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== Overview ==

Thavmaphage is a term coined by the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems to describe various types of intragalactic infectious life forms, objects, and artificial entities found exclusively within the Ambrosia Galaxy. Each entity described as a Thavmaphage can vary widely from each other, and the definition of what is a Thavmaphage is debated heavily by many, however the traits all share is that they are known to "infect" a different object in a way in-which their natural state is altered in an extreme way, as well as only being found within the Ambrosia Galaxy.

Due to their nature, most Thavmaphages are viewed in a negative light by most sapient races, with the more violent and detrimental of which being viewed as the greatest affronts to life. Despite this however, many Thavmaphages can often times prove to be beneficial to select life forms and objects, though these benefits can also vary widely from each other.

Typically, a Thavmaphage will only be able to exist and thrive upon a singular celestial body or environment, however some of the more effective Thavmaphages have been known to be able to spread themselves over large swaths of the galaxy due to either artificial transportation by space fairing sapient races, or being able to move across interplanetary or interstellar space naturally through some means only known to themselves.

In rare instances, an entire sapient race will be classified as a Thavmaphage due to an inherent trait of subsuming specific classifications of objects intrinsic to their very existence, though this is debated very heavily when it comes to select sapient races as they lack many of the character traits other entities labeled as Thavmaphages exhibit. Despite this, a small handful of sapient races have the word "Thavmaphage" within their very names, a prime example of this would the Ambrosian Thavmaphage, which is considered by many as the most prevalent Thavmaphage to exist within the Ambrosia galaxy.