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Physical Description

The Tha-ro are shorter than most races, standing at around 1.2 meters, but make up for their shorter stature with their incredible strength. They have two legs with feet that resemble those of an elephant and arms that have four digits on each, with one thumblike appendage. They have large wobbly ears that they use for hearing better in the thin atmosphere. They see with large black eyes and smell with two sets of large nostrils.


Tha-ro culture is based on a stubborn reliance on tradition, religion and ceremony. The planet may be all forest but the inhabitants haven’t even thought to spread beyond their great city of Harthost, the first and only city. Every day the Tha-ro, wherever they are, turn and pray in the general direction of their first city.

The CIS also allows their slaves to travel there once in their lifetimes for about a few local months. After the aging slaves have proved their usefulness they get to head back and live in the outskirts of their city.


The first Tha-ro evolved over 800 thousand years ago near their current city and immediately established a small settlement on the island, naming it Harthost. Over the millennium they spread farther out from their initial settlement and built stronger buildings to defend against the massive storms. Due to the gravity it’s hard to make tall buildings so the city has had to expand over the years. It spread until the massive city spread across to the west. Then the city began to spread outwards.

When they were discovered over five hundred years ago by the Githu, the culture of Ali'yoshulake was the same as it is today, over seventeen million people living in the ever expanding city of Harthost which is located all around a mid-northern body of water that had an island near its eastern shore. The island is the location of the massive palace. The Githo saw the potential in them as grunts that they could use in manual labor and in wars and began enslaving them.

The Tha-ro resisted but the superior technology of the Githo prevailed and they signed a treaty that let the Githo take a quarter of the newborns every year.

The newborns are then taken to one of three slave training planets where the elders raise and train them to work and at the same time tell them about their cultural heritage and beliefs. The current CIS has no control over when they will turn and pray towards their first city once every day.

When they encountered the Confederacy and were told of how different the culture was, the Tha-ro began to amass weapons and sent them to Ali'yoshulake. They plan to launch an all-out attack on the CIS occupation forces on Ali'yoshulake within a few months.