The Thavma Assemblage is the farthest galactic neighborhood of the Local Universe, containing numerous galaxies of varying sizes. It is most notable for being the respective galactic group where the Ambrosia Galaxy is located.


Overview The Thavma Assemblage is a galactic neighborhood of numerous members. Each of its respective members contains countless worlds and civilizations. Some of these civilizations within these galaxies have interacted with other galaxies in the neighborhood, while others have not left their galactic borders.

Its members have changed many times throughout the billions of years that the cluster has existed. Several galaxies have collided with each other, forming new larger galaxies.

By the year 100,000,000,000 CE, all of the assemblage's current members will have collided with each other, forming a large spiral galaxy currently nicknamed the Thavma Galaxy. Any intelligent civilization living in this new galaxy will exist in an empty universe, never being able to leave their home galaxy. Assuming they are unable to travel beyond the Cosmic Light Horizon.

What the Thavma Galaxy will most likely look like circa: 100,000,000,000 CE. Long after all currently recorded Thavma history has been forgotten.


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