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Thaumic ships are starships made largely up of Aeternal Energy and are created by magi. They are composed of a modular frame that channels a Magi's energy into whatever shape they can fit into the frame. However, as maintaining the shape and cohesion of a thaumic ship is quite exhausting, most thaumic ships are rather small.


Despite thaumic ships appearing to be constructed of a sort of glowing metal, they are actually mostly composed of concentrated Aeternal Energy. The only truly physical part of the ship is its frame, which is made out of aeternically-sensitive metals that allow the magi piloting the ship to more efficiently channel their energy. As the frames are modular, thaumic ships can take on nearly any shape, limited only by the imagination of the magi.

Thaumic ships are not armed in the traditional sense. Instead of conventional weapons like turrets and launchers, thaumic ships instead project beams of Aeternal Energy from their surfaces at enemies. On their own, these beams are not the most powerful. But when paired with many others of its kind, they can quickly rip apart most ships they come across.

Piloting a thaumic ship is known to be extremely stressful for a magi. This is due to them having to continuously project their power over a wide area. As such, most thaumic ships are very limited in size. However, should several powerful magi combine their abilities, they can create arcane marvels larger than even the biggest titans.



Hiveminds are thaumic ships piloted by extremely powerful Magi that can project their will into a large number of smaller thaumic ships. This allows them to manipulate these ships with their minds, acting as if they were an extension of their own bodies.

Lux Bombs

Lux bombs are thaumic ships that are overcharged with volatile Aeternal Energy. They are then flown into enemy ships or ship formations by insane Magi, who guide them to where they can deal the most damage in a massive thaumic explosion.

Notable Examples

  • PWV Reckoning - The PWV Reckoning is a thaumic ship used by the Quintet Payotari Association. It is an enormous, heavily-armed behemoth manned by several Virtual Magi and commanded by POLIKY.