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The Eye, is an artificial intelligence of The Republic of Sion, known for being the main security force of the nation. Although the supreme leaders are cyborg-humans, the Eye is in charge of the drones and the surveillance of the rule of law in the nation. It is highly regarded and has no conscious of itself as a being, to prevent itself from taking over the nation. It is under control of a council of security who programs the Eye for more or less control.

The Eye is in charge of security issues among the Populace, devastation or war problems, taking charge of the well being of its citizens at all costs.

Originally, it was manufactured by an accord between Solokron Robotics and the Government of the Republic of Sion. This led to a massive contract in which Solokron designed a highly functional IA known as the Eye for the government, able to control most of the Solokron Police Robots that they will be producing for the government as well. The company sold the Eye to the government but still produces and sells Police Robots to them and is obliged through contract to make constant reparations and updates to the Eye when needed.

This IA is divided in a Head Mind located in Sion and several minor minds, copies from the Shael Hive organization. On the other hand, there is also an important size of drones, that patrol the streets and police workers, or Prosecutors as they are known, that look after a criminal or go in for protecting. This are arm drones that are deployed by the eye to solve problems in the streets, war, eco-disasters etc.


The first designer was Aruk Lorendil, a human who designed it as a way to protect the citizens from rebels worlds from of the L.A.G.G.A from United Alliance's aggresion.