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The Administrator (previously called The Algorithm) (81,104 BCE - present) is an artificial intelligence created by the Triumvirate Civilization located in the Ventemir Galaxy. Unlike many artificial intelligences, The Administrator has defined physical properties such as height and width. The "computer" it runs on, if it can even be referred to as such, occupies over 2 cubic light-years of space, making it the largest artificial structure within the Via Sagittaria Galaxy by a wide margin.

In terms of raw processing power, the Administrator out classes almost all constructs within the Local Universe. While little is known about its precise power, given its ability to predict general future events, it is likely what is known as an "artificial hyper-intelligence," a being unmatched in computational power and intelligence.

Currently, The Administrator is orchestrating what it calls "The Return to Normalcy," in which the entities it has deemed "anti-status-quo" will be destroyed. It has only vaguely articulated what these entities are, causing a great deal of concern. In an event known as The Exhumation


The Administrator was created by one of the three leaders of the Triumvirate civilization, most likely Legio, with the intention of running the empire for them. As their empire grew, the task of governance became more and more of a burden. Coordinating the flow of resources was far too draining for any of The Three, prompting them to give more power to the Administrator. By around 20,000 BCE, it was the most intelligent entity to ever exist in Via Sagittaria and more or less ran the Triumvirate with little interference.

It would continue governance as usual even as its masters died in 3961 CE. While unable to produce ships of its own accord, it was able to maintain its own structures with the help of a species called the Re'Tlel. Since they were able to reproduce and were capable of building ships, the Administrator fully relied (and still relies) on them to remain operational. To this day, it has several quintillion of them constantly repairing various parts, manufacturing new parts, and building the ships necessary to maintain itself. Without an influx of external raw materials and an ever-shrinking fleet of harvesters, it would soon find itself unable to communicate with the rest of the universe.

It would remain in a dormant state for the next 17,000 years. It only occasionally awoke to check on the Re'Tlel and to see if The Three would issue it more instructions (as it was built to not even be able to understand the concept of a universe without them).

In the time The Administrator was dormant, the galaxy underwent great change. The Triumvirate shattered into a large number of nations, the largest of which were the Yohjan Confederacy, The Empyrean, and the Lowuks Entente, all three of which composed of what were once the Triumvirate's subjects. War broke out between these nations in

-The Administrator, as described by itself, "etches itself into space," causing it to become the most powerful computer in Via Sagittaria at the time. (9,051 BCE:)