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The Dreadcamp is a frozen world orbiting a red giant star situated in extragalactic space. It is located between the Zalanthium Galaxy and the Via Lacrimosa Galaxy. It is used as a prison world by the Zalanthium Coalition, and prisoners are sent there is they commit a major crime.


The Dreadcamp was discovered in 54 021 as part of a routine surveying mission. It was found the the icy world was almost entirely high-quality minerals. The only bad part was the fact that the planet was situated in extragalactic space, meaning that the system had no parent Galaxy. Prisoners were first sent there in 72 901, and mining operations began the same year. Its sun is a red giant, and is expected to die in a few million years. originally, due to the high metal content of the star, the system had 4 planets, with the Dreadcamp being its farthest out. Who knows? Maybe one of the closer in planets could have hosted life.


The Dreadcamp has a very low population, due to the low crime rates of the Zalanthium Galaxy. The Galaxy is a pleasant galaxy, with almost no crime due to all needs being cared for and the complete absence of the poor.


The Dreadcamp is located outside of any galaxy, located half way between the Zalanthium Galaxy and the Via Lacrimosa Galaxy. it orbits a Red Giant star, and is the only planet in the system. It has no moons, and no rings. There are no substantial asteroid belts in the system, so even if the prisoners got of the planet they would have a million years of travel at the speed of light to get anywhere.

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