100th Millennium Wiki

The Brains are a center of a network of cities, hubs, and highways allocated on Hypnos. They have been confirmed to be sentient, and have been communicated to successfully only twice. The last check on The Brains occurred in 99992 CE, where it was shown that Brain population doubled from 31 to 62, since 99923 CE. It was actually until 99728 CE when A Brain decided to send its code to another city, creating another brain. Ever since that time, evidence suggests that they are rapidly creating cities, and more Brains. The growth of The Brains is expected to be double over a shorter and shorter amount of time, and there should be an upward of 120 Brains on Hypnos by 100235 CE.

The first Brain that was created resides in a city that has has the nickname of Spar City. The first Brain is presumed to be the most intelligent, and is the only one that has had successful communications in the past.

The Brains have an ability to manipulate metal. They can pop up objects from the ground, and create screens, cameras for which The Brains can see out of, or decorative pieces within seconds. How they do this is unknown.


The origin of the Brains is a mystery. They have been observed to be biomechanical so they must have been artificially created but it is unknown who or what created them in the first place. There are a few theories on what they could be, the two most popular being that either, they literally are or at least contain the brains from a long dead intelligent race native to Hypnos inside them, this would explain their appearance. Or they were built elsewhere and arrived on Hypnos from an unknown location.