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The Atomic Plane is a area of the Lux Aeterna, only accessible from The Aeterna, or from a gateway discovered by the Alisvania on the barren world of Ritana.


The Atomic Plane was discovered by the Alisvania, when exploring the Goliam System from Alis. It appeared as a area with what seemed like an infinite amount of gravity, or a mini-black hole. When it was probed further, it was found that the gravitational effects ended around a Planck Length away from the centre. Nanoscopic probes were sent in, made of pure energy, and reports showed The probes underwent considerable stress when entering the 'event horizon' of the object. However, they were not ripped apart like a normal probes would. Energy readings were confusing, and the gateway was quarantined. When the Alisvania made contact with the wider universe, the readings were compared and analysed. Immediately, it was concluded that the mini-black hole was a gateway to the Lux Aeterna, as the energy readings were exactly the same. What followed was exploitation, and the construction of a large 'gateway' derived from the microscopic gateway.