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Thalsiedeln is a major world within the Boreal Federacy. It is located in the Anthrov Arm of Via Aylathiya. It has been a major settlement since the beginning of the common era and was originally the seat of power for the Erstes Konsortium as well as its successor state, the Confederacy of Borealis. Thalsiedeln is one of the most important planets in the galaxy, not only for its role in history but also for its sheer industrial capacity. A fairly large portion of the GDP and Production Capability of Esdellen comes from this one planet and its system. Many consider it to be a second home world for Humanity.

Thalsiedeln's economic importance cannot be understated. As one of the major economic centers of the Boreal Federacy, only behind Anamnesis in raw GDP, Thalsiedeln is home to millions of NGOs. Despite government efforts, Thalsiedeln has the largest number of ultra-wealthy individuals per capita of any planet with the Boreal Federacy. In addition to the great wealth concentrated on the planet, there exists great productive capabilities mostly in the form of arms production. Since it was first colonized in 1001 BCE, the planet has had large productive capabilities for a large array of weapons, most notably star-ships. Many of the star-ships, while once exported to many nations, are now used to guard various planets across the Boreal Federacy.


Thalsiedeln first formed 2.2 billion years ago around a single star, Crown. There is no evidence of colonization before humans despite the planet having a fair amount of atmospheric oxygen from the rich oceanic ecosystem it has developed 500 million years ago. There exists no natural terrestrial life on the planet.

The Yohjan Confederacy first catalogued the planet in 2,009 BCE. One Kurt Spielmann bought the rights to the planet almost immediately afterwards in that same year. Using his extensive wealth, he procured a large number of terraformation craft and had the planet terraformed within the century. Not much work had to be done, mostly just introducing terrestrial fauna and multicellular life to the already fertile world. He settled the planet and mostly lived on his own for another one hundred years. By 1,900 BCE, however, he began suspecting that some kind of galactic-scale conflict would emerge. As such, he began opening up his planet to colonists besides himself, procured a large number of spacecraft, and began seeking investors for his project. His idea was simple, building a safe haven for individuals seeking refuge from the conflict he believed would soon happen. Little did happen until the War of the Final Transition began in 1,285 BCE. The war soon began ravaging the galaxy, causing a large number of individuals to flee their home worlds. Many found their way to Thalsiedeln. With the migrants came investment, and with investment came certain perks. By 500 BCE, the planet was practically governing itself, the Yohjan Confederacy entirely unable to govern a large number of its worlds.

With far more preparation than many worlds, Thalsiedeln was more than capable of governing itself. Spielmann quickly appointed his brother as "Kaiser." The new monarchical government began building up large amounts of infrastructure on the planet. From space elevators to factories, new projects began dotting the surface and orbit of Thalsiedeln. The refugees pouring in were eager to build up their new home planet.

As the war went on, increasingly influential people came to Thalsiedeln. With so many influential people in one place, the ruling class conspired with the Kaiser to create a new government, an oligarchy modeled after Regnum Aureiga. After petitioning Aureiga's government for support, the rulers of Thalsiedeln would create Erstes Konsortium. While the capital was at first Aegyn, it would soon be moved to Thalsiedeln as the planet proved to be more central to the newly-created state.