The Empyrean officially the High Empyreal Union (Demonym Empyrean) is a somewhat large nation occupying the Galaxy Florescence, the section of the Via Sagittaria Galaxy closest to Florescence, and Resplendence. It has a population of over one-hundred-twelve septillion individuals. The nation is a part of the Confederacy of Borealis and has been since 30,876. The nation has the third largest population of nations in the CoB as well as the fifth largest area. It is bordered by the United Federation of Star Systems. The capital of the Empyrean is the planet Alphos.

The nation is one of the few remaining theocracies within the CoB. Fuukanism is the official state religion of the nation. The most common species and founding species of the Empyrean are The Ravis. Due to their slightly different psychology, they are unable to accept a universe where the supernatural does not exist. This has caused the population of the nation to gradually decline as many non-Ravis slowly leave as they lose their faith.

While officially a democratic republic, the current head of state, The Empyrean Parliament, and all other government positions in the country must also be a devout member of the faith, making it a theocracy.

In the past, the Empyrean controlled almost all of the Via Sagittaria before collapsing in 150,000 BCE. Their territory was occupied by the The Triumvirate Civilization for over twenty-five-thousand years. The remaining Ravis were able to reform the Empyrean under the leadership of Molonov.


The word "Empyrean" is an English word for the highest heaven where God dwells. In the religion of Fuukanism, the followers of Fuukos are believed to be expanding this Empyrean to the physical world. In their native language, they call it "Uino ji Fuukos" in their native language, just translating to "The Realm of Fuukos."


The Proto-Empyrean

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The Proto-Empyrean was a nation originating in the FlorescenceGalaxy in 350,000 BCE and lasting until 150,000 BCE. This nation was likely also a theocracy based in a wildly different religion from modern Fuukanism. They worshiped stars and galaxies as holy beings. They conquered and destroyed many civilizations that destroyed stars for the sake of materials. This nation was the ancestor of all living Ravis.

The Proto-Empyrean was composed of many species not found today. There is a growing wealth of evidence that the founding species was not even from the Florescencegalaxy but the Resplendence Galaxy, a galaxy nearby to the home-galaxy of the modern Empyrean. At the height of this precursor civilization, it controlled seven dwarf galaxies and a large portion of the Via Sagittaria. Artifacts several light years from the Earth suggest that the Proto-Empyrean may have even known of the existence of Humans.

Fall of the Proto-Empyrean

The Proto-Empyrean fell to the overwhelming force of the Triumvirate. This civilization was the most recent civilization to unite the Via Sagittaria before the CoB. It controlled the Via Sagittaria and the galaxies of the Empyrean from about 150,000 BCE to its fall in 50,000 BCE. In the time the Triumvirate controlled these galaxies, there was an unprecedented depopulation event. Artifacts and interviews that document the ceaseless attacks against Triumvirate forces by Empyreal rebels. Suicide attacks, violent rituals to gain the favor of the gods they worshipped, and even the construction of several "gods of their own" which were likely artificial super intelligences.

The Triumvirate had to systematically exterminate or re-educate ever single individual within these galaxies. At one point, the number of killed individuals was too much for the computers logging them to count, causing an overflow error. Even so, they kept dying for their beliefs. They themselves sacrificed entire planets they themselves lived on to the Via Sagittaria, the most powerful of the gods in their religion. In what was partly an extermination and what was partly a suicide, the Proto-Empyrean fell. The relentlessness of the proto-Empyrean is a major contributing factor to the collapse of the Triumvirate itself.

There was one backwater planet in the Florescencegalaxy that was spared extermination or sacrifice. The planet Alphos was the last remnants of a great civilization, and its people did not even know it.


Molonov was likely one of the few remaining individuals from the original Empyrean civilization. He was a Ravis and the planet he was on, Alphos, was populated exclusively by Ravis as well. He created Fuukanism. He claimed the ancestors failed to follow the true precepts of Fuukos, causing them to fall and be entirely destroyed by their enemies.

Molonov united ten tribes by sheer intimidation. He was filled with "spirits" the literal translation of what the Ravis call nanomachines. He was far larger than any other surviving Ravis and was far stronger. He subjugated five of them by himself, regenerating the flesh torn by spears and arrows like they never touched him. He slaughtered all the members of a sixth village for sacrificing one of their own as a lesson. Due to the relative power of individuals with and without extensive modification, this is likely true.

After raising and army, he forced all tribes in the area to submit to him and him alone. He ruled for twenty cycles (45 years) before he was allegedly contacted by Fuukos herself. He told everything he believed he was told to those around him.

Those that obeyed were able to create fantastic technologies (iron tools) and later tame large animals to help them farm and use as weapons. Clothed in metal armor, they began a crusade against the remaining tribes left on the Planet. The Ravis outside of the tribe could not believe what they were seeing, and most destroyed their own idols to follow Fuukos. Creating ships they sailed across oceans to colonize every last land mass.

This began a one thousand year era of expansion and advancement lead by Molonov himself. He died while holding the first radio created on the planet, listening to a broadcast of a recreation of his favorite song from the Proto-Empyrean. He was in a skyscraper overlooking the industry of the planet.

With the death of Molonov came a time of great mourning. They went from a stone-age civilization to having radio and rudimentary air travel by 1276 BCE. The people of Alphos diligently recorded what their great leader said. His words were believed to have come directly from Fuukos herself, making them holy. Even so, many disagreed which words were holy and which were not, causing a decade-long global war. They believed Fuukos would bless whoever won the war, justifying themselves. In the end, the side that won believed that the words of Molonov were all holy and that following each story, no matter how outlandish, will help to advance even further. In 1266 BCE, the modern Empyrean was created, diligently following the words of Molonov.



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