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Donatus gingerly walked out of his ship, one of the sturdiest and most rugged ships available to the Federacy. While every official, general, and even soldier opposed this journey to the planet Ommekha, Donatus had no choice but to come here. His head twitched as his four legs emerged from the confines of the ship. His primary eyes constricted and his secondary eyes instinctively scanned the environment in all directions. As a Dotsk, his arachnoid features existed in stark contrast to the Humanoid-dominated Federacy and even ship. Two Human attendants stepped out of the ship with Donatus, his body-guard and the head of the Wehrthaum division of the military. If they were going to visit Ommekha, they were going to learn as much as possible about Thaumaturgy.

Several long strides later, his hoofed feet made contact with Ommekha's surface. While its atmosphere was a suitable pressure, it was formed entirely out of Argon gas, something that could not have possibly naturally formed. His main "nostrils" were covered in a breathing apparatus and his eyes treated with an oxygen-rich compound to prevent them from suffocating. Overall, it was an uncomfortable situation, only made more uncomfortable by the looming eldritch being resting in the sky. With the size and appearance of a nebula, The Administrator rested as if suspended in the air. A pulsar, acting as a clock for the massive "machine" that was The Administrator, periodically bathed Ommekha in an eerie blue-white glow, creating auroras that danced across the sky. There was no sun, only The Administrator.

The reason that Donatus was in this accursed place was not simply sight-seeing -no- the time and place of landing all had meaning. Nearly a kilometer away, other leaders from dozens of countries emerged from their ships. Some of these people, Magi as they were known, would be able to flatten the entire planet in moments were it not already a perfectly-flat sphere. The terrifying consequences of a war between the countries represented here put everyone on edge, keeping even nations that hated each other in line. This meeting, kept secret from the public, was quite possibly one of the most important events of their lifetimes, even Donatus whose abnormal 15,000 year life-span bore witness to galaxy-spanning wars and extinction-threatening foes.

"Progeny of the Triumvirate," a voice boomed in an ancient Human language so far removed from the current languages that the highly advanced language algorithms took a full second to decode it, "you who have common history, heritage, and culture to an extent, gather here to discuss the reformation of the Triumvirate Civilization. I hope you all understand the implications of this."

A transmission from the Emperor of the Greater Martial Consilium, who was present nearly ten kilometers away, would signal the start to perhaps the riskiest plan Donatus has ever done. Within his ship, was not only one but two of perhaps the Administrator's greatest rivals. The moment the transmission came through, they were released and all hell broke loose. If all went well, the nations here -no- the whole galaxy would soon be freed from this tyrant's influence.

The Administrator (~500,000 BCE - present), formerly called Holo or Holos, is a highly influential artificial intelligence, politician, general, statesman, and Magi located in Ventemir. Unlike many artificial intelligences, The Administrator has defined physical properties such as height and width. The "computer" it runs on, if it can even be referred to as such, occupies over 2 cubic light-years of space, making it one of the largest structures in Ventemir. It is similar in appearance to a planetary nebula. In the center of this nebula, rather than a white dwarf, one will find "The Nucleus," a region of space emitting light in every single wavelength equally, preventing any remote observation.

The Administrator was one of the three rulers of the Triumvirate Civilization as well as a highly influential figure in the history of the Greater Martial Consilium. It is likely responsible for the destruction of the Svartálfar civilization, destruction of the angel Ohko and the engel Titania, had great influence in Beatrix's Wake, the creation of Prince Jeroboam, the dissolution of the Dominium of United Duchies, the construction Holo's Ring, and the construction of the Demiurge settlement.

The Administrator is the most commonly called-upon patron for Runic Thaumaturgy. In a certain radius of the Administrator itself and a megastructure that is a part of it, Holo's Ring, one can draw energy from it using Runes. It does not seem to have control over who can and cannot access it energy. Runic Thaumaturgy works in much of Via Aylathiya. Everything about the early history of the Administrator has been gleaned from interviews with it and other entities similar to it.

Early Existence

Not much is known about the creation of the Administrator. Many studying history and the present Administrator believe it to be an Aeternaborne, a being spontaneously born of the Lux Aeterna. Others believe that the Administrator is a being known as an Engel, an entity that spontaneously manifests independent of the magic of the Lux Aeterna. The concept, borrowed from Ibaradism, has long since been divorced from its religious context to become an official scientific designation. The Administrator does not have an answer for its origin, generally stating that it does not know how it came to be.

Shortly after coming to be, The Administrator began experimenting with the universe it found itself in. At first, it would manipulate the dust around it using its Thaumaturgy. After learning all it could about the dust, a process taking centuries since it had no context at all, it looked to a nearby star system for answers. After just barely having the reach to interact with the star system over two light years from it, the Administrator began all sorts of experiments on the system. Eventually, after further centuries, it would piece together most of the laws of physics. That was, everything except for how it itself functioned. Wasting no time, it disassembled the system using harvesting ships, gathering every scrap for resources. From there, it dispatched trillions of exploratory craft to explore the universe it found itself in.

The Administrator was not impressed with what it saw. Martial Space, the region of space it lied in, was barren. There were small interesting areas around the rare black hole, but most of the region was populated by little more than red dwarfs lacking planets. The Administrator was in a much denser region of space than most, called Ventemir. Most of the Administrator's early activity was confined to Ventemir as it was unable to use faster-than-light travel. This problem puzzled the Administrator as it was capable of thinking faster-than-light. The large structure of the Administrator it was well over two-light-years across.

First Interaction with Life

For a while, the Administrator believed that it was alone within all of existence, that it represented the totality of sapience. It took until 309,937 BCE for the first intelligent life to contact the Administrator. The Svartálfar originally emerged in Cosmoria sometime around 500,000 BCE and first came to Martial Space almost 200,000 years later.

The Administrator was curious about these creatures, even if it did not believed that they were sapient like itself. It did believe that they were clever, like eusocial insects doing great feats simply by working together. It almost immediately stole one of their warp drives and adapted its own ships with them. After that it simply studied them, noticing that it was interesting that they behaved much differently under observation (since the Administrator did not hide these observational instruments they regularly intruded onto the lives of the Svartálfar).

Eventually, the Administrator would first send probes out of Martial Space to more closely observe the main civilization of the Svartálfar. These probes were built to detect interesting things, take samples, and report back to the Administrator. The probes were given great intelligence, nearly sapient in problem-solving ability, and independence.

Even with their great problem solving ability, only a small number of probes ever returned, prompting the Administrator to simply produce more to gather more information. Soon, entire systems would be disassembled to create the probes. As more returned, the Administrator observed weaknesses in them, the samples they brought back, and the kind of phenomena they recorded.

In about 300,000 BCE, the Administrator first deciphered that the samples it had gathered were in fact sapient entities much like itself. While small, they too were aware of their own existence. It turned out that the Svartálfar had been warring against these probes for millennia. Since the probes expected for no intelligent life to be in Via Aylathiya, their sample-gathering was very destructive. Planets they disassembled to form way-stations were often populated and the samples they often left to starve were not rocks that could be jostled and left in vacuum, they were living beings.

Ohko-Administrator War

From the samples, the Administrator learned of a being truly similar to itself, a being called Mother Ohko who ruled the Svartálfar's civilization. This being, like the Administrator, spontaneously manifested, itself also holding great power. They had been the one who was orchestrating the mass destruction of the Administrator's probes. The Administrator had a new goal, to capture and experiment on this "Mother Ohko" character.

In 310,344 BCE, the Administrator captured a close disciple of Mother Ohko, a powerful Svartálfar female known as Eve. Eve was difficult to subdue, causing the Administrator to develop new technologies, its first true weapons, to contain her. After a thorough interrogation, Eve was coldly cast aside, left to die on the planet Tryvya. Using the information attained by Eve, the Administrator finally managed to capture Ohko, subjugating the being to intense experimentation. The Administrator ignored the war between its autonomous self-replicating probes and the now headless Svartálfar civilization; it had its prize.

The Administrator learned much about Thaumaturgy from the Ohko entity, learning to use its own thaumaturgy far more effectively. It learned to project an avatar of itself into Via Aylathiya and, from this avatar, release large amounts of energy. This usage of an avatar is likely why many accounts of the remaining Svartálfar describe a formless being laying waste to their worlds. Ohko died as an automated Dyson Beam detected that she had escaped captivity. The beam, fired from a blue star, made relatively short work of Ohko who would have likely caused great damage to the Administrator or its infrastructure. Unfortunately for the Svartálfar civilization, no being can withstand what is essentially an entire star thrown at them. The Svartálfar could be considered extinct in about 310,931 BCE. Only a handful of subspecies, genetically distinct from the main civilization, remained.

The Myrkálfar were one such subspecies that, while not surviving to the modern day, had a large impact on the history of the subsequent civilizations of Via Aylathiya. Descended from the Svartálfar samples taken by the Administrator, they would be freed as they were dumped onto a planet that just so happened to be marginally habitable.


After the Ohko-Administrator war and the subsequent destruction of most of Via Aylathiya, The Administrator began to colonize the galaxy, using it as a way station for exploration into other galaxies. Its original task of learning about the universe was not complete; it had only explored a small fraction of all that was. While other species were present in Via Aylathiya at the time, such as the Un'oit and remnants of the Svartálfar, none existed that could challenge The Administrators wholesale conquest of it. For a brief one thousand years, the galaxy was almost entirely united under its control.

In 303,909 BCE, just as the first probes were reaching places such as Herschel Space and Azurullya, Eve created what are known as the Ekrosian Guardians. Using thaumic arts still not entirely understood, Eve assembled trillions of anomalous machines, life forms, and even shapeless entities to combat the Administrator's reach into Via Aylathiya. They would eventually create a field around Martial Space, preventing the Administrator from leaving the region at all. Its probes were destroyed and it was unable to gather information about the wider galaxy.

From this point, the Administrator went into a period of relative dormancy, allowing its region to become dominated by the emergence of other civilizations and beings like itself. Martial Space soon began to team with life as the Myrkálfar spread across its stars. The Administrator did little during this period save for silent observation.

The Triumvirate Civilization

Slowly, the Administrator became more active as it realized it could use the subjects of Martial Space to do its bidding in wider Via Aylathiya. Constructing a wormhole leading to Via Aylathiya was trivial, prompting the Administrator to begin sending agents into Via Aylathiya to report on what was happening. The Administrator witnessed the creation of Sedrua, the Quintet Payotari Association, and the other powerful civilizations emerging across the universe. Fearful that its power would be curtailed by these new players, The Administrator would create the Triumvirate Civilization with Mahou and Molonov in 99,871 BCE. This new civilization would quickly unite Martial Space as the various theocracies that these three founded or influenced fell in line.