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The Thavma Thoroughfare, also known as the Thavmatic Void, is one of three realms of existence of the first age of the universe. Located in-between the realms of Ambrosia and Libation, the Thavma Throughfare itself is a vast void of unreality with sparse strains of void energy and matter cascading across its blackened space. Its name is derived from the respective cosmic force that holds dominion over its borders, the force forged by Imagindarium from the very concept of nothingness, Thavma. The Thavma Thoroughfare serves as the in-between point wherein concepts, forces and energies that pour forth from the upper realm of Libation down into the lower realm of mortal kind, Ambrosia.

Throughout the Dawn Epochs, the Thavma Thoroughfare had remained as a non-descript realm, containing no thought, being or energy. It would remain so until the shattering of the first truly sapient being, the Primeveranth, at the end of the third Dawn Epoch. As the shattered fragments of its being flowed all across Ambrosia and Libation, a large swath of its remnant being would find itself in the Thavma Throughfare's borders, forever contained in its macrocosm of unreality. The remnant essence of the Primeveranth's being began to coalesce in various ways, leading to various concepts to actively take form and shape from the vast unformed swaths of void energy and matter propagating all across it. Eventually these concepts would take a sapient form, leading to the creation of groups of beings known as the Thavmatic Races.

The Thavma Thoroughfare would serve as the respective realm in which the divine Typhonians, godlike beings of immense magical power, would forge a collection of thirteen disparate planes of existence, collectively known as the Thirteen Realms. The Typhonians created their Thirteen Realms by magically manipulating the remnant being of their predecessor, the Primeveranth, using its essence of pure mental possibility to forge planes of existence from thought uniform concepts, creating vast, looping planes of reality made of diverse land, structure, and nature. Within these Thirteen Realms, the Typhonians would use the energy of concept granted by the Primeveranth to create a myriad of diverse lifeforms and sapient beings, known as the Inomeni, all who would share traits inherent to the respective realm they were forged within.

The Thirteen Realms of the Thavma Thoroughfare would ultimately serve as the eternal prison for their very creators, as at the end of the Great Age Typhonia, the ever-present Imagindarium expunged the divine Typhonians from Ambrosia for all time, forever locking them into the borders of the Thirteen Realms. Now trapped in prisons of their creation, the collective Typhonians and their respective Inomeni progeny are engaged in a never-ending cycle of conflict as they attempt to merge all of the Thirteen Realms into their dominions. As they are locked within the Thirteen Realms themselves, they are unable to shape or change the respective realm they find themselves borders or nature, for that would require one to be able to escape its borders, then meld it into more of the remnant essence of the Primeveranth's shattered being.

Throughout the millennia, planes of existence independent of the original Thirteen Realms have found their way into the Thavma Throughfare's borders through various means and methods. Collectively known as the Outer Realms, these planes of reality are far less vast or complex to that of the Thirteen Realms, as most were either not created by a being, or groups of beings lacking the same powers of creative manipulation, or were not created with any coherent thought at all. While the total number of Outer Realms may never be known, three of them are known to be the most major by a wide margin. The first is the realm of Liminalia, a plane of false reality made from the coalescence of the unused remnant essence of the Primeveranth during the Typhonians creation of the Thirteen Realms. Another would be the plane of Arcvaestril, a realm created by a group of Conduits known as the Thavmatic Preservers, creating a small plane of reality from fragments of the Primeveranth. And the final being the Mavimyst, a minuscule section of Libation that would find itself trapped in the Thavma Thoroughfare borders through the effects of an Amaranth Contravene.


Thavmatic Matter and Thavmatic Energy

The inherent nature of the Thavma Thoroughfare's realm is much different from that of the nature of Ambrosia. As opposed to being a realm of constant being and infinite possibility, the Thavma Thoroughfare is a non-descript void of nothingness, only containing sparse fragments of Thavmatic Matter and energy, aimlessly wandering in a blackened void. Thavmatic Matter and Thavmatic Energy are created from the coalescence of what is known as "Thavmatic Particles." These Thavmatic Particles are non-descript remnants of energy left over from that of the immeasurable energies pouring through the Thavma Thoroughfare from the adjacent opposite realms of existence, Ambrosia and Libation. As they are left in the Throughfare's void of unreality, they begin to become inherent to Thavma's state of being, melding into the void itself and transmuting into what we know as void particles.

Thavmatic Matter is created by the accumulation of numerous particles of Thavmatic Energy, forming a nondescript sphere of mass that embeds itself into the Thavma Thoroughfare's very own spatial void. Thavmatic Matter itself lacks any defining characteristics of other forms of matter, being neither solid, gaseous, liquid, or plasma. Instead, Thavmatic Matter acts as a concentrated mass of these concepts of matter, though as the Thavma Throughfare's void of unreality is unable to allow said concepts of matter to exist in full, instead, causing the respective Thavmatic Matter to take on a form of being exclusively inherent to itself. Unlike typical forms of matter, once Thavmatic Matter comes into being, it remains unaffected by the force of gravity, being at odds with that of the Thavmatic Energy that created it. This is due to the process causing the respective Thavmatic Matter to become embedded into the Thavma Thoroughfare itself, remaining in its position indefinitely, so long as it is not manipulated by other forces.

Creation of Thavmatic Matter.

Once the Primeveranth's shattered remnant being, began to enter into the Thavma Thoroughfare, the vast swaths of Thavmatic Matter across the blackened void of unreality began to take new form, coalescing into various concepts normally unable to exist within Thavma, now able to take shape through the Primeveranth's essence. From this, the strains of Thavmatic Matter and Void Energy began to shift and move across Thavma's void, tearing into it and creating new gateways from within the Thoroughfare to tear into adjacent Ambrosia's own spatial dimensions. This movement of matter and energy would also cause them to collide and combine, creating new and larger forms, eventually leading to the creation of the Thavmatic Races, given form and sapience by that of the Primeveranth's own remnant essence. Prior to the creation of the Thirteen Realms, distance within the Thavma Thoroughfare is often hard for one to gauge.

As it is a void lacking any form of normal matter and energies, even lacking in the forces of dark matter, only distances between what are known as void particles can be determined. Now, the vast distance of the Thavma Thoroughfare's void of unreality can be gauged by the voids located in-between that of the Thirteen Realms, as they are all collectively aligned in a near-perfect circle, with a void of a hundred thousand kilometers in-between one another.

Thirteen Realms

The Thirteen Realms are all arranged in a spiral-like pattern, known as the "Typhonia-Circulacium." Each individual is separated by narrow voids in-between each member, while at the center of the spiral, lies a vast void, containing sparsely located energies leaking from each of the Thirteen Realms that surround. These energies often react with that of the Thavmatic Matter and energies already contained within the void, creating strange new forces, beings, and even planes, though they often remain extant for only brief windows of time, before ultimately having their energies disperse into the void.


Aetheriel from outside its borders.

Aetheriel's makeup

Aetheriel, also known more simply as the Heavens, is the first and northernmost realm of the Thirteen, taking the form and appearance of a vast heavenly expanse of white and blue sky, with large silver and gold clouds cascading all across it. Aetheriel's respective planes take the form of large, floating continental sections of land, all moving in unison in a perfect circle around the heavenly expanse of sky. Located at the center of its sky, lies a large, sun-like golden sphere known as the "Light of the Heavens" to its denizens. Rather than function as an actual parent sun, the Light of the Heavens is a sphere of concentrated mystical energy inherent to Aetheriel, providing the whole of the realm's individual planes with light and magical energies.

Andellum, plane of Aetheriel.

Aetheriel's respective denizen Inomeni, known as the Aetherborne, almost universally share inherent angel-like traits, oftentimes possessing things such as wings, or an angelic aura around them, their physiology dictated by the heavenly environment that surrounds them. Their ruling lord and lady Typhonians share in much the same, all possessing inherent physical traits that one can easily identify as being from the Heavens. Atop Aetheriel's many planes, the Aetherborne Inomeni that reside within them have constructed vast, angelic cityscapes, covering each with immaculate works of heavenly construction.

Aetheriel's position of power within the Thirteen Realms is absolute. While its ruling Typhonains may not choose to not engage in inter-realm conflicts, the absolute size and might of Aetheriel's Inomeni armies are beyond question and few of the other Realm's rulers wouldn't dare trifle against them. The only true rival to Aetheriel's power would be its polar opposite realm, Apotheosis, as the two have often had to engage in large conflicts numerous times, as the ruling Typhonians of Apotheosis have long sought total domination across Thavma.