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Thaumaturgy, also referred to as "Magic", "Sorcery", or "Mysticism", is the blanket term for powers or abilities stemming not just from one's physical body but from one's mind. Practitioners of Thaumaturgy, more often referred to as "Magi," can use specific conceptual patterns to influence the Lux Aeterna or similar planes. In order to channel energy from said places, a great amount of physical and mental training must be completed. It is an art of complex mathematical and spiritual actions, which only the brightest of minds may hope to become proficient at. Currently, Thaumaturgy has an overwhelmingly broad amount of uses. All sorts of military, scientific, and laborious occupations may be fulfilled by a proficient Magi.

Thaumaturgy can be classified into four main types. They are named Classical, Runic, Esoteric, and Invocative Thaumaturgy. While all are known, proficiency is limited to a select number of individuals capable of effectively interfacing with other planes. Most Magi are classified as "low-class", present or even common all across many populations (such as those in Martial Space). They are used for broad, simple applications though their presence in the modern-day workforce is minimal. Magi may become much more powerful however, harnessing the potential of entire planets or even stars in exceptional cases. Typically, those strong enough to be called "medium" or "high" class Magi represent less than a ten thousandth of any given Magi population.

Magi are not restricted to biological people either. While difficult, it is possible to create self-perpetuating conceptual patterns capable of mimicking Magi. In other words, one can arrange Thaumic energy into a 'mind' of sorts. These 'minds' are more than capable of performing feats that any Magi can, and have been greatly utilized in recent history. These beings, called Virtual Magi, are currently the only way for computers to invoke Thaumic energy.

Classical Thaumaturgy

Classical Thaumaturgy.png

Classical Thaumaturgy is the most common form of Thaumaturgy. A Magi can perform Classical Thaumaturgy by manipulating Aeternal Energy through a Pylon. Classical is the most straightforward type of Thaumaturgy, and is the most understood sect across all of the universe. While it can be scientifically evaluated on the surface, Classical Thaumaturgy is an abstract art in its core. In order to channel Aeternal Energy and achieve pure efficiency, a Magi must train their mental fortitude and plan complex actions. Actions may sometimes take the form of equations, though many others are purely spiritual, relying on a Magi to look in themselves and conjure the power of their willpower.

To perform Classical Thaumaturgy, one must have pure focus on their inner self, reaching a state of balance. Upon reaching this tranquility, a Magi becomes capable of influencing their Pylon to take in Aeternal Energy. Assuming that focus is maintained through the channeling process, Magi can then "align" Aeternal Energy to their liking. Alignment is where the most complex thinking occurs, as a Magi needs total concentration to draw and move Aeternal Energy particles.

Alignment is practical for all proficient Magi, though it causes stress on their Pylon. As such, many are restricted to relatively simple moves. Actions such as telekinesis, shooting a beam of energy, and manipulating temperature are common across such Magi. There are great extremes in Classical Thaumaturgy however. If a Magi aligns Aeternal Energy in an exceptionally complex way, they may be able to summon very specific objects or energies. From there, a Magi may perform whatever acts they wish, as long as it does not over-stress their Pylon.

The exact nature and extent of manipulation varies from person to person, but there are a few trends common to all practitioners. Many equations and models can describe the prowess of Magi with variables such as output power, control, and mental strength. Pylons and their capacity for Aeternal Energy can also be measured, allowing a Magi to mediate their power output. Said equations can be used to evaluate one's proficiency in Classical Thaumaturgy. It is defined by the variable "Ψ" (psi), and a higher Ψ level directly correlates with more Thaumic ability or prowess. This score can change throughout one's life as one gains experience. The average being has a score of near 0, while those who have completely mastered the art have a score at or nearing 100.


Abilities increase with use, similar to a muscle. The more a person uses their abilities and aligns Aeternal Energy, the greater those abilities become. As a result, any Magi could theoretically unlock fantastical abilities with no limits to speak of; however, it is estimated that it takes millions of years to reach a Ψ level of 100. Since few beings have ever lived for millions of years, 100 is generally considered to be the limit for naturally-born individuals. There are exceptions to the rule of time however, as artificially constructed beings may be born with Thaumic plasticity. Sydiah's Architects are a well known example, as they are near the apex of Thaumic abilities despite being but tens of thousands of years old.


For ease of use, "codes" are paired with using the ability. Like any language, each code signifies a different concept. These are not necessary for more basic kinds of Thaumaturgy, nor is it needed for Classical Thaumaturgy. Occasionally, gestures are used in conjunction with the codes to facilitate understanding by the individual. The codes and gestures, to someone who has not learned them carry no meaning on their own and only serve to aid learning. They may also serve to direct the mind in executing complex abilities. A practical use of these codes can be found in Runic Thaumaturgy, where incantations and gestures are needed for the creation of runes.

Runic Thaumaturgy


Runic Thaumaturgy is a form of Thaumaturgy in which power is not drawn from another plane as in classical Thaumaturgy, but an individual known as a Patron. The current main patron is an artificial intelligence known as The Administrator who itself gathers it energy from presumably the Lux Aeterna as well. A Magi trained in classical Thaumaturgy is capable of creating patterns, called Runes, to call upon the power of the Patron. Runes only have meaning to magi, eluding even computers as somehow incapable of being expressed mathematically, only conceptually.

To summon Runic energy, one must first conceptually sync themselves to the Administrator. Doing so often means directly interacting with many artifacts created by the Triumvirate Civilization as many of them were (or are) extensions of the Administrator's mind. After syncing oneself, practitioners must draw Runes "conceptually," meaning that the runes need to exist somewhere in the physical universe as far as the magi is aware. Hallucinogens may cause magi to conceptualize patterns akin to the runes, causing energy to be released according to those perceived patterns. Runes, like words, have no meaning if there is no magi present to see them; however, at any time, The Administrator may choose to "perceive" the runes on behalf of the magi, causing them to become something of a permanent fixture of the universe.

The abilities that can be attained via Runic Thaumaturgy are similar to the abilities that can be attained by classical Thaumaturgy only more passive. One can imbue a weapon with runes to function better, use them to protect themselves or others, or even use them on the scale of entire spacecraft all without drawing energy through themselves. Users are limited by how many of the runes they are capable of focusing on at the same time, made easier by arranging the runes into "words" that make conceptualizing them easier. "Poems" or "songs" are entire paragraph's worth of runes usually comprising up to one thousand runes capable of all manner of effects, but these are exclusive to only the most competent of casters. Outside of combat, the access to cheap, dense, and sometimes exotic forms of energy available to runic magi have a wide variety of applications. Poems are often assembled in circular patterns on the ground to allow the magi to stand in the center of them, increasing the ease at which they are cast. The largest known poem is located on Holo's Ring, a series of runes so complex that well over one billion highly trained magi are needed to activate its runes.

Currently, there are several lesser patrons attempting to create systems similar to the Administrator's; however, this goal has remained elusive. Rather than focus on using individuals as patrons, there have been growing efforts, particularly within Martial Space to create a network of magi to use a patron.

Esoteric Thaumaturgy

Esoteric Thaumaturgy.png

The Lux Aeterna is thought of as the foundation for all Thaumaturgy, the sole pillar supporting the countless Magi across the Universe. It is the direct source of Classical Thaumaturgy and, while indirectly, is ultimately the source for Runic Thaumaturgy. However, among the Magi that practice Thaumaturgy, there exist a special few who stray from the foundation. Away from the Pylons and power of the Lux Aeterna, other planes exist that can be channeled. They are nearly always incredibly difficult to access, as there is not as much shared information on channeling these other planes as there is with the Lux Aeterna.

These Magi that channel other planes must adapt to the differing methods and limits that each one imposes. The abilities they develop may seem strange or abnormal for a wielder of Thaumaturgy. As it is different, rare, and kept very secret, the Thaumaturgy these Magi practice has been labelled Esoteric Thaumaturgy. How each plane is accessed for channeling is unique to the plane, and even in some cases the user. The most notable examples of Esoteric Thaumaturgy are the Cerulean Kings of Azurullya, who each use a different plane that their existence is bonded to.

Ultimately, knowledge of the plane one wishes to use is essential. Esoteric Thaumaturgy is so rare because planes other than the Lux Aeterna haven't been studied as much for Thaumic purposes. Each sapient individual has a respective Pylon in the Lux Aeterna, so it only seems natural to take advantage of that. The wealth of knowledge of the Lux Aeterna feeds into its common use, but certain eccentric Magi may instead seek their power in the planes less traveled.

Though the abilities and power of these Magi vary wildly, there is a scale used to measure Esoteric Thaumaturgy. A Magi's "ᛗ" (Mana) level is determined on a scale of 0-1. The scale is determined based on how much of a plane's energy one can connect to. Someone with a ᛗ level of 0.5 would be able to draw out half of their latent potential worth of energy from their respective plane. As one's ᛗ level increases, they will experience less fatigue from accessing planes. Note that most Magi have a ᛗ level of 0, as they have never accessed planes besides the Lux Aeterna.

Invocative Thaumaturgy

Invocative Thaumaturgy.png

Invocative Thaumaturgy is a unique form of Thaumaturgy that does not derive power from the Lux Aeterna. Rather, those practicing Invocative Thaumaturgy, called Paladins, coax the Lux Aeterna to supplying them with energy. In other words, Paladins cause the Lux Aeterna to manifest the energy for them, rather than manifesting the energy by channeling the Lux Aeterna through themselves. The process, known as Evocation, is done by concentrating on what is known as a "Locus." The shear commitment to this Locus, usually a god or some concept such as order or a nation, is enough to draw power from the Lux Aeterna. Almost all of the effects of Invocative Thaumaturgy are always the strengthening of oneself to ludicrous degrees. Increased strength, speed, durability, and almost any other trait can be strengthened through Invocative Thaumaturgy. Paladins are usually considered fully trained when they become more effective than even the most advanced of combat robots.

Lux Aeterna


Main Article: Lux Aeterna

The Lux Aeterna is an alternate plane that makes most Thaumaturgy possible. As a location, it can be accessed by skilled practitioners, though its chaotic properties may make it very difficult to traverse in any sense. As such, there are almost no permanent residents. It is the center of various mythoi, including ancient scientific anomalies and legends. While many have tried, it is nearly impossible to understand the Aeterna without the use of Magi. The Aeterna's hazards are unable to avoided without Magi as well.



Pylons are a widespread phenomena, present all across the Lux Aeterna. They usually take the appearance of large, white spheres. Every sapient person, by virtue of their consciousness, have a separate Pylon that is linked to their bodies. Each Pylon holds a different 'weight' or size in The Aeterna, with a larger weight allowing a Magi pull more energy thorough the Aeterna. Weight is slowly gained during usage of Thaumaturgy, dilating the Pylon and making it grow. Classical Thaumaturgy manifests itself in many ways, allowing experienced users to perform supernatural acts thought to be impossible. Abilities like enhanced strength, speed, flight, and object manipulation can be done if one harnesses Aeternal Energy properly.

Pylons are vulnerable to the channeling of energy However. If a Pylon gains too much weight in too little of a timespan, it can shatter. Upon shattering, the person who is connected to the Pylon experiences adverse effects. They may inadvertently open rifts to the Aeterna or have their bodies contort and explode. Magi also lose most, if not all Thaumic abilities upon shattering. Pylons naturally repair themselves, though it is at such a slow rate that is unreliable. Repairing a shattered Pylon is done by Thaumaturgy, which can take many years.

Thaumic Abilities

Powers Shared Across All Types of Thaumaturgy

  • Summon Eidolite - By using their abilities to push together matter into an extremely dense state, the magi is able to create eidolite. While all types of Thaumaturgy allow for the creation of eidolite, it is easiest by using classical Thaumaturgy.
  • Telekinesis - By channeling the power of the Lux Aeterna (or other planes) into an object through their mind, the magi is able to move the object as they see fit. Most magi can only manipulate smaller objects, but the most powerful are able to pick up and throw objects as big as shuttles effortlessly.
  • Thaumic Shield - The magi creates a near-invisible barrier of Thaumic energy around themselves, blocking incoming attacks. The magi is also able to manipulate the size of the barrier, although making it too big will cause it to dissipate.
  • Telepathy - The magi sends their voice across the plane of their choice, usually the Lux Aeterna, and into the minds of those they choose. If they are powerful enough, they can project their voice across even entire star systems.
  • Thaumic Blast - The magi creates a ball of energy in their hands before thrusting them outwards, sending out a blast of Thaumic energy at their foes. The magi is capable of altering the properties of the blast as they see fit, whether firing it as a continuous beam or as as many smaller blasts.

Powers Unique to Classical Thaumaturgy

Classical Thaumaturgy can be thought of as the basis for all Thaumaturgy. The Lux Aeterna's deep relationship with sapience, the vast reach and near limitless power that flows from one's Pylon, and the nigh-universal evolution of it in civilizations since the dawn of time have made it a foundation for most other sects of Thaumaturgy. This connection to the Lux Aeterna is where Classical Magi derive most of their unique power. Thus, embracing the Lux Aeterna as an extension of oneself is the key to many advanced abilities.

Classical Magi have the potential to "jump" through the Lux Aeterna near-instantaneously, seeming to blink in and out of existence as they teleport vast distances. Some Magi may be capable of taking others with them through teleportation, though this causes immense mental strain. A less common, but more distance-efficient branch of this ability is traveling through the Lux Aeterna directly. Riding its twisting waves of energy and finding a path through the Cosmos allows master Magi to travel nearly anywhere. This requires incredible fortitude, as protecting oneself from dissolving in the Lux Aeterna is a monumental task.

As nearly all sapient minds have a connection to a Pylon in the Lux Aeterna, Classical Magi are essentially master lockpicks of the mind. Peering into the minds of others is something many Magi have sought to do, and through familiarizing themselves with the structure of their own Pylons, many a mind-reader wanders the Cosmos. More sinister applications of this ability, such as mind-control, exist in darker circles. However, masterful Magi may use this as an opportunity to alter their own mind, whether to give themselves more intelligence, better memory, processing power, or to be able to have hundreds of streams of thoughts at once. The final form of this alteration is Astral Independence, a state where a Magi's consciousness has been honed to a point that it no longer needs its original body to maintain itself. The Aeternaborne are considered to be prime examples of such ascended beings.

The Aeterna's alternate name Unreality calls to one important aspect of its nature. It is the antithesis to the Local Cosmos. Matter and energy as we know them cannot coexist within the Aeterna's reaches. So what would happen if one were to concentrate enough power to open a rift to the Lux Aeterna? Not merely shifting into it, but opening and sustaining a hole between the planes? The clash of reality and the Aeterna is a violent one. Explosive branches of energy, much resembling lightning, erupt from said rift, releasing millions of times more energy than is needed to open such a rift. This is by far one of the most dangerous abilities of Classical Thaumaturgy, but also one of the most powerful.

Powers Unique to Runic Thaumaturgy

Runic Thaumaturgy is something of a secondary sect built atop the foundation laid by Classical Thaumaturgy, using the power of grand Magi to fuel the endeavors of others. The systems put in place by The Administrator and other Patrons have defined how Runic Thaumaturgy is used throughout the Local Cosmos. Using predetermined "Runes" scattered throughout the universe, Runic Magi construct spells like poems and release energy far more intricately than any other sect.

Using one's connection to their Patron, a Magi is capable of creating runes with "touch" effects. These runes have their spells' effects set in the shape and patterns that build them, and can be read and analyzed. However, these runes will activate when touched by anything. The effects can be versatile, from explosions to levitation or any other manner of effect. The main drawback of these runes is that the caster must perceive the runes as they are being touched in order to have them activate.

Runic Magi rarely travel without tools or weapons. The ability to carve runes into their weapons allows these Magi to imbue them with incredible effects, all to the specific desires of the Magi creating them. Swords that blaze hotter than the cores of stars, unbreakable waraxes capable of clashing with even eidolite, and spears that can pierce through any energy are just a few examples of the weapons possible with Runic Thaumaturgy.

Some Runic Magi have dedicated themselves to managing Rune Gateways, which are massive circles of runes meant to act as portals. Because the runes require the Magi to actively perceive them, standardized runes are used across galaxies for these, with each having at least one Magi assigned to watching the runes. Through the Administrator, these Magi may even communicate with one another to operate the Rune Gateways more efficiently. There are often thousands of these Gateways on major worlds.

Powers Unique to Esoteric Thaumaturgy

Esoteric Magi are a rare breed of Magi, as going through the trouble of learning to access other planes is not usually worth a Magi's time. For the few that choose to walk the painful path away from the Lux Aeterna's abundant power, abilities unlike any other sect's worth await. Esoteric Thaumaturgy could be said to be a collective of hundreds of smaller sects, since each plane works differently when being channeled through a person. Contrasting this, Esoteric Thaumaturgy can be thought of as everything that does not use the Lux Aeterna, opting for another plane instead.

Most people never realize how closely intertwined their lives are with the Lux Aeterna. When referring to a Magi's energy, whether sensing it, ranking it, or otherwise, it usually comes back to the energy derived from the Lux Aeterna. The energy wielded by Esoteric Magi is essentially invisible. It cannot be gauged using the classical methods of other sects. The energy of Esoteric Magi is a secret to most, until they decide to demonstrate it. Part of learning Esoteric Thaumaturgy removes this curtain of energy bias, however, which connects all Esoteric Magi regardless of preferred plane. Any Esoteric Magi would be able to see the energy of any other, while those who have stayed in the Lux Aeterna's radiance would be unaware of either of them.

A mirror of Classical Thaumaturgy's teleportation is the Planar Shift. While not directly traveling through one's plane, a Magi would convert themselves into an energetic form temporarily, allowing them to move at light speed. This allows an Esoteric Magi to seemingly teleport, phase through objects, and be uninhibited by normal physics. This energy looks almost identical to the eidolite created by the Magi of each respective plane.

Esoteric Magi use the cloaking nature of their energy well. By concentrating their energy in a field, they can block Aeternal energy out entirely. This makes it impossible to gauge any information using Classical Thaumaturgy. Combined with light-bending uses of their planes, this ability can be used to create a nigh-perfect invisibility field, whether to conceal themselves or a powerful Thaumic artifact. This ability has been used in espionage multitudes of times throughout history.

Since the Lux Aeterna is so entangled in the conscious minds of people, what effect would esoteric energies have on them? Esoteric magi are capable of flooding the consciousness of foes with energy from their chosen plane, creating a sort of mental "fog" that temporarily blocks the senses of their opponent. These can be anywhere from the physical senses to the opponent's connection to Thaumaturgy itself. The effects usually last for a few hours. The experience must be nauseating for a Classical Magi. Fighting with someone they deem powerless, only to be robbed of the ability to feel, to hear, to think or channel any energy. This ability has given Esoteric Thaumaturgy much of its sinister reputation.

Powers unique to Invocative Thaumaturgy

Invocative Thaumaturgy is a rebellious sect. It does not channel energy from the Lux Aeterna in the traditional sense. Instead, the Paladins that use it focus their pure will on devotion, whether to a nation, concept, or a god. The strength of mind that comes from this is enough to force the Lux Aeterna to relinquish its energy directly to the whims of the Paladin. It is a greedy sect, consuming the eternal radiance with no compromises or contracts. Paladins reflect the nature of their Thaumaturgy through their abilities, often taking the form of some self-empowerment. As the Paladin is the master of their own energy, the magic mostly flows internally.

Paladins are capable of channeling the energy they evoke in various ways. The body of a paladin can be modified very quickly. Experienced paladins need no armor. They instead use their energy to defend their body, giving it a signature glow. The color of this glow is said to reflect the Locus a certain paladin uses. Alternatively, the energy may branch from their body and flow as a weapon. The empowering strength of this is said to rival thousands of trained fighters. If focused differently, a Paladin may move at blinding speeds, reducing a battlefield to a bloodstained blur in a matter of seconds.

The most notable ability of Paladins is that of healing. They can channel their energy into the site of injury and heal their own injuries. This ability allows Paladins with a mastery of their energy to rebuild their stamina as they fight, allowing them to keep battling for their cause indefinitely. Alternatively, Paladins can act as healers, quickly aiding others on the battlefield when they otherwise would die.


Thaumaturgy is remarkably useful in a number of ways. Many use it as a substitute for warp drive technology, allowing for a Magi capable of gravity manipulation to move at remarkable speeds through space. An example of this was the PWV Reckoning, a now retired vessel which used the power of Virtual Magi to create a warp bubble out of Aeternal Energy. The manipulation of atomic nuclei is incredibly useful for synthesizing transuranic elements that are otherwise not naturally occurring, protection from beta radiation, generating energy from fission or fusion, and the creation of antimatter. Not only this, but Thaumaturgy may help with the mitigation of crises, with the manipulation of matter being very useful for clearing debris and hazards.

One of the most common uses of Thaumaturgy is within armed soldiers. While many large ships can easily output more power than Magi, they are costly, take a long time to construct, and are very conspicuous. Many governments began drafting Magi to use as soldiers, most often training them in offensive skills such as electromagnetism and gravity manipulation. An infamous example for usage of Magi involves a race known as Sydiah's Architects, an artificial species constructed by Mother Sydiah to project her power and spread Sedrua's influence.

National Use

Due to how prevalent Thaumaturgy is in the Local Universe, several intragalactic entities across the known space have held it as the cornerstone of their civilization and societies. The most notable of which include Sedrua, Lewis Nations (among which stands out the Union), the GM and the Aldorian Nations. Most other nations have Thaumaturgy play a smaller part in their general processes. Nevertheless, it has undoubtedly influences politics and the defense of nations, as many have enlisted Magi or have made defenses against peculiarly powerful ones. Society is similarly effected by Thaumaturgy.

Thaumic Weaponry

Virtual Magi