations and floating lava stations.

The world has as well important research facilities. Mostly to study is abnormal volcanic activity and lava flows but apparently, strange lava-life forms exist in this planet, unique to it. This has triggered reseachers and biologist all across the Lewis Nations. Venax holds a facility shared with the empire to study it's biological forms, away from the inmates and employees of this penal colony. Native to Venax are the Shunkalai, a worm like creature that has been exported to Infernus.

  • Deldron

The world of Deldron (Capital of the System)

The second world in the system, it's green and fertile. Most considered Deldron to be an Agriworld due to it's high production on food that it's used to refurbish the ships travelling across the Mikos Void. It's the "official" capital of the system, but is second in importance to Kedex, which not only is more populated but is highly important in the routes due to it's external place in the system.Deldron is warmer, foggy and with a wet climate. Most of the pharmaceutical needs on the system are produce here, as the system needs to be almost entirely self substainable due to it's distance to other systems. The closest systems are those in the Mikos Void as well. It's total population is 16 Billion.

  • PANKOR (Gas giant)

Main moons of Pankor

A second gas giant with three big habitable moons, plus 23 smaller moons: 19 are asteroid-moons and 4 are rocky bare moons. Bieng the largest Gas giant in the System, it's mostly used for fuel, chemical extraction and processing to refurbish the spacecraft travelling the system. Nevertheless, this chemicals are also used for the manufacturing industries, used in the process of making special appliances, special metals and other industrial process to make items. Several orbit stations exist here, One is a military base while the others are habitable orbital stations populated with the miners and their families, as well as the net able to sustain them there. Most are rather poor and today the orbit stations and it's miners are under the Kush Mining Enterprise, a branch of the Megacorporation that now rules the Plutocracy. This enterprise hires miners and mantains the orbit stations where the miners lives. About 3 billion people live in the orbital stations around Pankor.

Thesan (Moon)

The moon of Thesan, with Pankor in the background.

The largest moon of Pankor, it is habitable and has a large population. In fact, it's the third most populous in the system. This agriworld provides with food to most of the miners in Pankor and the other moons, except for Asaur, which acts on it's own. Thesan is as well, a retirement place for many wealthy due to the it's stationary weather and it's turistic attractions. Most of the products of high value are also manufactured here with the gases from Pankor. It's total population is around 12 billion.

Saunin (Moon)

The World of Saunin, one of the moons of Pankor.

The small moon of Pankor, but habitable. It's a world heavily blurred with smog. Very much covered constantly by clouds, it's the ugly cousin of Thesan and it's used mostly as the primary center for Gas and Industrial manufacturing of goods. Most are highly contaminating. The industrial products made here are those not allowed to be in Thesan due to it's degree of enviromental impact and contamination of the soil used to grow this food. The impact also goes on the beauty as large industrial complexes are considered beautiful for Thesan. This world then has become the ugly massive factory of the moons of Pankor. It's total population is around 9 Billion.

Asaur (Moon)

the planet Asaur, one of the moons of Pankor.

It's a world covered in rocky hills, sands, smog and savannas. It is a planet outside the influence and control of the Plutocracy and rather in the sphere of influence of the Wreteren Syndicate. Its the place in the system that affords forbidden services in the rest of the system. These involve casinos, illegal animal fights, drugs, prostitution, mercenaries, bounty hunters, etc... basically a world that lives in anarchy. Some run aways, refugees etc have ended up in the world. Most of the time as low-scale farmers and/or herders.

The Plutocracy has tried to assert dominance for centuries with no avail, to the point it has become a center for black market activities in this isolated system. The population is estimated to be around 3 to 5 billion.

  • Flubus

The world of Flubus and it's moons

It's a planet covered in clouds. It's mostly uninhabitable, and just few research centers, mining and chemical facilities and a military base exist here. Either on the surface or the rocky moons of the planet. However, the total population around Flubus is 1 billion in total. About another billion live within the rocky moons of Flubus.

  • Kedex

The last planet of the system, it has a circle of rings that are mined. The whole planet is a base for refurbishment. It is preferred over Deldron due to it's outward location. This means that the ships entering the system from the Mikos void reach this planet first and thus can repair or rest faster and move away quicker than if done on Deldron. The planet Kedex is the base of the local aristocracy and today is the base of the Inko.co corporation. The population on Kedex is around 20 billion.

Kedex, the most populated and important of the habitable world in the System


Kaleb Giorni was the first human to explore the system in the early days of the empire. It is estimated he landed in Thesan and Kedex. It was mostly the last one where he spend most of the time in the system and charted some of the planets and made the first effective map of the system as a whole.

However, it is unknown when the first settlers arrived. At the end of the Nobility war, many people escaped the empire and fled through the Mikos Void, using Tersuna as a resting place into the Termula Region. When this settlers arrived, colonies of humans already existed in the system. Most were mere far away post of run aways, pirates, mercenaries and the scum of the Empire who had found the system to be a perfect spot to be.

While most of the runaways from the Nobility War continued into the Termula Region, some stayed and settled the world of Kedex, Deldron and Thesan. When this settlers arrived, colonies of humans already existed in the system. Most were mere far away post of run aways, pirates, mercenaries and the scum of the Empire who had found the system to be a perfect spot to be. Later on, the Plutocracy and the System sign a threat of annexation. It permited the Tersuna inhabitants to be protected against the much larger Empire and the Plutocracy to set an outpost of vigilance against any advancement from the empire into their territory.