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The Administrator (previously called The Algorithm) (81,104 BCE - present) is an artificial intelligence created by the Triumvirate Civilization located in the Ventemir Galaxy. Unlike many artificial intelligences, The Administrator has defined physical properties such as height and width. The "computer" it runs on, if it can even be referred to as such, occupies over 2 cubic light-years of space, making it one of the largest artificial structures within the Via Sagittaria galaxy. It is similar in appearance to a large-scale nebula despite being much smaller than one typically is. In the center of this nebula, rather than a White Dwarf, one will find the nucleus, a region of space emitting light in every single wavelength equally, preventing any remote observation.

The Administrator has been responsible for a large number of events throughout history. From 763 BCE, the Administrator had complete control over The Triumvirate Civilization and caused it to declare war on the other polities in the galaxy. After the collapse of the Triumvirate, it was the Administrator which finished construction of Holo's Ring as well as several other projects started by the Triumvirate. During the Great Empyreal Crusade it claims to have diverted another artificial intelligence, Beatrix, into the Florescence galaxy, causing the tide of the war to turn against The Empyrean. It claims a number of other feats, ranging from defending the Confederacy of Borealis during the War of the Ancients to even the fall of nations in Via Lacrimosa. Few of these claims have been substantiated, however, new evidence may support a few of them.

The Administrator controls one planet, the planet Tloinin. This planet seems to directly orbit the Nucleus despite the Nucleus having no detectable gravitational pull. It seems the Administrator has total control of the occurrences which happen within its region of space. Ships it does not want to have travelling into its region of space are universally pushed out, with greater force as they approach the center.

The Confederacy of Borealis and the Entente of Ventemir are both taking precautions against the Administrator, however, it seems to have expressed no harmful intent. Based on various interviews, it seems to desire to protect the territory once under the control of the Triumvirate which includes Via Sagittaria, Via Lacrimosa, Ouranir, Ventemir, Florescence, and many other galaxies near to them.

Confirmed History


The Triumvirate Civilization was first founded in 99,871 BCE as a single-planetary state with only three inhabitants, its three leaders. These leaders were hive-mind organisms made up of many millions of bodies. As such each one had vast intellects millions of times more powerful than most other sapient individuals. While impressive, even they could not govern the vast interstellar empire they were creating.


Eventually, in 81,104, The Three created the Administrator to handle the day to day operations while they handled the higher-level operations. Most of these operations included monitoring subjugated civilizations and managing the vast number of wormholes within the galaxy. They decided to make The Administrator sapient and give it a fairly large degree of freedom to minimize their involvement with governance. Even so, it had to ask members of The Three for permission often. Every single large space craft is constructed, every system it expanded into, and every new wormhole it built had to be approved by one of The Three. It was programmed in such a way as to not even comprehend failing to ask The Three for permission, a technique often used to keep artificial intelligences in line to this day.

Speculated History

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