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Thaumaturgy, also referred to as "Magic", "Sorcery", "Mysticism", and "Fragments of Creation", is the blanket term for supernatural powers. Thaumaturgy can be defined into three main classes, them being Classical Thaumaturgy, Runic Thaumaturgy, and Thaumaturgic Sorcery. All three of these classes, while well known, are notorious for being difficult to learn. If they are understood by an individual however, it can grant them a dramatically heightened level of power. Individuals capable of using Thaumaturgy are commonly referred to as "Magi," or sometimes "Psions" when referring to Classical Thaumaturgy. These individuals typically make up less than a billionth of the population of any given group, although some seem to have more predisposition to the abilities than average.


Abilities increase with use, similar to any muscle. The more a person uses their abilities, the greater those abilities become. As a result, any Magi could theoretically unlock fantastical abilities with no limits to speak of, however, it is estimated that it would take millions of years to master these abilities. Millions of years that few individuals in the history of the universe have ever had access to. There are exceptions to the rule of time however, as artificially constructed beings may be born with thaumaturgic plasticity. The Architects are a notable example, as the ones who remain hold a high level of power.

Codes for major classes

For ease of use, "codes" are paired with using the ability. Like any language, each code signifies a different concept. These are not necessary for more basic kinds of Thaumaturgy, nor is it needed for Classical Thaumaturgy. Occasionally, gestures are used in conjunction with the codes to facilitate understanding by the individual. The codes and gestures, to someone who has not learned them carry no meaning on their own and only serve to aid learning. They may also serve to direct the mind in executing complex abilities. A practical use of these codes can be found in Runic Thaumaturgy, and Thaumaturgic Sorcery where incantations and gestures are used for the creation of runes or portals.

National Use

Due to how prevalent thaumaturgy is in the Local Universe, several intragalactic entities across the known space have held it as the cornerstone of their civilization and societies. The most notable of which include Sedrua, the Lewis Nations (among which stands out the Union), the NTIH and the Aldorian Nations. Most other nations have thaumaturgy play a smaller part in their general processes. Nevertheless, it has undoubtedly influences politics and the defense of nations, as many have enlisted Magi or have made defenses against peculiarly powerful ones. Society is similarly effected by Thaumaturgy.

Classical Thaumaturgy

Classical Thaumaturgy or Psychokinesis is the most common form of Thaumaturgy, and The ability manifests itself in a myriad of ways including sensory enhancement, the ability to manipulate the position or energies of objects, the reorganization of particles, or, direct manipulation of energy.

Though Classical Thaumaturgy is practiced in many regions, much is still unknown about it. The exact nature and extent of thaumaturgic abilities varies from person to person, but there are a few trends common to all practitioners. Various equations can describe the abilities of Classical Thaumaturgy users with things such as output power, control, and mental fortitude all capable of being quantified to varying extents. The power of a user is defined by the variable "Ψ" (psi). A higher Ψ associated with an individual means more thaumaturgic ability or prowess. This score can change throughout one's life as one gains experience. Ψ ranges from 0-100, with the progression of each sect increasing one's Ψ by 3.3. The average being has a score of near 0. Users of Classical Thaumaturgy who manage to master all of its classes are reserved to have a psi level of 100.

Aeterna Caligne

The Aeterna Caligne is an alternate plane of space that influences Classical Thaumaturgy and sapience. Every single sapient being, by virtue of their thaumaturgic abilities, have manifested in the space as a separate 'soul'. Each soul of an individual may hold a different sort of 'weight' in the Aeterna Caligne, which may positively or negatively influence their ability to gain thaumaturgic powers. Considering how souls and sapience have clouded up the Aeterna Caligne, It became a realm which represents the collective thaumaturgic abilities of all individuals. As a location, it can be accessed by skilled practitioners of Classical Thaumaturgy, though its chaotic properties may make it very difficult to traverse in any sense.


Psychokinesis is remarkably useful in a number of ways. Many use it as a substitute for warp drive technology, allowing for a Magi capable of gravity manipulation to move at remarkable speeds through space. The manipulation of atomic nuclei is incredibly useful for synthesizing transuranic elements that are otherwise not naturally occurring, protection from beta radiation, generating energy from fission or fusion, and the creation of antimatter. Not only this, but Classical Thaumaturgy may help with the mitigation of crises, with the manipulation of matter being very useful for clearing debris and hazards.

One of the most common uses of Classical Thaumaturgy is within armed soldiers. While many large ships can easily output more power than Magi, they are costly, take a long time to construct, and are very conspicuous. Many governments began drafting Magi to use as soldiers, most often training them in offensive skills such as electromagnetism and gravity manipulation. An infamous example for usage of Magi involves a race known as The Architects, an artificial species which was first constructed by Mother Sydiah in order to project her power and spread the nation of Sedrua.


A "Sect," in the case of Classical Thaumaturgy, is a certain class of related abilities. The known sects are as follows: Electromagnetic, Kinetic, Gravitational, Nuclear, Psyche, and Entropy. Every thaumaturgic ability will fit into these sects with little exception. Each one correlates to a certain force. There is one rule binding all of them which is the conservation of mass and energy. The rules of the universe are only ever merely bent, fully breaking them is impossible for any user of Classical Thaumaturgy. The progression for each sect goes as follows: Novice, Ameteur, Journeyman, Proficient, and Master. as mentioned previously, each progression grants a wielder with 3.3 Ψ, though each progression is noticeably harder to learn.

All sects have some sort of relation to each other, with the most influential sect being electromagnetism. In a sense, the electromagnetic sect has three sub-sections, them being kinetic, nuclear, and entropy. However, they have distinct visual and cultural differences, as well as applications. Additionally, these sects are differentiated by difficulty, as kinetic, nuclear, and entropy are harder to learn than each other. Other than that, some sects may be connected through similar abilities. For example, the use of flight may be accomplished by using either electromagnetic or gravitational sects. Similar abilities are usually assigned to the sects which have the most prevalence or complexity with them.


Electromagnetism is arguably the most important sect of classical thaumaturgy. It hosts a wide range of practical applications, including its connections to other sects. electromagnetic manipulation allows an experienced Magi to change magnetic fields, electric fields, light, and charged particles. Application is relatively wide in many fields, especially the military of many nations. Experienced users of electromagnetism may have the ability to use telepathy, ignore sorts of radiation, and magnetize objects. More advanced abilities are usually reserved for the sub-sects of electromagnetism.


Kinetic Manipulation allows individuals to change the kinetic energies of objects. Experienced users of this ability are remarkably useful in battle as they are able to launch and move objects. They can move objects in any direction they desire, with more added velocity, of course, being more difficult. Some more advanced techniques allow for the manipulation of molecular kinetic energy, permitting the alteration of thermal energy. This energy must be transferred from object to object, usually from or to the Magi practicing it.


Gravitational manipulation is one of the more common abilities among Magi. As the weakest fundamental force, using it to any effect takes a great amount of skill. Gravitational is also considered to be the final of the three main sects for Classical Thaumaturgy. Many refer to the skill as "Continuum Manipulation" as a secondary use of the ability is to slow down or accelerate time in a certain area. It can also amplify kinetic abilities, making it easier to propel objects. Adept users of this sect may nullify gravitational forces in areas as well, or exploit it to make a perfect vacuum. Perfect vacuums may be released to create large explosions, making this sect useful in combat if used to its fullest.


Nuclear Manipulation allows individuals to control Baryons, particles in the same class as protons. They manipulate these particles by minutely changing the forces holding the particles to each other. There are two subsects in this sect, the weak and strong force. Weak force manipulators are capable of causing atomic decay, while strong force manipulators can cause individual particles to decay (or to prevent materials from doing so). Adept nuclear manipulators may be able to use both subsects at the same time. Nuclear manipulators can also create Eidolite, a material comparable to Hardlight which is made up of dense quarks.


Psychology, while not a force like the others, the nature of Classical Thaumaturgy treats it as such. Psychology manipulation, more commonly called "telepathy," allows for mind-reading, emotional manipulation, and thought manipulation. Attempting to use Psychological manipulation on another thaumaturgic can cause great damage to the telepath, Magi typically have much more reinforced minds. As the single most difficult, and often illegal, sect of Classical Thaumaturgy, the majority of individuals capable of using it do not.


Entropic manipulation is by far the most difficult sect to learn. Manipulating entropy itself allows for bizarre and nonsensical things like perfect heat sinks or instantaneous decay of energy. Entropic manipulators can interact with the law of entropy as if it is a force or variable, changing the fundamental nature of friction and other universal laws as they see fit. However, to understand entropy is incredibly difficult to attain and often takes decades, if not centuries to grasp. Application is even more difficult, as only the most powerful users of Classical Thaumaturgy can use it practically.

Emotional Bond

Classical Thaumaturgy and its connection to the Aeterna Caligne is known to have a sort of connection to emotion. While not fully understood, it is thought that the Aeterna Caligne is able to 'decrypt' or otherwise read emotions. This is most prevalent with powerful users of Classical Thaumaturgy, whose souls hold heavy weight in the Aeterna. Emotion can very quickly change one's usage of Classical Thaumaturgy, so it is important for Magi to learn how to control them. It is noted that basic emotions (such as happiness, sadness, anger) most prominently control the effects of Classical Thaumaturgy. More complex ones (such as hate, grief, disgust) have been observed to effect output of abilities. The emotional bond in Classical Thaumaturgy has been observed for many millennia. As such, its direct effects are known to most who practice it.

The emotional bond of Classical Thaumaturgy is broad otherwise. The use of 'happy', 'excited', or 'focused' sorts of emotions are known to amplify comprehension and efficiency of powers. Use of 'sad', 'angry', or 'unfocused' emotions are known to noticeably decrease comprehension or efficiency of Classical Psychokinesis. Experienced Magi are able to ignore this, though are able to exploit it by amplifying its effects to their favor.

Runic Thaumaturgy

Runic Thaumaturgy is a form of Thaumaturgy in which power is not drawn from another plane such as Classical Thaumaturgy, but an individual known as a Patron. Individuals seeking to draw energy from a patron usually must carry out a series of steps generally referred to as a "ritual." Complicated Ritual-based Thaumaturgy is rare, however. Much more often is the ritual in the form of what are known as Runes. These runes allow for users to channel the energy of a patron and convert it into various forms if the Runic System is advanced enough to accommodate energy change.

The most common Runic System is the one maintained by The Administrator. The reason why Runic Thaumaturgy is called Runic and not Ritualistic is due to the Administrator Network's usability. Valid runes created in a large portion of the Via Lacrimosa and Ventemir galaxies allow users to draw on the Administrator's power. There are also a large number of mobile regions in which the runes function, most notably around the TRS Moon Signal with a large range of over one hundred light years.