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The Ancestors Religion is an Aldorian religion or cult that forms the integral part of the religious culture of all aldorians nowadays. The Cult started in the Planet Birnis, the Homeworld of the Aldorians in the continent of Enuhara and parallelly in the continents of Losen and Temer.

In Mirgalan, the religion was traditionally dominated by nature god-spirits without name, that integrated themselves with the ancestors cult from the East, from Temer and Losen. This eastern cult was expanding in the Continent and was specially adapted in the east of Mirgalan. The West of it got it mostly by the influence of the Margak in Fandor, in the North and specially thought the influence of the Inosh that settled from Orian. That's why the religion in Mirgalan based on the cult to the god spirits is a mix with respect and reverence to the death and the ancestors. Those rites have a large Temerian and Losian Influence in the east with light Inosh elements. In the North and West, the influence of this cult is mainly Inosh and Fandalor, existing a religious division in this Mirgalian aspect, with differences in the southeast and Northeast.

On the other side, the cult also evolved in the distant and cold continent of Enuhara, where the Uhara had always praised their ancestors and also included to nature gods and spirits in a similar way as the Mirgalians did. The Uhara pride is so great that among the Uhara's one is nobody unless they do something worth of being remembered, something that is sang and remembered for eras after the death of the protagonist. For others, this is more important than the afterlife, to have an impact in the living world. If they cant get it for themselves, the glory of its clan or tribe is enough for them, so it endures in the clan's memory or is remembered in the Uhara community or the Aldorian community. This Glory can be for example to be a nameless warrior in a clan or tribe fighting event remembered by songs and stories. This cult expanded to the nearby tribes, including the Margak that brought their practices to central and southern Fandor and even to the north of Mirgalan, however, they syncretize their practices with their cults to divinites already established in the continent.

The Influences nor only reached Fandor and northern Mirgalan, it was brought as well to Orian by the northern and northwestern tribes, the ancestors of the Inosh. In Orian, these traditions were adapted to themselves and their new environment. This resulted in a special cult to the ancestor and a characteristic feature of this people. The use of incense, offerings of gold and small altars in the households are common practices of the Inosh everywhere in the Galaxy. This altars are also made to attract success and good luck in their deads and businesses as well as helping them to reach glory and memory for it, specially economical success.

Today the Cult of the Ancestors is a daily practices in the lives of many aldorians, in the form of traditions and mark an important cultural aspects between diferent Aldorian etnicities in the way they are performed. This cult is mostly Practice in the Aldorian Dominium, the Aldorian League, the Aldorian High Kingdom, the Aldorian Hegemony, the Aldorian Assembly of Clans, and its lesser practice but still important in the Aldorian Confederacy, the Aldorian Shabada and the Aldorian Military Junta, where the Gods Religion or the Five prophets religion have more importance.